10 Signs He Is A Good Man & You Should Hold Onto Him

Signs He Is A Good Man & You Should Hold Onto Him

You have found the man of your dreams and he is everything you ever wanted. He is funny, thoughtful, passionate and you have no doubts about him. Suddenly, in the midst of all this, you end up arguing over something and you start questioning your relationship. Does that sound familiar to you?

No relationship is made perfect and there will always be some ups and downs. In order to decide, if the guy you are dating is actually what you deserve or just another toxic relationship, we are here to clarify it for you.

Check out this list of clear signs that your partner is a good man, and definitely someone you should hold onto, despite the temporary scuffle.

He Is Honest With You

1. He Is Honest With You

Transparency is very important in a relationship. If your partner is vocal about his feelings and loves you despite your flaws, then you can be certain about your partner.

Men usually aren’t open about their feelings and find it hard to confide in a person. But, if your guy is someone who is confident in your relationship, that’s one solid reason to hold onto him.

If there are days he is unable to share his feelings, try and not to counter him. Give him time and space and let him talk when he is comfortable as everything won’t be hunky-dory all the time.

He Is Your Biggest Cheer Leader

2. He Is Your Biggest Cheer Leader

No matter what you decide to do in life, your partner is always supportive of you. Not just that, he takes a step forward and also happens to be your biggest inspiration.

There are times in a relationship when your partner’s passion and ambition can rub off on you. But, if you are still consistent with your dreams, and he is there for you, there’s nothing like it.

He Always Makes You Feel Beautiful

3. He Always Makes You Feel Beautiful

There are times when you don’t feel good about yourself. Maybe you got a pimple before your date or the dress you wanted to wear, doesn’t fit right. But, your guy instead of name-calling you, still thinks you are beautiful.

Saying appreciative and affirmative words is something that comes naturally to him. Every now and then he puts efforts just for you. A good man will understand the time and energy it takes to dress up for a date but also love you when you are in your sweats.

It’s all about acceptance and if your guy takes you in every manner, hold onto him tight.

He Does Little Things For You

4. He Does Little Things For You

Do you feel like eating ice cream at late hours? He is there for you. You love shopping and he is there for you. Little things matter and go a long way. If your guy keeps a check on the things that make you happy, he is totally worth it.

Signs He Is A Good Man & You Should Hold Onto Him

5. He Calls You

Being very upfront about this, men aren’t usually the ones to pick their phones and make a call, unless it is very important. They aren’t as chatty as women are but if your guy is the opposite of that and puts effort to call you, he really does love you then.

For men, it is not very easy to be so communicative. The lack of effort in the relationship can sometimes be the result of its ending. Regardless of how much work he has or how busy he is, he tries to find time for you and make you feel loved. If that’s the case, cherish the moments and be rest assured that he is a good man.

He Doesn't Cross The Line

6. He Doesn’t Cross The Line

It’s okay to have disagreements with your partner, but if he doesn’t lose respect during the fight, he is a keeper. When fights turn into heavy feuds, they can go very ugly with insults, and sometimes, it can be abusive too. It can be difficult to keep calm but if he is a good man, he won’t do wrong to you.

Signs He Is A Good Man & You Should Hold Onto Him

7. He Never Stops Improving Himself

Self-improvement is a big thing and if your man, doesn’t stop improving himself, he is likely to have a positive attitude even towards the relationship. While he would do these things for himself, all this, in turn, will also help with smooth conversations and knowledge sharing in the relationship.

Signs He Is A Good Man & You Should Hold Onto Him

8. He Talks About The Future

When you guys are together, does he talk about the future? If he asks about your future plans, maybe he is trying to figure out what you have in your mind about the relationship. Even if it is not a full-fledged conversation and he is only hinting, consider it to be huge since men don’t talk about these things much.

If he does talk about it and you are a part of it, there’s a good chance he is looking at forever with you.

You man Is Dependable & Consistent

9. He Is Dependable & Consistent

He is also a good man if you can bank on him no matter what. It can be measured by how consistent he is with his efforts. Consistent doesn’t mean him saying I love you all the time or opening the door for you. What it means is that he respects what you like.

For example, if you have a date planned at 6 pm in the evening, he is there at the right time and if he is unable to, he at least doesn’t keep you in limbo. This shows he is selfless and is not someone who would run hot and cold on you all the time.

Having someone you can depend on, for the rest of your life, is huge and it helps you decide the future as well as the person.

He Takes A Stand For You

10. He Takes A Stand For You

The perfect thing is when your partner is not ashamed of you and sticks by you no matter what you do. Some people get embarrassed easily but if your partner takes everything in his stride, that’s definitely a bonus point for you.

It can hurt to have someone who constantly criticizes you. Be it, friends or family, if your partner can take your side and defend you, they respect you.

You should be with the man who supports you, when you are being criticized and will stand up for you, without having to tell him.


Remember a good man will always be by your side no matter what. These are some signs of a good man and if your guy has all these qualities, ensure to hold onto him.

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10 Signs He Is A Good Man & You Should Hold Onto Him

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