How to Hold Hands on the First Date?

Hold Hands on the First Date

If you are on the verge of exploring intimacy in your just-developed relationship, you’ve landed on the right page. Getting closer to the person we are attracted to or holding their hand for the first time is too much adrenaline rush. We all have gone through this feeling at least once in our lifetimes. Every … Read more

Is flirting good for your Health and Relationship?

flirting is good for health

Studies say that flirting contributes positively to one’s health! According to some recent studies by psychologists at the University of Kansas and Utrecht University, people who indulge in brief moments of flirting experience lower levels of depression than those who don’t engage in such activities. Some may not know the difference between flirting and being … Read more

64 Ways to Meet Women on Facebook (All Secrets Revealed)

How to Meet Women on Facebook

Social Networking sites are widely used social mediums to meet people. You’ll find your long-lost friends, cousins you didn’t speak with within a very long time, or even a date. Facebook, Meetup, Twitter, LinkedIn are the most often used social networking sites to meet or find men and women online. Facebook is the most popular … Read more