10 Signs He Is A Good Man & You Should Hold Onto Him

Signs He Is A Good Man & You Should Hold Onto Him

You have found the man of your dreams and he is everything you ever wanted. He is funny, thoughtful, passionate and you have no doubts about him. Suddenly, in the midst of all this, you end up arguing over something and you start questioning your relationship. Does that sound familiar to you? No relationship is … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to a Karmic Relationship

the ultimate guide karmic relationship

To understand the Karmic relationship we must understand the concept of karma. Karma in Sanskrit means Action and usually karmic relationships are referred to as the karma of past life/lives. This is nothing but the accumulation of actions through the existence of the soul. In simple words, you take actions every day, you talk, work … Read more

13 Important Signs That You Are Not Compatible With Your Partner

Signs That You Are Not Compatible With Your Partner

It is given that when you are with someone, you would want the compatibility factor with your partner. Compatibility is not about having the same taste in everything or how you agree on things together, but it has more to do with how the person treats you.  There are couples who have completely different personalities … Read more

10 Reasons Why Older Couples Grow Apart & How To Avoid It

Why do older couples grow apart

Couples fall in love and the next step to make their love official is getting married. In today’s time though, things have fast-paced a little and the truth is, divorces have become a matter of joke. No one in the relationship is ready to adjust or compromise and this leads to the couple getting separated … Read more

10 Relationship Hacks to Make Your Partner Feel Special

how to make your partner feel special

Yay!! Congratulations on investing time in your relationship growth. By the end of this article, you will know some realistic hacks to make your partner feel special. But why do you need to make your partner feel special? Here it goes. Why? There’s always a difference between growing and nourishing. When you are growing a … Read more

11 Sure Signs That Your Female Co-worker Likes You

Signs That Your Female Co-worker Likes You

Office romance is a very common thing. Sometimes, it is also a way to break the mundane routine of work. Sharing so many hours together along with lunch and tea breaks can definitely spark some newness with your co-worker. Co-working spaces, help you socialize but to know the real difference between flirting and being friendly … Read more

9 Surprising & Exciting Bedroom Habits of Happy Couples

bedroom habits for happy couples

The bedroom is just another world for couples like you. It’s the place where you both get absorbed in various emotions like anger, irritation, love, intimacy, blush, happiness, warm and more. In the starting stages of the relationship, you might have done this. But, as days passed, you aren’t considering the below habits. Now, it’s … Read more

10 Practical Ways To Rebuild Trust In Your Relationship After A Betrayal

rebuild trust in a relationship after cheating

There’s no doubt that cheating is one of the worst things someone can do while being in a relationship. As we said earlier, cheating is always by choice and there are some things one can do after being cheated. You might have ignored the signs and since you can’t go back and change what has … Read more

12 Unjustified Reasons Why People Cheat On Their Partners

Why People Cheat In Relationships

In relationships, remember how Rachel Greene in Friends once said, ‘once a cheater, always a cheater?’ Well, believe it or not, people who have suffered the ugly wrath of being cheated in a relationship might agree with this statement. Finding out that your other half is either involved with someone else, can leave one feeling … Read more