Best Compliments for a Woman- The Secret To Her Smile

Do you know what can stir up a smooth conversation with your wife, girlfriend, or a girl you just met in your workplace or a get-together? A good compliment! Compliments are like blessings in disguise and work wonderfully well for a woman.

“There is no effect more disproportionate to its cause than the happiness bestowed by a small compliment”–Robert Brault.

What are Compliments?

Compliments are positive words of affirmation and admiration of one’s beauty, character, talent, skill, and anything else that is worth appreciating said to make the hearer feel precious about themselves.

While complimenting a woman you love should not seem like rocket science, making her feel adored and accepted with words that could hit the sweet spot can seem like a tedious job to do.

Talking to your loved ones can be a routine thing, but complimenting the right words at the right time can strike the right chord for you and your partner.

There could be a question that might go through your head, why would a woman love to hear compliments from you?

Because every woman would long to hear compliments that come from a person who holds a special place in her heart. It makes her happy and lets her know that her presence matters.

Even if she is not a woman from your life and just a random girl that you saw in a bar, she would be pleased to hear compliments from an attractive and wise man like you or would love to know your opinion about her.

But unfortunately, not all heroic men have decked up cappuccinos that can impress a girl with just a glance at them.

Usually, a man compliments in the wrong way and this makes a woman feel heebie-jeebies around them.

So, to prevent striking the red signal in a woman and would genuinely want to please her, please read the entire article.

Becoming a pro in giving compliments to a woman might take a couple of trials and errors, but this article will take care of most of the mistakes that you are likely to make in your first encounter.


Do’s of Complimenting a Woman

These below actions from you can open the door of your girl’s heart just like a spellbound door would do,

Speak the Truth:

While a girl may expect to listen to a sweet compliment from you, she definitely would not want you to sugar-coat your words and bring her diabetes! Nor does she want you to compare her to Mona Lisa when she knows she is not one. Instead, try to give an honest compliment that is authentic but does not sound extreme.

Maintain Eye Contact:

If you are not looking at her while passing out a compliment to her, she might feel that your words are not intended for her and maybe they are fake. And worse, if you are looking at some other part of her body, even though if it’s unintentional, she might ditch you for seeming flirtatious and having a sexual appeal.

Be a Gentleman:

You might want to fulfill your fascinating dreams through a deep conversation with your dream girl, but remember that she might not be in the same boat as you! She might expect to have a short but great conversation that might not match your thoughts. So better try to know her before delivering the context.

Speak Less and Listen More:

I know, it might tempt you to speak your heart out to her for the first time, out of pure excitement, but you need to calm yourself down and listen to her more rather than speaking more to ensure her you care for her and would love to listen to what she has to say.

Be Infectious:

Let your sheer joy and confidence light up the surrounding. Deliver what you have to deliver with the confidence that is infectious to the person you are speaking to.

Be Natural:

What is the use of words that are forced out of your mouth? Nothing! As happy as a woman would be to receive a compliment from her boyfriend or partner, she would be more than upset to listen to something that is not coming straight out of his heart.

don't do this

Don’ts of Complimenting a Woman

Don’t do these actions, or else be ready to accept a slap from your girl.

Don’t be a Creepy Chick:

Maybe you saw a random girl at a nightclub and you want to compliment her to start a conversation, it’s fine to do so but remember not to appeal to her out of nowhere and sound like a creepy stalker. Try to be sensitive and good.

Don’t Expect a Costly Return:

You surely deserve an ‘I appreciate you, ‘that’s very nice of you, and ‘thank you for your compliment but don’t be upset for not receiving a kiss or a one-night stand for your mere compliment.

No Size Please:

While you can complement how gorgeous she looks in her dress, you have no right to mention anything about her size and how skinny or fat she looks in her gown. You need to understand this, if you don’t, you are already out of the game.

Timing is Important:

You can’t speak about a chicken dinner in a serene temple environment, and you can’t speak about a drinks party early in the morning. So, try to align your compliment with your time and surrounding.

It’s not All About Yourself:

Even if you are a close relation of Jeff Bezos, do not keep blabbering about yourself, because she doesn’t care. The compliment is about her and hence it should speak about her itself.

Do not be Sarcastic:

Before speaking, you need to adjust your tone to the likings of your girl. If you seem like a sarcastic person or someone who is making fun of her with fluff and flattery compliments, chances are that she will leave you out of her list forever.

handle situations with compliments

Compliments for Woman in Different Situations

Taking a girl out for dinner for the first time:

You have to make sure that you give out a word of appreciation about her dressing sense because it would be her first time meeting with you and girls, usually are more concentrated on their appearance and possessions during their first meetups. Your compliment can assure them that everything is all right.

Stirring up a normal conversation with your wife/girlfriend:

Maybe you had a heated conversation with your wife or girlfriend and you want her to slide into a normal conversation with you, and this is when a compliment can come in handy.

She might not be the best looking at that moment, being a couch potato in her PJ’s, but she deserves your attention and compliment. So, just pass a statement that makes her feel special despite the occasion.

Passing a Compliment to a Random Girl:

Girls always have their protective gear on for random people complimenting them. To avoid this, think about these questions, what did you feel when you see her for the first time? What feeling made you approach her? What is so special about her? What makes her unique from others?

Now approach her with caution and explain what you feel about her clearly and honestly. But be cautious, if you sound like a sexist or a person on the hunt for girls, be ready to spend the rest of your life sitting at a lonely corner of the bar.

compliments for a girl

1. Compliments for a Girl

Complimenting a girl is no doubt difficult. Girls are always conscious about their surroundings to avoid themselves from the prying eyes of flirtatious people and some bullies.

To differentiate yourself from others and to be seen as a gentleman in their eyes while complimenting them can seem tedious and tricky.
But do not worry, here are a few compliments you can use to make a girl go for a date with you.

  1. Did I mention? You look drop-dead gorgeous with those icy blue eyes adding more to your beauty…
  2. Your smile is better than my cappuccino, I have no words left…
  3. It might sound too sudden for you, but I have to say you are a golden ray of positivity…
  4. You are beautiful the way you are, I wouldn’t want to change a thing about you even if I would ever want to…
  5. I would love to listen to your talk all day long…
  6. I admire your self-confidence; it speaks all about you.
  7. You have a soothing voice. I would like to hear more from you.
  8. You light up everywhere you go.
  9. I am speechless about your sense of Humor.
  10. Glad I met a priceless gem like you, well it’s not just flattery though.
compliments for girlfriend

2. Compliments for Girlfriend

Your girlfriend might be all dressed up for a night party or coming to meet you for the first time, complimenting her for her efforts is something you should do to please her and make her comfortable.

Here are few compliments you could use to make your girlfriend smile…

  1. I fall harder for you each time I meet you and learn more about you. What magic is this?
  2. How are you so good at that? I am mesmerized.
  3. You bring so much joy and beauty to my life, it wouldn’t have been the same without you…
  4. I feel at home when I am with you…
  5. I want to grow old with you…
  6. You are a blend of both beauty and talent. A rare combination.
  7. You are the personification of strength and courage.
  8. Your uniqueness is second to none.
  9. Your shoulder would make a better place for me to sleep and find my peace.
  10. Your name will be the first and the last signature on my heart.
compliments for wife

3. Compliments for Wife:

Your wife has always been a part of your life and will continue to be, so the first thing you need to do is to compliment her from time to time. Your woman deserves compliments for her work and sacrifice.

This will make her happy and ensure that your bond will continue to grow stronger.

  1. I will always be with you no matter what.
  2. I love the way you treat me, maybe it’s time for me to treat you the best…
  3. You deserve everything that you wish and hope for…
  4. You show me the value of a relationship every day…
  5. I am the biggest fan of you…
  6. You look like a goddess even when you are sleeping.
  7. My angel, I am so blessed to be your life partner.
  8. You are one person with whom I would like to spend the rest of my life.
  9. I want to cherish and captivate every beautiful moment with you.
  10. Hey sunshine, do you know how much light you bring to my life?
words for a older woman

4. Compliments for an Older Woman

Complimenting an older woman can seem tricky because they are more experienced than you in life and they have already passed on from your phase. So be as true as possible and do not use fluff words.

  1. Thank you for being a kind woman…
  2. I respect your experience in life.
  3. Can you please teach me your speaking skills? I must say, you are damn amazing at that.
  4. I am glad I met a person who can guide me through this.
  5. You carry on this dress well.
one word compliments for a girl

5. One Word Compliments for a Girl

Want to seem like a boss and try to show that you know exactly what you are doing? Then complimenting someone with one word can be the solution.

Think about it, jotting down a single word that combines every element a girl or a woman would want to hear is just next to impossible. Although, that should not be the scenario if you are trying to please a girl with a single word, because we are here to back you up.

  1. Resplendent

Meaning of Resplendent: Shining brilliantly…

This word is meant to be used for a girl who shines brightly, be it in her beauty, academics, or career.

  1. Angelic

Meaning: Angelic means to have a heavenly or spiritual charisma, just like an angel in goodness and beauty.

Express this word to the angel of ‘your’ life.

  1. Breath-taking

Meaning: Extremely beautiful that you gasp at it.

It’s an amazing word to express your girl’s beauty.

  1. Divine

Meaning: So pleasing that it almost seems soulful.

Express this to your girl to make her feel confident about her beauty and actions.

  1. Ravishing

Meaning: Extremely beautiful.

Once again shows how good you are at choosing words to express her fineness and beauty.

Some more words for you,

  1. Elegant

Meaning: graceful and stylish in appearance.

7. Stunning

Meaning: Striking attractive.

8. Dazzling

Meaning: Extremely clever, attractive, or impressive.

text compliments

6. Compliments for a Girl Over Text

Have you met a girl online? Do you want to send them a compliment over text to make sure that they are happy to speak to you and one day would be ready to meet you?

Or have you been dating a girl online and want to please her more?
Then look no further than this list because it compiles all the words you need to use to speak to your dream girl over texts.

  1.  For a girl you have just met online: I don’t know if it’s the way you express your words, but your confidence is just peeking through my phone.
  2.  The girl you are friends with: You have the ability and the talent to always speak the right words, glad I met you online.
  3.  The girl you might date: thank you so much for investing your precious time and trust in me.
  4.  For your girlfriend: I admire you for always seeing the good in me.
  5.  For your wife: Your love is the best thing that happened to me, never change.
  6. You are a skilled listener.
  7. Never knew online could give me the advantage of finding a good person like you.
  8. Your texts lit up my day for sure.
  9. I love how witty your texts are.
  10. Would love to feel your presence in reality.
complimenting a married woman

7. Compliments for a Married Woman

Do you want to compliment one of your best friends after her marriage?
But are you confused about what you are going to compliment her? Or how you are going to compliment her to make her smile and feel more confident?

Here is a list of compliments you can pass on to a married woman without getting an angry look from them.

  1. I didn’t know that the red color would suit you so well. You are looking great.
  2. You reason so well with the people, I would be glad to learn from you.
  3. Did you get your hair done? The red strands are vibing so well with your charisma.
  4. Thank you so much for helping me with the project, it wouldn’t have been possible without you.
  5. Congratulations for making it to the CEO position, I am so proud of your work.
  6. I am happy for you and your husband, you both are made for each other.
  7. I believe in your capability to handle your family and house well.
  8. Thank you for being that great supportive friend.
  9. Hey girl, I am so delighted that your marriage is successful.
  10. I bet you are the bliss of your family.
teenage girlfriend

8. Compliments for a Teenage Girlfriend

Teenage girls and compliments should go and hand in hand. Because out of all the people that are mentioned in the article, teenage girls are the easiest and the most difficult to please.

A small miscarriage of words in your compliment can make your girlfriend say goodbye to you in seconds. But a good statement can lead her to believe in you for the rest of their life.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the list of compliments.

  1. Your sincerity in love shows how much mature you are despite your age.
  2. You have chosen a great friend circle for yourself, they make you thrive.
  3. I don’t mention this enough, but you have already stolen my heart.
  4. You have great taste at styling up yourself.
  5. The steps you are taking towards your goal makes me proud.
  6. I am so grateful that I came to be your life partner.
  7. You make me fall for you over and over again.
  8. I am always lost for words to express the beauty of your smile.
  9. I am confident you will achieve great things in life.
  10. You tickle my heart with your sweet words.

Bottom Line

Not every woman is the same or not that everyone can be the same, different women expect different compliments that suit their personality and aura.

While bluntly speaking to any woman is not recommended, embarking on the steps provided in the article can place you above all other men in your girl’s life.

While we have provided the complete guide of compliments for a woman, please use it as naturally as possible. Words spoken for the sake of being spoken and without love are words that should be thrown into the trash.

While complimenting a girl, keep your expectations low, be a gentleman, and speak from your heart out. That’s enough to spark love in your relationship.

Pay with compliments and you will always be wealthy”–Mike Dolan

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