5 Different Types of Love Languages in Relationships – Explained

Love is one of the purest feelings among the living beings on Earth. Loving and getting loved is one of the most important and precious needs among living beings, whether it’s about human beings or animals.  

We all are distinct individuals, with our distinct characteristics, so naturally, our nature and ways of expressing anything will vary. So, when it comes to love languages, you need to recognize your and your partner’s. 

Now, what are different types of love languages?

5 Different Types of Love Languages

Gary Chapman introduced the concept of 5 different types of love languages through his book named The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. In this book, he came up with the concept of 5 different types of Love Languages, which are as follows:

  • Words of affirmation
  • Quality time
  • Receiving gifts
  • Acts of service
  • Physical touch 

Now, we often come to hear the very popular saying – ‘Communication is the key’. It indeed is. So is understanding and recognizing the type of communication. When it comes to romantic relationships, people often move apart due to a lack of proper communication, and understanding.

Though you both love each other a lot, you both or either of you sometimes might feel that you aren’t on the same social partner. This happens, this is natural to feel sometimes. Both of your love languages may differ and that’s okay!

But, you both need to recognize each of your love languages and then work on it to communicate properly with each other.

Sometimes people even lack proper communication skills when it comes to express their feelings. Sometimes due to sighs, and sometimes due to the social conditions, a person can’t express the feelings.

Sometimes even though your partner loves you a lot, you might not be able to see or feel it. This is because of a lack of understanding of the love language they have or probably they lack the understanding of your love language.

While if you learn about the different love languages, you will recognize your and your partner’s love language easily, leading to a better understanding. So, here’s for you the five love languages and their explanations-

5 Different Types of Love Languages
5 Different Types of Love Languages

1. Words of affirmation

Let me first tell you the meaning of the word “affirmation”. The word “affirmation” relates to actions that are genuine and positive. So basically words of affirmation state verbal acknowledgments, praises, or appreciation.

So, if a person whose love language is words of affirmation, will tend to seek for and value verbal appreciations, acknowledgments, reassurances. It might also include common romantic phrases like “I love you” or “I miss you”. These people are more inclined towards written and spoken modes, thus texting and social media engagement is a good go for them.

They are often seen to brag about their partner or write love letters. And if any conflict arises with them, you can try to resolve it by speaking kind words, or words that build security. Try to initiate it with an apology.

2. Quality time

Individuals with quality time as their love language prefer focused and undivided attention from their partners. To them, the intimacy of eye contact, dedicated listening, and full presence hold a lot more value in their relationship. They always prefer to spend some meaningful and quality time with their beloved.

It can be expressed by – planning a trip or a date night together, watching movies, gossiping, planning a ride or walk, experimenting with new things together, eating and cooking together, doing housework together, and many more! Try to avoid other interruptions in between.

After a conflict with them, making eye contact with them and listening to them with patience can be a good way to resolve the problem.

3. Receiving gifts

Who doesn’t love gifts, especially when it’s from our special someone? But when it comes to people especially with this love language, they are considered to be more thoughtful. It’s not about the materialistic pleasure or the monetary value of the gift, it’s about the symbolic thought behind that gift that attracts these kinds of people.

Giving thoughtful gifts, random gifts that have a personal touch, small gifts when they are feeling low, and many more such ways can be a good way of expression. Don’t do the blunder of assuming that it’s all about materialistic pleasure. Don’t forget special occasions or don’t give gifts because you have to.

After a conflict with them, try to apologize by writing a small note of love for them on a small gift to show your gratitude and love. This can fix the issues sometimes.

4. Acts of service

People with this love language are the ones who generally prefer actions more than words. They are the ones inclined towards activities you do for them to make their life easier, like to make some tea for them when they are tired or to make the dish when they are busy.

Make them aware that you want to help them to lighten up their mood and workload. Help in their daily chores. After a conflict, try to make some behaviour changes that led to the conflict. It might work like magic to resolve the problems.

 5. Physical touch

People with this love language value physical touch or physical expression of affection, like kisses, longs hugs, cuddles, holding hands, and sex. These people find physical touch as a major connector between them and their partners. Also, consent matters to them too!

It’s unnecessary that the expression of love in this mode has to be sexual. An asexual adorable touch means a lot to them as well. After a fight with them, try to plant a forehead kiss, cuddle with them on a couch, and hug them for a long time.

It will act like real magic! Through all these, you get to reinforce your presence more in them, which brings a lot of assurances.

Bottom line:

With this, we come to the end of the discussion about the five different love languages. This knowledge of love languages will enhance your ability to recognize your partner’s ways to express love for you. Also, this allows you to share the particular expressions of love that are most meaningful to you.

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