10 Motivating Ways That Will Encourage Your Wife To Return To Work

How To Encourage Your Wife To Go Back To Work

There was a time when couples got married, women would be at home, taking care of the family and managing household chores. As time passed, the stereotypical, biased opinions of the society, eased a little. Women then started working and it became a team effort of both men and women to take care of the … Read more

10 Ways To Get Over A Long-Term Relationship & Live Happily

How To Get Over A Long-Term Relationship

Getting over a long-term relationship is inevitably one of the hardest things. You basically are in a set routine with your partner and when all that comes to an end, it can feel like uncharted territory. Being in love is the best feeling, as you get to spend time with your partner and experience new … Read more

10 Tips That Will Help You Become Better Husband For Your Partner

How to become a better husband

Everyone makes promises at the time when they get married. There is a reason why we have vows. It’s not always necessary that after you get married, everything will run on smooth terrain. There will be times when things will get a little rocky, but this is the time to take the matter into your … Read more

11 Reliable Signs That Show You Are His Side Chick & Nothing More

Signs you are his side chick

Not everyone can deal with the fear of missing out and aren’t good at handling their emotions. While in a relationship, a few people need back-ups, just in case they have a fall out with their loved ones. No one wants to get hurt and while that’s a terrifying situation, if a guy has been … Read more

10 Super Easy Ways That Help Keep The Relationship Interesting

How to keep the relationship interesting

When relationships begin, it is all super exciting. From constant calls to innumerable dates, the honeymoon phase makes all of us feel on top of the world. However, when this feeling wears off with time, the relationship can feel like a dull, boring experience. This in no way means that the spark has disappeared, as … Read more

10 Signs He Is A Good Man & You Should Hold Onto Him

Signs He Is A Good Man & You Should Hold Onto Him

You have found the man of your dreams and he is everything you ever wanted. He is funny, thoughtful, passionate and you have no doubts about him. Suddenly, in the midst of all this, you end up arguing over something and you start questioning your relationship. Does that sound familiar to you? No relationship is … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to a Karmic Relationship

the ultimate guide karmic relationship

To understand the Karmic relationship we must understand the concept of karma. Karma in Sanskrit means Action and usually karmic relationships are referred to as the karma of past life/lives. This is nothing but the accumulation of actions through the existence of the soul. In simple words, you take actions every day, you talk, work … Read more

13 Important Signs That You Are Not Compatible With Your Partner

Signs That You Are Not Compatible With Your Partner

It is given that when you are with someone, you would want the compatibility factor with your partner. Compatibility is not about having the same taste in everything or how you agree on things together, but it has more to do with how the person treats you.  There are couples who have completely different personalities … Read more