150+ Fun and Engaging Questions For Long Distance Relationship Couples

It’s not at all easy to be consistent in a long-distance relationship as you can not meet your better half for years which is of course a very big deal in itself. This distance can lead one to definitely get out of words. Don’t worry, we are always here to hold up your back! Here in this post, we are going to discuss 150+ questions for couples from funny to silly to deep questions in a long-distance relationship.

The secret key for maintaining a healthy long-distance relationship is to maintain a healthy and open relationship with your partner, as every relationship has to go through different ups and downs but trust is all which works as a bridge. Long-distance relationships may sometimes turn out to be very difficult, as one can turn out of words like what to say now. So, we promise it’s not going to happen now after reading this article.

Whenever you are like feeling so low about your long-distance relationship then just think, that this time will too go and soon you will have your better half with you forever. So keep your love and bonding alight. So let’s get into some great Questions of every category you can ask your partner.

Best Questions For Couples In A Long Distance Relationship

It may seem weird, but yes you can indeed have a quality conversation while still being in a long-distance relationship. There are some best questions you can ask your partner, you have to do just one thing and choose the talks which can help both of you to add value to the conversation and can help you grow as a great couple.

  • If you had a chance to be any animal in a zoo? Which animal you would like to become? Will you be a tiger or a lion? Why so?
  • What is the longest record you have made without taking shower?
  • What were your opinions about life when you were just a kid? Are they still the same? Have they changed drastically?
  • Has the thought of changing your name ever came into your mind? If yes, what new name do you think you should have?
  • Were you the caption of the school at your school time?
  • Have you ever seen yourself in any TV series in your dreams? If yes, which one?
  • Have you ever assumed us doing all kitchen work together? Will we really be able to cook together?
  • Have you ever used Instagram or any other social media handle during a video call meeting with your boss?
  • Is there any behaviour of mine which you think I should really change?
  • Who is the most unexpected enemy you ever had in your life?
  • Do you have a number of phobias? If so, tell me some.
  • What is your favourite hangout place with your colleagues or friends?
  • Please recommend some of your favourite books I should read?
  • What is your favourite web series? Care to recommend some of them to me?

Interesting Questions One Could Ask In A Long Distance Relationship

Asking some great interesting questions from your partner can help you a lot to know about your better half. Both of you will have to take the necessary steps to keep your relationship flaming. You can sound interrogated at every moment you talk but yes can add some mysterious sassy talk to make the conversation interesting.

  • Is listening to some motivation or music an integral part of your every single day?

You can further go deep down to discuss each other’s favorite songs or motivation. I have a pro tip for you, try to match the vibes with your partner as the similarity is the key.

  • What do you think I must have chosen you for?
  • When have you slept the most in your life? Approx. How much time?
  • Are you in favour of junk food, or against the same? Why?
  • What is your silliest memory? What made you do that?
  • If you are given a choice between- becoming an animal or a fruit? Which one you would like to be? Why?
  • Which type of dreams do you often have- Happy, Sad, Haunted, Spiritual?
  • What if I ask to have a tattoo on my body? How would you react? Will you agree? Do you have a tattoo? Will you ever get one?
  • Make a choice- Hollywood or Bollywood? Why so?
  • Make a choice between- a cheese burger or a pizza?
  • Are there any of your childhood friends who are still in contact with you?

You can then tell the same about yourself and this can then lead to some interesting memories of childhood.

  • How often do you suffer from stress? How do you deal with the same?
  • Are you in favour of social media or against it? Why? Do you want kids to use social media excessively?

Factful Questions For Couples to Use In A Long Distance Relationship

Knowing about some great interesting facts of your partner’s life has no harm in itself in fact this is definitely going to help you know your girlfriend on a deeper level. You can use these questions for your partner especially when things are getting boring and you don’t know what to talk about. With these questions, I guarantee you will definitely be able to bring up your conversation with a flow.

  • Would you ever choose to join the Indian army? What are your opinions about the same?
  • What do you think, your thinking and opinions match with the new generation or with the old one? Do you think that you are able enough to cope up with the difference in the generation?
  • If you will have to spend the whole life with me but without a cellphone and social media, would you agree?
  • Do you like to fight with someone on any pointless topics?
  • Which one do you prefer- spicy eatables or sweet eatables? What about the sour foods?
  • Do you have a dream to own a car? Which one- sports car or a fancy car?
  • Do you still have the toys, clothes or maybe any other thing you used in your childhood?
  • What is your most important achievement of your life? Why is that so special?
  • Have you ever painted someone’s photograph? Have you ever thought of being a painter?
  • Which type of outfits you think shoots the most on me?
  • Are you an ice cream lover? Top 2 ice cream flavours you love?

Funny Questions for Couples to Ask In A Long Distance Relationship

It’s not required to be serious about your relationship for the whole time. You could definitely choose to be someone with a lot of senseless, dumb topics to talk about to impress your partner. You can share memes or comedy videos with him or her and can talk about each other’s day at home or their workplace.

  • Would you still love me the day I’ll lose all my teeth?
  • What’s the funny name you think a parent could ever owe?
  • Can you spend 5+ days without taking a shower? Have you ever tried the same throughout your life?
  • Did you ever run after ringing the doorbell of someone you don’t know?
  • Have you called your best friend with a new number and irritated him or her like anything? And Have you ever done the same with me?
  • Have you ever thought of selecting sleeping as your favourite hobby?
  • Can you spend 2+ days without sleeping?
  • Do you like watching comedy shows? If yes, which one is your favourite?
  • What is the most unhandy consequence of your life? What was that actually?
  • Which character will you choose to become in a circus? Which one you would choose for me?
  • Do you like to play mind games?
  • What would be your reaction if I’ll Knock your door at this moment? Will you be happy?
  • Tell me something about the funniest incident of your cooking experience?

Deep Questions You Could Ask In Long Distance Relationships

These questions given below are going to help you know your someone special on a deeper level of interest. Questions are a great way to know someone special on an intimate level. You can sometimes be a bit serious about how you actually want your relationship to be. You can ask your partner about the efforts which are still required to be an ideal couple.

  • What changes do you think are mandatory for us to follow to grow up as an ideal couple?
  • Have you ever listened to any motivational speaker or any inspiring thought which ended up turning out all your life?
  • Is there something casual around the world but still you disagree with the same?
  • Would you like to tell me if you will ever have a bad day at home or at your workplace?
  • Have you ever gone through an unexpected depression? If yes, tell me the whole story?
  • Is there something in your life you think I should never know? Why?
  • What are your ambitions about your life? Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?
  • What are your thoughts about street dogs or some other street animals?
  • What do you think is the reason why you love me the way you do?
  • Would you like to braid my hair?
  • If I will dare to explain your love for me in just 3 or 4 words? What would you say?
  • Do you get butterflies whenever I call you after coming back from my workplace?

Romantic Questions You Could Ask In Long Distance Relationships

Going romantic is the craziest and loveliest way to fill up your relationship with love and care. We are here to provide you with some romantic questions that will definitely hold you back. But yes, make it very sure you are not making your partner feel uncomfortable by doing the same. So let’s discuss them-

  • Where do you want us both to travel together the next time we meet?

You could try making a word document or something which can be edited by both, so you can write up the things you want to do the next time you meet.

  • Make a choice between- a long, strong hug or a kiss?
  • What are your true opinions about what love really is?
  • What do you think a perfect candle light dinner could be like?
  • How much do you think we have grown up as a couple from the first day we got committed?
  • Do you want us to be together on the upcoming valentine’s day? If someone we’ll not meet, then?
  • What am I to you? What’s the biggest favour you can do to help me?
  • If we got married someday, what do you think a dream destination wedding could be like?
  • Are you really sure that your parents are going to like me as your partner? If no, what will we do then? Get apart?
  • When the world says, “If something is meant to happen, it will definitely happen.” Do you believe the same? If not, then what are your thoughts?

You can further discuss that the reason why we met is also the same. These meeting stories can lead you to many great interesting memories of yours.

  • What came to your mind which made you decide that you are going to propose to me the day you did the same?
  • Which one do you think is a great option- a forehead kiss or a simple one?
  • Do you remember our memories every time you listen to songs? Which song made this happen the most?

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