How to Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage?

Congratulations! I am very happy that you have finally decided to marry your partner. You are one of the lucky few who got a chance to marry his soul mate.

No matter how much your parents disagree about love marriage, in the end, they want to see you happy. It’s just that they don’t want you to suffer for any bad decision.

But if you believe you have made the right choice and you know it is the best decision of your life then don’t worry.

We have come up with this guide with 10 amazing tips to help you convince your parents of your love marriage.

What are you waiting for, let’s jump straight to the points?

1. Be Confident in Your Decision

Who wouldn’t want to marry the one he loves? With whom you spent so many years fighting, loving, crying, and laughing and now you want to get married. Wow! What a beautiful feeling! Deciding to marry the person of your choice is the happiest and a life-changing decision.

But sometimes we make decisions by getting too excited. Marriage is a lovely and pure relationship, it should be a beautiful journey. So make sure that if you are deciding to marry her then you are hundred percent ready for it. Be sure of your actions, Ask yourself –

Are you ready to enter this new reality?

Do you feel capable of taking on all the new responsibilities?

And most importantly, do you feel that you know each other well and are capable of maintaining this relationship?

Now let me explain to you why all these are important. Because when you have complete confidence in this relationship and your choice, then only you can convince your parents of it.

Honestly, your parents will ask you a lot of questions about your relationship. So you should be confident enough to answer them all with a sense of complacency and a big smile on your face.

2. Spend Time with Them

With the pressure and responsibility of life and the increased use of social media and the digital world, we hardly get time to talk with our parents. It is natural that if we do not sit and talk with them, then we will not have a mutual understanding.

So start spending time with your parents. Sit with them, have breakfast or dinner together, help them with their work, take care of them, ask them about their food, medicine, etc. Start small, one after the other. Try to genuinely help them, don’t do it just to get your work done.

Remember that they are your parents and you are doing all this to be happy together in the family. So don’t do all this with selfish intention. When you spend quality time together you will build a strong bonding that has been lost over the years.

3. Start Conversations with Them

Now it’s time to initiate conversations with your parents. It doesn’t have to be about marriage or don’t talk about marriage at all at this stage. You can have regular conversations about your day-to-day activities, the parties you are going to, new things happening in your life, about your new colleague, etc.

Also, ask them to talk about their days, any special memories they can share with you, childhood stories, etc. You will get to know a lot about their opinion and their mindset when you have a real conversation with them.

You might find a different side of them that you never knew existed and you can get to see their emotional side as well.

4. Understand Their Views on Marriage

Now slowly and steadily talk about marriage, try to understand their thoughts and ideas about love marriage. Don’t take it too seriously, you can ask random questions and then move on to the bigger aspect. you can ask them –

About their married life.

How did they get married?

How did they know each other?

What was the opinion of their parents on their marriage, etc?

While talking about these things also share your opinion of marriage. Talk about what you think about love marriage, what society should not do on the subject. Try to make a positive outlook on love marriage.

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Understand what they feel about love marriage and why they don’t like it and then try to change this mindset with positive thoughts and ideas.

5. Start Making First Impressions

Start with making a good first impression of your partner in your family before telling them about this relationship. Talk to them that –

There is a boy/girl named (your partner’s name) in your class/office who is a very good friend of yours.

He/she received the award for being the best employee of the year today.

Today was his/her birthday so you had a party.

The purpose is to let your parents know that there is someone in your life whose name is (your partner’s name). Involve him in the conversations and try to build a good positive side of the person. Don’t wait for a few more years to start this work because if you have to convince them

for your love marriage then it will take time and you have to be patient. So start as soon as possible.

Again don’t overdo it because today’s parents are smart too. Though they follow a lot of traditions and customs, they also have experience of all these years. If you talk too much about a person they will immediately suspect.

6. Befriend Any One of Them

Everyone in the family has a favorite person who supports us more than the other. For some, it is the father and for some, it is the mother. The person has a special soft corner for you, so try to explain that to him first.

Once he supports the decision, the other will soon be convinced. In some cases, this person may even be your grandfather or grandmother who your parents respect as well.

Involving your grandparents can be a turning point while you try to convince your parents to love marriage.

Always be with that person, share your secrets with him and gain his trust in you and your choices. When it’s time to open up about your relationship, first try to explain to him who’s going to accept it soon.

7. Tell Them About Your Relationship

Now you are ready to talk to your parents about your partner. Remember that your parents want the best for you, they want you to be happy. So don’t disrespect them and don’t behave rudely with them. They may initially disagree with this, but keep trying.

You may have to talk to them several times about the same thing. But if you really want to be with your partner then try to be patient and kind. Tell them why she is the best for you and how you have planned your life together. When they see that your happiness is in this relationship, they will also support you.

8. Prepare Yourself to Meet Your In-Laws

This is the time when you meet her family and she meets your family. Your parents may still have some doubts about both of you but the time has come to win their hearts. Help each other to prepare yourselves to meet your in-laws.

Tell him if there’s anything that can make your parents smile. Similarly, ask your partner if there is anything you should keep in mind while meeting his parents.

Your parents may ask a lot of questions, but don’t get irritated or intimidated. Be confident in your relationship and make them believe that you two are made for each other.

9. Introduce Both Families

Finally, it is time to arrange a formal meeting of both the families. Decide on a place that is comfortable for both the family and let them start the conversation. If they’re not going to start the conversation then start with yourself, there’s no hard and fast rule.

Just make them comfortable and try your best not to create a serious situation. Smile and be relaxed, let them talk freely to each other. If necessary arrange some more such meetings where they can get to know each other more and become friendly.

It would be best if you take your family to a restaurant where the food is very tasty. It is said that good food makes the mood good. 😉

10. Be Patient

The most important thing you have to keep in mind is to be patient. This is a big decision in your life and for your parents too. If your parents are against love marriage then naturally they will take a long time to accept it. Some parents may need more time than others, depending on the family.

But don’t get discouraged, trust the process and trust your parents’ intentions. They only want the best for you. So give them the required time to think and change their mindset. Once they agree to this relationship, trust me, they will be your biggest support and the happiest person for both of you.


If you want to convince your parents to love marriage then first try to understand your parents. The above tips to convince your parents to love marriage. Keep reading.

This was all in this post, we hope you soon marry the love of your life. Comment down if you have anything to ask, we will be happy to help you. All the best for your love life, take care.

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