13 The Most Romantic & Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

For most couples, the nighttime is very important. Whether they live apart or live in, the night is the time when they get to spend some quality time with each other. It is the time when they unwind from the stress of the entire day and just like to talk to each other and feel love and affection in each other’s company. Introducing bedtime stories in the conversation can be very romantic for your girlfriend.

People who are in a relationship know that heart-to-heart conversations happen at night. It is the time when you are alone and vulnerable. People are their real selves at night without any pretense or façade.

In fact, most romantic conversations also happen during nighttime. Couples love to talk through the night and it is one of the best feelings going to bed after talking to your special someone. Apart from romantic conversations and expressions of love, you can also engage in some bedtime stories. Yes, you read that right! Bedtime stories are not just for children. Short bedtime stories for a girlfriend can be cool and interesting things to do before you sleep. Bedtime stories can be a new activity that you can explore together and have fun with.

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What can be a bedtime story for a girlfriend?

Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

It can be a romantic story or a story with a lesson. It is just like sharing something interesting and valuable with your girlfriend before you go to sleep. Listening to something good and positive can help in getting a good night’s sleep for both of you. It can make her feel loved, induce happy feelings, and feel connected to you.

If you love romantic stories, go ahead with them as they can be a good way of keeping the love and intimacy alive. Choose something that both of you like and find interesting as bedtime stories should not bore you to death. Pick up a niche for your girlfriend that allows the two of you to connect with each other even if it’s late at night. The purpose of the bedtime stories is to feel happy and connected.

The bedtime stories can be yet another way of getting brownie points from your girlfriend and excelling as a caring and loving boyfriend. It will help in making your relationship strong and awesome.

7 Romantic Bedtime Stories for Your Girlfriend

Let’s have a look at some Romantic bedtime stories for your girlfriend:

Romance is one of the key factors that strengthen your relationship. It fuels the relationship and keeps it moving ahead smoothly. If you are planning to start the bedtime story activity with your girlfriend, romantic stories should be the first genre. You will never fall short of ideas for romantic stories.

1. Blind Sight

Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

A girl was deeply in love with a guy and she loved the way he cared for her. She felt gratitude for the way he loved her and was fond of her in spite of the fact that she was blind. One fine day she said to him that she wanted to see the guy who loved her so deeply and was so caring. The guy promised her that one day she would surely see him.

The boy donated his one eye to the girl so that she could see this lovely world. It surprised the girl to see that the guy was also blind in one eye. He was also not one of the most handsome men or as good-looking as she was. However, in spite of the imperfections, she chose to live with him without knowing that it was the same guy who donated his eye to her.

2. Ultimate Love

A girl and boy were good friends but she was more than a friend to him. The boy tried to confess his feeling to her but failed every time. One day, the boy made a firm decision to tell her about his feelings for her. They went for a long drive and started chit-chatting. Before the boy could confess his feelings, the girl said that she wanted to share something with him.

She mentioned that she was in love with a guy who did not love her back. She told him that she wanted to be with him at any cost. The boy promised to help her win the guy. Suddenly, the boy lost control of his car and it banged into a tree. The boy died on the spot. He had a note written on his hand- “I will die if I could not get your love. Be mine, my dear!”

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3. Worthy Relationship

One day the husband comes back home from the office with roses for his wife. The daughter chuckles and asks what was so special that day. The man replies that all of his colleagues complain about ill-treatment from their partners. They are sad about their rude behavior and dishonesty. 

Listening to all this he felt gratitude for having a loving wife. She is such a caring and dedicated partner. He feels lucky to have a genuine and trustworthy partner with shares his emotions and feelings. He feels blessed to have enjoyed a blissfully married life with her mother. It’s the most worthy relationship for him as his wife has always made him happy no matter what the situation.

4. Flowers

story on flowers

One day a husband bought 12 flowers for his wife. The wife was a little surprised to see that 11 of them were fresh and were not so fresh. In fact, after having a close look she found that it was artificial.  This made her curious about such a mix of flowers.

She decided to ask the husband about the artificial flower in the bunch of lovely fresh flowers. The husband hugged her and said-“I will love you till this artificial flower dies!  Such an emotional reply left the wife stunned. She hugged him back with tears of happiness in her eyes.

5. Live or Love

A girl was in love with a boy and decided to ask him about his feeling for her. She asked him, “Do you like me?” He said, “No, I don’t like you!” This shocked the girl as she was expecting an affirmative reply from him.  She was in tears and almost decided to leave when the boy gently smiled, hugged her, and whispered in her ears, “I don’t like you, I love you!”

6. Heart-to-heart Connection

A girl and boy met on a social networking site and instantly hit it off. They started chatting for long hours and loved to spend time talking to each other. While the guy had put his pictures in the profile, the girl had not put any pictures. They grew close to each talking and started feeling a connection.

The guy was tall and handsome but the girl was short and overweight. Eventually, they exchanged numbers and started talking and messaging each other the whole day. They both realized that they have started liking each other. And all this while the guy had still not seen her!

One find day the boy asked the girl to meet. The girl felt happy but skeptical if the guy would reject her because of her looks. However, she agreed to meet, and finally, the day came. They decided to meet at a café and the girl was waiting for the guy. As soon as the guy came he gave a gentle smile and greeted her warmly. The girl was trying to gauge his reactions to figure out if he did not like her.

After talking for a while the guy proposed to her. The girl had tears in her eyes. She said, “I thought you would not like me because of my looks”. The guy replied “I fell in love with you even without seeing you. I fell in love with your heart and the person you are. Looks don’t really matter to me. And to me, you are the most beautiful girl on this earth. I love you.

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7. Unconditional love

A boy and girl were in love. The girl belonged to an affluent family while the guy had a humble background. He loved her deeply but was skeptical if the girl would want to marry him leaving her comfort and luxuries. For the girl, it was true love and companionship that mattered the most. She agreed to marry him and be a part of his struggle towards success.

With her unconditional love and support, the guy worked hard and within a few years, he touched new milestones of success. When someone asked him about his success mantra he said, “True love can really inspire and motivate you to achieve anything in life. My wife’s rock-solid support gave me the courage to take the path. I owe my success to her. Whatever I have today is because of her.”

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6 Short & Funny Bedtime Stories for Your Girlfriend

1. Future Mommy

Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

A husband took a selfie with his wife while she just woke up from sleep. The wife resisted and said, “Why would you take a picture with me when I am all messed up and not looking good?” The husband replied I am taking this picture to show to my future kids. They should know how beautiful their mom looks. She is gorgeous even with no makeup and messy hair.

2. The Best List

A girl asked his boyfriend about the reason he fell in love with her. Her sudden question surprised him. He didn’t want to answer the question as there was no specific answer. But this made the girl think that no reason means no love and she began to sulk. The guy hugged her and said that he did not answer the reason he fell in love with her because love needs no reason. You just fall in love with a person without any reason or explanation. You never need a reason to love someone.

3. The Naughty Hug

One day a girl went to visit her boyfriend at his home. The guy had a pet at their place but the girl was scared of the pet. The guy used to keep the pet on a leash whenever she used to visit him. This time he tried to be naughty with her. He kept the dog without a leash. As soon as the girl came, the dog went up to her. Seeing the dog, the girl started running and hugged her boyfriend. The guy got to hug his girl and his naughty trick worked.

4. The Naughty Fight

Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

Once a wife and husband had the worst fight and the wife packed all of his stuff. She asked him to leave. The husband didn’t say anything as she packed his bags. Seeing no reaction from him, she yelled may you suffer all your life and live in pain. The husband was quick to reply, “So you want me to stay with you, thanks for the invite to stay with you!”

5. How to Reciprocate?

Once a boyfriend met his girl and said that” I am worried”. She exclaimed and asked what was bothering him. He said he was not rich enough to pamper her. The girl got confused if he was talking about gifts and money.

The Guy smiled and said, “Honey I am not rich enough to reciprocate your gesture of love. You always show affection, care, and understanding towards me.  No matter how much I try, I can’t beat you!”

6. Girl talk

Two girls were discussing what dress they should wear for the party that night. One said she would wear a brown dress as her husband has brown hair. The other one exclaimed, what should I wear as my husband has no hair? Both of them had a good laugh!

Heart Melting Bedtime Stories to Read With Your Girlfriend

hertmelting stories for you

1. Little Ones in a Hen Farm

Once there was a Boy who Loved to Travel from his home to the home of the hen.

Yeah, yeah home of the Hen. There were enough hens and chicks on that farm for him to play with.

One day on a Sunny evening, a bird flew into his hands from nowhere, while standing on the Farm. 

It was a Dove, the Pet of “Mini” the Girl in the Story. Her full name is 

” Mini Thomas “. 

Mini came running towards the Boy for her Lovely Dove, Did I forget to tell you his name?

The name of the Boy was Steven Edward, Everyone called him Steve.

He gazed at her when she came, She showed a Little shyness while she was asking back for her Dove by his Gaze. 

Shy Mini Asked ” Give me my Dove, She is my pet “, He replied 

” Oh okay, Take her “.

Suddenly after giving her a pet, Steve Jumped back two steps to Introduce himself, and asked her ” What is your Name ?” and Mini replied with a Little smile ” Mini Thomas “.

He started stating how beautiful her Dove is! , Then they went on talking.

He invited Mini for a Tour through the Hen Farm, Next Day.

Days went by they both arose in Love. They Confessed to each other their Love. Steve created a Grass Ring and Gave it to Mini and they were engaged.

Steve started going to Mini’s house for giving eggs collected from the garden as a Sign of Love from him.

Mini had to go and visit her grandparents in a faraway city.

So she went, he waited for her every day in his Garden and 21 days went by and Atlast Mini Came Back. He said welcome back home with a Smile, But she was Cried and Hugged him.

At First, he was confused and asked her why are you crying ? “, Then she replied to him ” My Dove, He is Gone “. 

Steve Hugged Mini Tight and Thought to himself 

” Oh, Poor Mini “

And His Love for her increased, That’s why they stood hugging there for a long time.

After 3 or 4 days they started to talk and walk like they usually do and started exploring many places together.

On a Sunday morning, He called Mini and Took her to his farm, He climbed a Ladder and took her inside a Tree hut, He took something from a Hole and Gave it to her and said 

” These are your Dove’s Girlfriend and they are her Children ” with a Smile. She felt so happy and hugged him hard as she could with Love.

And in that way, sharing their Grief and Happiness they lived happily ever after.


These are some of the cute, romantic, and funny stories that you can share with your girlfriend or fiancée before sleeping. This will create a positive mood and also enhance your bond. This might be a new routine for some couples but you can definitely give it a try. You both will look forward to the new routine.

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