How to Approach a Girl in College? 6 Rocking Tips

How to Approach a Girl in College

So, you finally got admission to your favorite college? Planning to rock the first day at college? Are you worried about new people, new challenges, Or nervous about meeting attractive girls at college? Well, the adrenaline rush is sure to make you sleepless. But, the guide below will lead you to some success stories at … Read more

5 Different Types of Love Languages in Relationships – Explained

5 Different Types of Love Languages

Love is one of the purest feelings among the living beings on Earth. Loving and getting loved is one of the most important and precious needs among living beings, whether it’s about human beings or animals.   We all are distinct individuals, with our distinct characteristics, so naturally, our nature and ways of expressing anything will … Read more

How to Write Letters to Your Ex-Boyfriend- (With Samples)

write letters to your ex-boyfriend

Writing a letter to your ex boyfriend and getting him back in your life is not a piece of cake. There occur several times in your life when you think that you want your ex back in your life. No matter what was the reason for separation. Whether it’s a little misunderstanding or a huge … Read more

10 Cute & Romantic Short Bedtime Love Stories for Couples

bedtime love stories for husband wife

Life is full of love. Whenever you chose to love for anything else you are always right. Love is the best way to illuminate the light in our lives. It reflects through our relationships. The most prominent relationship on this earth is what we share. We are in this world to love and be loved. … Read more

How to Stop Loving Someone & Move Forward? Secret Confessions

Can you ever stop loving someone

Whoever has fallen in love knows how beautiful the feeling is. A smile on the lover’s face, the tinkling voice of their laugh, and their warm touch are enough to fill one’s day with happiness. Love is a gift of fate. It is like boarding a train without being aware of its destination. One does … Read more