10 Surprising Things Guys Don’t Notice about Your Body

things guys don’t notice about your body

Men have a different sense of attraction and their physical attraction is based on instincts. They are more likely to be attracted towards curvy women like women with wider hips and slim waists. Most men are attracted to someone in the first 90 seconds after they meet. Most women focus a lot on their hairstyle, … Read more

Ideas for Celebration of Valentine’s Day in the Workplace

Ideas for the celebration of Valentine’s Day in the workplace

As the spring approaches the atmosphere all around us signifies a loving surrounding. The celebration of Valentine’s Day started in western countries long ago. Latter this beautiful festival of love spread all around the world. It is not only meant for couples. I find Valentine’s Day a very auspicious event of the year for the … Read more

Best Compliments for a Woman- The Secret To Her Smile

compliments for a woman

Do you know what can stir up a smooth conversation with your wife, girlfriend, or a girl you just met in your workplace or a get-together? A good compliment! Compliments are like blessings in disguise and work wonderfully well for a woman. “There is no effect more disproportionate to its cause than the happiness bestowed … Read more

9 Surprising & Exciting Bedroom Habits of Happy Couples

bedroom habits for happy couples

The bedroom is just another world for couples like you. It’s the place where you both get absorbed in various emotions like anger, irritation, love, intimacy, blush, happiness, warm and more. In the starting stages of the relationship, you might have done this. But, as days passed, you aren’t considering the below habits. Now, it’s … Read more

8 Exclusive Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for Men

valentine's day outfit ideas

Choosing an outfit for a date with your lady love can be pretty puzzling. Choosing one for the most romantic day of the year is even more puzzling. That’s why I am here to help you with your look ideas. You will have some cool outfit ideas for the upcoming valentine’s day. Yet you don’t … Read more

28 Incredible & Effective Ways to Get Your Man to Marry You

Ways to Get Your Man to Marry You

Finding your knight in shining armor is one thing and making him propose is another! Most men have commitment phobia. Hence you need to apply some tricks to make him speak what his heart desires. You may have planned this one proposal through your entire teen years. I would assure you that once you approach … Read more

21 Amazing Ways to Get a Man to Want You

Ways to Get a Man to Want You

Having a perfect man is the dream of several women, but it becomes hard to turn the dream into reality. That’s true that you can’t force anyone to feel the same as you do towards them. But you can try your best to let him develop his feelings towards you. It doesn’t matter if you … Read more

23 Inevitable Signs He Wants You Bad For Sure

Signs He Wants You Bad

Relationships can be complicated! When you are not clear about someone’s feelings, it can confuse you. It can be hard to tell if your colleague has fallen for you. Or a friend wants to be more than a friend. You can’t even ask him directly as things can go wrong. You might end up losing … Read more