Twin Flame vs Soul Mates vs Karmic Relationship-Which one is better?

Twin flame Vs soul mates Vs Karmic Relationship. All these three are somewhere interlinked to each other. This interlink is what confuses you in finding your relationship type. 

In this article, you’ll get to know the clear difference between each relationship type. 

Twin Flame Relationship:

On a basic definition, a twin flame partner is the other half of you. It is like a single soul is separated into two halves. One half is a male, and the other is a female. When these two halves meet, it becomes a twin flame relationship. 

In a twin flame relationship, you feel more similarities between each other. Though you both are happy together, you often think the relationship is getting hard. 

It is because the twin flame relationship digs out your hardest insecurities. At the same time, your twin flame partner will be in your problem-solving phase. They guide you to the better part. Whereas a Karmic partner digs out your fears and lets you learn them by yourself. 

If you are in a twin flame relationship, you will grow and love together a lot. 

Soulmate Relationship:

There is a misconception that soul mates are only meant for a romantic relationship.  

It is not a condition for a soul mate to be your romantic partner.  

A Soul mate is a person who completely knows the real you. This person can be anyone. They might be your friend or your family member. 

You can also have multiple soul mates at the same time. 

A soul mate makes you feel complete. A soul mate accepts you for who you are. They embrace you with all the love you always needed. 

If you are in a romantic relationship, you might feel like they are your home. You feel so attached and connected with your soul mate. 

A soul mate shows you your worth. They make you feel confident, and you get the feeling that they are always beside you. 

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Karmic Relationship:

A Karmic relationship is only meant for your self-development. Your karmic partner is the one who was also there in your previous birth. Now they came into your life to teach you the lessons you left unlearned in your previous birth

Right from the beginning of a karmic relationship, you feel like there is some connectivity between you both. Whereas in a twin flame relationship, you feel like you and your partner are the same. So, don’t confuse these two. 

If you are meant to go through a karmic relationship, then you’ll definitely go through it. But once you come off a Karmic relationship, you’ll feel the profound change in you. 

Though a Karmic partner is meant to teach you lessons, they will not guide you through the learning phase. You go through a lot of struggles to learn them on your own. 

For this, your Karmic partner gives you the struggles. 

 You might be getting some common confusions between these three relationships, so here is a list of common confusions you get.

Differences between Twin Flame, Soul Mates and Karmic Relationship


You might be in a twin flame relationship, and you might feel like you are in a Karmic relationship or vice versa. This is because, in both relationships, you face insecurities. Both the relationships are meant for your growth, but the approach is different.

Your karmic partner digs out your insecurities and leaves you on a self-learning path. Whereas your twin flame partner digs out your insecurities, solves them with you. Your twin flame partner is always there in your growth processes. 

2. Connection: 

You might be in a soul mate relationship, and you might feel like you are in a twin flame relationship or vice versa. This is because in both relationships you feel like your souls are connected. You might feel like only this person is destined for you. All this happens because of common emotions.

But the difference is that you can have multiple soul mates, but you only have one twin flame. There is nothing like you’ll only end up in a romantic relationship with your soul mate. Your soulmate can be your friend or any of your family members. But your twin flame partner is half of your soul. And you only have one twin flame partner. 

3. Attachment:

You might be in a karmic relationship, and you might feel like you are in your soul mate relationship or vice versa. This is because you are attached to your partner the most. So, you don’t want to be away from them.

Why you confuse both here is that the Karmic relationship is meant to be broken, but breaking up is not that easy. When the breaking up process gets difficult, you might feel like this person is destined for you. So there are chances for you to think of a Karmic relationship as a soul mate relationship.

A soulmate relationship is meant to be together. Even if any issue arises, you find a solution for it. So staying together for a long term might confuse you whether you are between either of the ones. 

Which one is the best?

There is nothing like this is the best relationship. Because you are meant to go through all the phases of life. End of all, these relationships are meant for the betterment of your self-development. So, you don’t need to be confused about anything. 

A Karmic relationship is a good relationship because it makes you a better person by the end of it. 

A twin flame relationship is a good relationship because you always have someone to taunt you and teach you simultaneously. 

A soul mate relationship is a good relationship because your partner will embrace you for who you are. 


So, there is nothing like the best relationship. All these are just the learnings you are meant to go through in your life to nourish your soul.

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twin flame vs soul mates vs karmic relationship

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