Pros and Cons of Girl Scouts! 6 Little Known Secrets

If you talk about the most popular scout organizations in the country, the Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts are sure to be named. Recently, a few years ago in 2017, Boy Scouts did allow girls in, and that change is still debatable for reasons that are not relevant according to a lot of individuals.

Previously, the Girl Scouts were not given the same privileges and opportunities allotted to the BSA, which brought a lot of disturbance amongst girls who revolted to participate in BSA.

There was a notable difference between the highest rank amongst boys and girl scouts, and besides this, other differences followed.

However, after girls were allowed to be a part of the BSA, it brought a lot of satisfaction to the girls who wished to prove their skills in certain fields.

BSA is becoming enormous each day with the inclusion of girls and transgender people in the scouts, and the competition becomes even tougher.

To reap the benefits of the different programs, the girls and the boys will now have to put extra effort into learning life skills better.

Moving on to the Girl Scouts, parents have been talking about several pros and cons associated with this subject and this topic remains debatable.

Hence, let’s take a detailed look at the pros and cons of Girl Scouts.

Pros of Participating in Girl Scouts

1. Generates Problem-Solving Skills

Undoubtedly, being in scouts is a lot of pressure, and this pressure helps young girls and boys learn life-saving skills. We all need to learn life skills, and the sooner we learn them, the better.

Participating in the Girl Scouts is about grabbing various badges, leveling up with completing tasks, and taking on new challenges each day. These challenges help girls learn the problem-solving skills necessary to leave a dignified life.

There are certain stages that the girls have to pass, and in each stage, the competition gets tougher, and it makes girls tougher and more sensible.

2. Girls Adopt a Goal-Oriented Approach!

When we have a goal-oriented approach towards everyday life, we tend to make each move sensibly.

People who have a goal to accomplish generally do not waste their time on unnecessary stuff like partying or roaming around on the streets for no reason.

Therefore, to get your child to adopt a goal-oriented approach in life, it is important to enroll them in Scouts. It is one of the best ways, where each day comes with a new aim to accomplish and new challenges to meet.

3. A Chance to Enhance Good Network

The scouts, BSA or GSA, are a large organization; it extends through various states and cities and connects people across the country.

While you introduce yourself as a member of a Scout, you’d probably get to know more people in the process. You will meet others through the same medium who are Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, which is how networking helps.

On the other hand, while your girl has already completed her Scout’s journey, it might become even easier for her to grab a place in her favorite college for higher studies. Thus, networking helps.

Cons of Participating in Girl Scouts!

4. There’s too much pressure!

If your child loves Scouts and is excited about her friends being a part of it, you need to know it’s a hell of a lot of pressure. Participating in Scouts involves:

  • Learning life skills.
  • Taking up new challenges each day.
  • Learning new things.
  • Proving to be better than the other members. 
  • Earning the badges and leveling up in each competition

So, undergoing all this might bring a lot of pressure on your child’s mind. But at the same time, your child gets to learn a lot through these experiences.

So, if you think the pressure is worth it, go ahead and grab your space. 

5. Parent’s Involvement!

If you are the kind of parent, who needs to check on every progress that your child makes, you need to get involved.

Talking of GSA, girls get to meet new people, go through different challenges each day, and come with new opportunities.

Being a parent, you’ll have to keep yourself updated, enquire about the updates each day and see what your child is learning, especially when the girls are too young to take all the pressure all by themselves.

Therefore, a lot of pressure is put upon parents, and they need to take out that extra time to stay involved with their children.

6. You Need to Bear the Extra Cost!

There’s a certain fixed expenditure on food and living, school fees, and other necessary stuff. Besides this, enrolling your child in the Scout might bring that extra expenditure as a burden on you to bear.

When you enroll your girl in Scouts, you shall pay fixed annual fees, and it doesn’t stop there. Besides this, there is an extra cost for various activities, uniforms, camps, fundraisers, etc.

As a parent, you want your child to be a part of the extracurricular that many of her other friends are participating in, but keeping in mind the family’s budget is equally important. Therefore, this extra cost might at times bring that extra burden on your monthly budget.


So, as there are advantages, there are disadvantages as well. But at the same time, the advantages take over the disadvantages while your child’s enrollment in the program.

The Girl Scouts is becoming more challenging with the passing time. As girls, today have become equally competitive as boys, which is also one reason why girls are happily joining Boys Scouts.

Thus, if you think you can afford that extra expenditure to make your girl stand out extraordinary, you should ask her out if she wishes to participate in the GSA.

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