What Are the Alternatives to Boy Scouts Of America?

Boy Scouts of America, the largest and the most renowned organization in the United States is making the life of American boys adventurous for decades.

The impact this organization has left on the people of America has been the topic of discussion amongst the majority of families.

The boy scout members are taught the various important values of life, including kindness, bravery, courtesy, loyalty, etc.

The scout program has different levels; boys are taught to pass these levels and gain rewards at different stages. According to the level attained, the boys are allotted ranks, and these ranks define the position of a boy in the troop.

As it began, Boy Scouts of America or BSA was all about boy members. Later, the inclusion and exclusion of several categories brought a lot of controversies to this organization.

Controversies at BSA

The first-ever controversy was particularly about the exclusion of gay members from taking part in the scout activities.

This topic attracted a lot of debates, and then in July 2021, BSA reaffirmed its ban on gay members.

People started to object to this decision, and then ultimately, BSA said it would once again think about this factor and announce the final decision in a few months.

Finally, in May 2013, the organization put an end to its ban on gay scouts.

The next controversy was about opening spaces for girls in BSA. Earlier, BSA was of the view that girls cannot participate in the activities performed in this organization.

Later, in the year 2017, this rule changed, and girl scouts were allowed to be a part of BSA.

However, all these controversies led to the introduction of other alternatives to the BSA. People started taking an interest in other Scouting organizations.

As a result, we shall discuss the potential alternatives for the Boy Scouts of America.

4 Alternatives to BSA

People have been talking about BSA’s discriminatory membership policies for decades, and an alternative to the most popular scouting organization is what people in America are looking forward to.

Presently, there are a few organizations that act as an alternative to the Boy Scouts of America. Some of these organizations have some years of experience, while others are new.

Let’s take a quick at the 4 most popular alternatives to Boy Scouts of America.

1. Trail Life USA

Founded in 2013, TLUSA is participating in character developments of more than 26,000 youths in the USA. They are open to gay members and pledge to follow the “Statement of Faith.”

This Scouting organization is Christian and Trinitarian. TLUSA is open to youths of all religions and beliefs; hence the people of America are attracted to this organization.

What age does Trail Life Start?

TLUSA teaches and preaches the timeless values derived from the Holy Book of the Bible. The boys from Kindergarten to 12th grade can enjoy being engaged in the adventurous activities of Trail Life.

Scouting in Trail Life teaches different purposes of life, including serving the community, growing practical leadership skills, and participating in missions to grow as a strong human being.

The Trail Life Oath

The Trail Life Oath is all about serving God and the Country. The members vouch for respecting the authorities and treat others like they want to be treated.

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Founded in 2003, the members of the Navigators USA take the oath to create a free world of prejudice and ignorance.

They learn to treat people of all ages, races, lifestyles, and creeds with utmost respect and dignity. They vouch to protect the planet and preserve the freedom of the country.

The Navigators USA was formed under the guidance of former Scoutmaster Robin Bossert.

The aim of launching this scouting organization was to open the best parts of scouting for young Americans. People in America, especially the youth, have a great craze for scouting.

Hence, they love to be a part of the organization, making the experience the most adventurous.

This organization is divided into two programs;

  • Junior Navigators
  • Senior Navigators

The Junior Navigators are for kids between 7 to 10 years of age.

Under this program, activities like building camaraderie, growing character, and understanding the world and cultures, etc., are practiced by the members.

Besides, other activities like playing different adventurous games, crafting, and museum excursions are there in the program. 

Senior Navigators is for young individuals between 11 to 18 years of age. Members in this category do activities like first aid, survival skills, ecology, etc.

These activities boost the sense of independence and self-esteem. 

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3. SpiralScouts International

Founded in 1999 in North Carolina, SpiralScouts International is established to train its members to respect all living things.

The members are encouraged to be kind, honorable, and mindful of their words towards others. They assist their members in seeking knowledge in all forms and recognizing the beauty in God’s creation. 

This spiritual Scouting organization is open to kids of all faiths, encouraging learning, working, and growing together. The troops here are known as “Circle” or a “Hearth.”

Being led by both male and female adults, these troops include different age divisions like;

  • RainDrops (age range 3-5)
  • FireFlies (age range 6-8)
  • SpriralScouts (age range 9-13)
  • Pantfinders (age range 14-18)

As activities, the members practice crafts, participate in service projects, celebrate the Earth, learn new cultures, go camping and hiking, learn good citizenship, participate in community events, earn badges, and grow together as good humans. 

4. Camp Fire

Founded in 1910, Camp Fire, formerly known as Camp Fire USA, is one of the USA’s largest and oldest Scouting organizations.

Currently, this organization has more than 7,50,000 members. Until 1975, Camp Fire was not for girls, as it was all about boy members.

In 1975, this Scouting organization opened its gates for both boys and girls and focused on training members to attain great work, better health, and love.

The Camp Fire members take the other to seek beauty, pursue knowledge and give service. They learn to stand on their words, glorify work, and focus on their health.

According to the law of Camp Fire, each member should feel happy and do things to make others happy.

This Scouting organization aims to let its members realize the value and dignity of every individual. The programs at the Camp Fire reduce racial, sexual, and cultural stereotypes.

It promotes intercultural relationships. There’s a space for everyone in the Camp Fire.

Camp Fire has 72 councils nationwide. It broadly offers three broad programs, including;

  • Out-Of-School-Time
  • Teen Service and Leadership
  • Environmental and Camp

In all these outdoor programs, members experience various activities like camping, hiking, etc.  


Thus, these are the most popular alternatives to the Boy Scouts of America. People in America have started taking a deep interest in alternative Scouting organizations.

As a result, more and more new organizations are opening up lately. Besides, the new Scouting organizations are coming up with great offers to attract parents of youth in America.

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