How to Tell if Someone Likes You Secretly

4 sleepless nights and 5 daydreaming days spent, just to figure out, whether your ‘special someone’ is really into you or not. Still unable to judge whether he likes you secretly, then start reading.

To be in love and being loved are the two most opposite yet alike emotions. While everybody has their own subjective experiences about love, a common thing, the feeling of ‘JOY’ prevails regardless of all the miscellaneous aspects (color, region, class, caste, etc). But, love isn’t loving if it is one-sided, right? 

He must have been continuously turning cold shoulders on you, but the gut feeling inside you refuses to believe your experience. This is one of the most annoying and ambiguous parts of dealing with men.

Often, there’s this situation whether guys are not sure for themselves, and we have to look out for some secret signs that he likes you. Maddening? We know, but what we also know is that ‘men will be men’.

But it’s alright! You need not worry about what those signs are and how to spot them. Like other times, we come to your rescue yet again. We’ll help you decode the guy crush with an assurance that you’ll never feel embarrassed on your decision about confronting him.

Clubbing together various studies and personal experiences, we lay down before you some of the proven tricks that will let you know if he secretly likes you or not.

Further, you’ll also come across the body language signs, because a bet can be placed on how inquisitive girls can be when it comes to a ‘whether or not situation’ of a guy having a secret eye on them.

30 Signs that he Secretly Likes You…

30 might seem a big number, but nothing is ever enough when it comes to a ‘man’, and to make matters worse when it comes to a man ‘liking someone’. 

The man can be a fellow worker, student, or in interesting cases, your ex-boyfriend. You feel butterflies in your stomach, whenever he talks to you, and now you wish to know how he feels. 

30 signs that he secretly likes you

Things can become a little uncanny when you have no option left, except for approaching him directly. Even so, you would want to avoid this situation and look out for easier ways! We presume that 30 secret signs that he likes you shouldn’t be less. 

1. The direction of his feet

Okay! We begin from the end. The Feet. Yes! And this is how it goes… If a guy is into you, his body on a subconscious level will be faced towards you. 

Whenever you are conversing with each other, take a very quick look at the direction of his feet, if his feet have a similar angle as the body, directed towards you, then you be ready for some passionate stuff. 

2. Try giving him a gentle touch

For someone who likes you, a brush-like touch will never be a problem. Touch is considered to be the simplest, yet erotic acts of intimacy. While you might be loving it, it can be either of any feelings for your man.

You can give him a high-five, or initiate a hand-shake, or it can be a general touch on his muscular arm. 

 Pay close attention to how he reacts after you set the action, if he feels a bit uncomfortable, then you might want to focus on other 29 signs, but if he’s completely okay with it and reciprocates your touch, it’s a win-win scenario. 

3. Ask him about any important date

A guy who likes you, will not forget anything important related to you! Whether it’s a date or a day that is close to your heart, chances are that he’ll remember at least 85% of them.

While you’re chit-chatting with him, throw him questions about your birthday or your favorite day of the week.

Or there’s another proven trick that you can put into use, tell him that you have got a really important meeting in the next 5 days and that it will open wonderful opportunities for you, ask him to ping you up, and give a reminder. Wait for days to pass, and check if he remembers doing so. 

If he truly likes you on a secret level, he’ll never leave a chance to impress you! However, do not try experimenting this for a real meeting, because if the tables turn, it might take a toll on your career! 

4. Are you the same person?

guy who has a secret crush on you will try to make modifications in his behavior to galvanize you. You just need to convert your mind into a note maker and very closely observe his actions and behavior in public. Compare that with how he behaves when he’s around you! If there’s a discrepancy in the two situations, then you’ve hit the Jackpot! 

To take an example: The man is a socially outgoing, talkative, and always people-oriented. But when he’s around you, he hardly utters a word and always runs out of topics to talk. 

Yes, girl! That’s a potential cue that you shouldn’t trip on.

5. Change something about yourself

If he likes you secretly, he’ll quickly notice that there’s something different about you. A discourse starting with ‘Hey! you look different today…..’ or ‘Am I noticing it right? Have you changed your……’ can also be the start of you two love birds mingling around. 

You can make a change in your hairstyle, dressing sense, put up a lens, your typical food habits, or the simplest would be making a minute change in your way of talking and addressing people. Despite anything you do, if his eyes can catch in the change in you then it’s your time to rise and shine.

6. Ask him for help

Call him out in a state of emergency and urgent help, if he bails out on you, then you better know what to do with him. 

A man who secretly likes you will never think twice before extending a hand of help. He’ll find ways to help you even if there’s nothing to do.

7. Introduce him to a friend

Take him to meet a female friend of yours, one that is exceptionally gorgeous. Switch on your Sherlock Holmes mode and observe his reactions. If he’s uninterested, it’ll easily show up in his behavior. However, if your man starts talking more to your friend than he talks to you, then this my dear, is a red flag. 

Being with a guy who jumps from one woman to another, whenever he sees a more beautiful one should never be fit to be the love of your life. Kick him out of your life, because you know you deserve better.

8. Ask him about his dream girlfriend

Whenever you’re around him, start a conversation about what ideal qualities would he prefer in his dream girl. 

If he points out the characteristics similar to that of yours, then he’s indirectly referring to you as his lady love.

While some guys can intentionally strike a flirtatious attempt at this question, others might unconsciously refer to the points that are alike you. This can be the biggest clue of all times. 

9. Are you mirroring for me?

According to a behavioral study, a small act of mimicry is an indicator of attraction and this is true to a great context.

Take a close look at his gestures, way of talking, reacting, movement of hands and legs. Do you see a similarity in his deportment? Especially one that is significantly different from how he naturally acquits? There you go, this can be considered as a secret sign that he likes you. Phew! 

10. Strike a convo

In this busy world, no one will bother about you, other than the one who likes you and is drawn towards you. Drop a text to him at any given point of time, and note the time taken by him to respond. 

A person who hardly cares about what you say, will either give a very vague and boring reply usually by taking the maximum amount of avoidance time. Whereas, if he’s into you, he’ll try to revert as soon as he can, with his interest and excitement hidden in the message. Try spotting that! 

How to Tell if Someone Likes You Secretly

11. Make his legs move

As they show in movies, a fascinated guy will keep a track of where you go and at what time (of course not in a dangerous way). He’ll pay usual visits to the place, so that he gets to meet you, making it seem like a pleasant accident. 

If you want to check how this works, try incorporating your routine places very smartly when you talk, if you see him pass by 3-4 times, understand that this is not a coincidence. 

12. Ask him to hang out with you

Keep asking him to hang out with you and never miss a chance. 

guy who has a secret attraction to you like a magnet will always find time to be with you. If he’s uninterested, then he’ll bring every possible excuse from the planet to keep away from you.

Since we are keeping every possible situation in mind, another one can be that he’s genuinely busy and finds it difficult to accommodate a hang out session with you in his schedule. In that scenario, ask him about his free time, and reschedule your meets. You’ll know if he’s avoiding you intentionally. 

As they say, you’re never too busy for someone you truly love

13. Where are you sitting?

You go on lunch with him. He pulls out your chair before sitting, makes you comfortable, and then goes and sits on the front one. Alert! 

Notice his seating position, whenever you go out with him. If he’s captivated by you, he will choose to sit next to you rather than on the chair kept in the front. 

While it can be a matter of chance and personal choices at times, but if this action sets into place every single time, then I’m afraid, you are not the one.

How to Tell if Someone Likes You Secretly

14. Interaction with his friends

It might be a little absurd to confront your guy about his feelings, but what if we present you with an easy-peasy alternative?

Wait for the time when he is not around his friends, walk up to them, and try extracting answers to your feelings. If they respond to you with phrases like, ‘Yeah! He keeps talking about you all the time and does not shut up’, aha, look at the smile that creeps on your face! This is a sign that he secretly likes you.

Also, take note of how well aware his friends are about you. If he feels nothing special for you, then he wouldn’t mention details about you, more than just being a friend.

15. Catch his eyes

guy who likes you secretly will always be in search of moments to roll his eyes over you a little. However, boys have a ‘thing’, they won’t let the girl notice their sightseeing.  

Girls are born with a sixth sense, and immediately known if someone is been keeping an eye on them. As soon as you catch him checking you out, quickly turn your face towards him. Oops! He trips and glitches and clears his throat, it is a clear indication that he admires you from the core of his heart.

16. Social media is your next clue

Does he post stories with your pictures in them? And Does his social media evince a newly found love for a song that is your favorite? Does he fill your comment section with flattering comments? 

Yeah! You got it if you notice these changes in his account, then he’s probably giving you a signal of his deepest interests in you. Get going with the flow!

17. Are you fine?

When we’re sad our actions say it all, if you’re sitting with a lower head and all gloomy, he’ll be the first person to ask you the problem.

Guys see it as a once in a million-time chance to grab if they can solve your problem and put a smile on your face.

If he always has your back, then he’s the one!

18. Does he annoy you?

Believe it or not, guys love to tease those whom they like. If he keeps talking to you about every silly thing on this planet till you get out of your wits all annoyed, then this a happy sign girl! 

Men can become introverted when it comes to showcasing their idiosyncratic mutter. They do it only in front of those, with whom they feel comfortable. If he does it around you, then guess who just got lucky?

Cheer up and find the love in his stupidity.

19. Count his smiles

It doesn’t mean that you go like 1,2,3…10 smiles and so on. 

Just check if he has that bright sunny smile every time he sees you, with a light pink color on his cheeks. If a man likes you, he will try greeting you with a gentle smile, every time your eyes meet. That is not an impressionable gesture, it is just his natural happiness and a flush of hormones that are trying to get out of his mouth.

20. Do you agree? Yes…!

Another secret sign of his liking

If the level of his agreeability to everything you say is touching heights, this means that he’s here to win your heart!

If girls are blessed with a sixth sense, then guys have an innate ability to know that women can never listen to a NO from the other side.

Keeping this in mind, he never picks up a debate on anything you say, even if his opinions slightly differ to your thoughts, he will always express his amiability to your words. Or in the other case, he’ll respect your opinion along with providing a hint about how he feels different.

Some more Signs of Someone likes You Secretly

Signs-of-Someone likes-You-Secretly
  • I can hear you!

When you sit in a group of friends, he will always attempt to direct your attention to him. 

This can take many forms. He might raise his voice to let you know that he’s here, or he may throw a thing or two to create a wave of noise, thereby diverting your attention to him.

  • Interest in personal life

He wants to have a transparent relationship with you, trying to know more about your personal life, your scopes of interest, likes, dislikes, and everything else.

Further, if he likes you, he will maintain a record of your interests and will always try to talk about them, to make you feel at ease. He will strike an active interaction with you and through this, you will also know that he was listening to everything you said.

  • Nervousness

It is inevitable for a man who secretly likes you to be normal around you.

Guys become conscious of their appearance and are always careful that they do not speak or act in a way, that is unpleasant.

If you feel that he acts lost and nervous around you, then this is a Golden Sign that anyone should never miss.

  • Stalking on social media

If he has a secret admiration for you, then he’ll stalk you on social media, checking your photos, liking them, seeing your friends, et al. 

How will you know? If you receive a bunch of notifications saying that Mr. A has liked your 23580480 photos, then you know where to take this. Another way can be, receiving a message from him as soon as you come online. A man who stalks you will always wait for a green dot to pop up under your profile image.

  • Are you ignoring me?

The latest trend has come into play, where guys prefer to play it the hard way! 

man who secretly likes you also hopes to get your increased attention, by ignoring you. However, by trying to ignore you, he’s conveying that he likes you on another level. 

For a shy guy, this is the easiest card that they can throw, by showing disinterest and avoiding calls. 

There’s a blurred line in this aspect of ignorance between like and hate. You need to figure out if he constantly avoids you for long periods, then he’s not really into the game.

  • Your friends…… my friends

Another sign that he secretly likes is his keen interest to keep up with your family and friends in the same way as you do! 

This is an age-old trick to impress girls. Girls easily fall for boys who try hard to know your family and friends. After all, it is a step closer to you.

  • Never hurts you 

Even though you shout at him and show him your worst possible side, he always takes care that he doesn’t hurt your heart through his words or actions.

This is the secret sign of a true gentleman that you would love to date

  • That one last look

When the time of farewell arrives, and he walks apart, the last thing he does him to give you a look full of love and unsaid feelings. 

The last eye lock is a clear secret sign that he likes you.

  • Tries to make you jealous

At times, he might make up stories about other girls and his infatuating heart, just to see how you react. 

He wants to check if the feelings he has for you are reciprocated from your side or not. Now, it’s your call.

  • Compliment

Does it ever happen that you spend half of the time saying ‘Thank you, that’s so sweet of you’ to him? 

If he compliments and congratulates you on every little thing then this is a secret sign that he likes you! 

body language signs

10 Body Language Signs of the Secret Lover

A person’s body language offers clues more than their words do. He loves me, he loves me not, are you stuck in this topsy turvy of emotions? Wouldn’t it be good, if you knew an answer to this for sure? 

According to a relationship coach, ‘Nonverbal forms a huge part of a healthy and loving relationship’. 

Men never actually confess what they are feeling, in those times, body language signs can unveil your secret lover

If there’s a secret lover who’s head over heels in love with you, then you can trust these 10 body language signs to aware you 

1. Protective gestures

10 body language signs of secret lover

It is habitual for men in love to feel highly protective of their lady love, whether they’re in public or private. He will always try to keep things safe for you. Your safety will be his priority.  

Some of these gestures can be opening doors before entering a place, changing the walking street side to avoid traffic, holding hands in-crowd, extending a hand of help, and looking out for any dangers that you can be exposed to. 

Apart from these, if any actions make you feel extra care and love, then your prince charming is waiting for you. 

2. Eye contact

Eye contact is one of the most intense forms of body language signs to show someone that you love them. 

If he looks deeply and comfortably in your eyes while talking during long periods, this is a secret sign that the feelings of love are triggered within him, and that he’s completely into you at the moment.

Intense eye contact is can be very beautiful. According to research, 4 seconds of deep eye contact can indicate feelings of passion and fondness.

3. Sweat

This an ordinary level knowledge that sweat is equivalent to nerves. Given our experiences of sweating, a hypothesis can be formulated that we perspire mostly because we are scared or nervous.

When you are around someone you like, it triggers the release of monoamines in the body, making you sweat more.

If he sweats nearly every time he is around you, then it is an obvious body language sign that he likes you and even his body refuses to hide the fact.

4. Larger Pupils

If you know what dilation is, then you also know why it occurs. This is a bodily response that sets into action when you are attracted to somebody.

Whenever you meet him, observe his pupils getting larger, this is a body language sign that your guy is super excited to meet you, at a more basic level, to see you.

Raised eyebrows are another secret body language sign that is a potential clue to you. Every time you meet him, he raises his eyebrows so that he can keep his eyes wide open on a subconscious level to pay better attention to what you say and how you look.

5. Deep breathing

Our body is affected the most when we are around our favorite people! 

If a guy is interested in you, he will be excited to see you and this will result in his blood to flow faster. Now, get into some 8th standard biology. Whenever there’s an increase in our blood flow rate, our body sends us a signal which communicates to us that we are losing oxygen. 

This is why he will face breathing issues since most of his oxygen has already been sent to the heart and other organs.

Never thought that biology will save your date, Did ya? 

6. Everything you say is funny

Just like a guy knows that agreeing with women makes them happy, he also knows that laughing or smirking to their every joke, whether good or bad, makes them even happier. And why would a guy do it if he doesn’t like you? 

If you are smart enough, then you know that you do not possess a good sense of humor, but still, he laughs at whatever you say.

What could this be a sign of? Everything you say amuses him to a different level, and this means that he’s trying to get a pass ticket from you. Because obviously, guys are the most complicated creatures on the face of the earth. There, I’ve said it.

7. Constantly fixing himself

When we like someone, we make sure that we look good and presentable in front of them. We become nervous and self-conscious and keep looking for our hair, dress, and face to look perfect.

Guys who like you are no exception to this body language sign. Next time when you visit him, notice how frequently does he set his hair and outfit in an attempt to make them look good. 

Most boys won’t admit, that they want to look their best when they are around the girl who controls their heart, but this is true. 

Irrespective of how good he looks or how well dressed he is, he’ll always feel that something is out of place.

8. Change in voice

Do you examine a noticeable change of voice in the man who is supposed to have a crush on you?

Because of the general convention that women are attracted to men to have a coarse voice, men try to change the tonal quality of their voice, usually to one that is low-pitched. 

This is an unintentional instinctive response, that will help you spot if he secretly likes you through his body language

9. Jealousy

An undoubted feature of being in love with someone remains the act of Jealousy. 

Has it ever happened, that he demonstrates a different behavior whenever you talk to any other guy? Yes, that’s jealousy!

Men get jealous because they feel a sense of agitation that they cannot take the place of the other guy that you are talking to.

If there are times when he shows those slightly annoyed and angry emotions whenever you are with someone else, just know that this is another indicator of his secret emotions for you.

10. Pet Names

Did he ever show an inclination towards the preference of calling each other with pet names? 

If yes, then this the secret body language sign, that you’ve been looking for! Names like honey, darling, dear, etc. is an indication of intensifying romance.


10 Signs that he is in love with you

Amongst all the technological advances, the world still lags in making a machine that can read minds.

Half of the problems would have been solved if we were able to read what’s going on in the mind of our crush! 

In the end, we’re left with an ancient trial and error method paired together with good observation skills.

We cannot solve your problem of creating this desperately needed machine, but we can make your problems easy! 

Here are 10 signs that will let you know if he is in love with you :

1. Makes time for you

he is in love

Men who love you try to be available for you almost every time. Whether it is about going to a party, watching a movie, someone to talk to, or a shoulder to lean and cry on. 

If he does not make an excuse each time you need him then this can point towards his secret attraction to you. This means that he wants to make you sure that he’ll be there for you anytime you need him.

This extremely sweet gesture is a sign that he loves you.

2. Asking for Opinion

He treats you like a significant part of his life. From a clothing decision to an important career-oriented decision, he never forgets to take your opinion on the matter.

This doesn’t mean that he isn’t intelligent enough to choose for himself, but this means that your opinion matters to him and always wants to know what you think.

A man who does that will never leave you alone under any circumstances. Don’t miss out on the opportunity when it knocks your door.

3. Focuses on You

When we talk to someone, we expect them to listen, rather than pretending, looking here and there, and busy on the phone. Trust me, no one likes that! When I’m talking to you, you listen. 

A man who is genuinely interested in you will always have his eyes placed on you, he’ll remember everything you tell him. He knows how important paying attention to your talk is! 

Since we seem to be in control of our phones these days, not looking at his phone can be a big sign that he loves you. Once your man leaves his phone when he is with you, then he can leave almost anything for you.

4. Opening Up

Another major problem with men in our society is that they don’t talk and communicate about their problems to anyone. They feel they can handle it alone and do not consider opening up about themselves.

However, if he shares his problems with you, tells you about his routine, then embrace it! 

One, you have earned a gem of a person

And two, the person loves you!

Rare combo and lucky woman. Don’t let him go before it’s too late.

5. Chivalry is the Secret

If the man pulls out the chair for you, takes over your jacket, and lets you order before him, then he’s a man of etiquette, and you should never miss the opportunity of dating such a man. 

A man who is royalty personified crushes on you, I bet you do not need anything else.


6. Thoughtful Gifts

He buys you gifts that are of interest to you! He may not make the best gift-giving ideas, but he always gets you the one that you would love. 

This simply means that he pays attention to what you say and is extremely thoughtful of you.

7. He notices if something’s fishy

Even if you refrain from telling him that you have had an awfully bad day today, he’ll do something like magic and will know that you are not doing well.

Not only does he points out about the unwell day, but also keeps probing you until you spill the tea and let him know what is it.

He gets to work and makes you feel good by doing things you enjoy. The level of care that is received by you is a definite sign that he is in love with you.

8. Supporting

The man who loves you will never be envious of your success. Instead, he’ll do anything that is in his power to support your dreams.

He will provide you with a nurturing impetus and the necessary help you need, just to push you towards your dreams. 

Whether it is about moving to another city and living in a long-distance relationship or about earning more than you, he will make sure that your growth never becomes stagnant.

9. Not holding a grudge

You two might argue on every little thing, but you also know that he doesn’t hold any grudges against you.

He cannot be constantly mad at you for doing something he doesn’t like. If he loves you, he’ll put in the continuous effort to make things better than before.

10. He thinks about you

You dominate his dreams and thoughts and he just can’t stop thinking about you! This is a mad sign that he’s in love with you. 

He talks about you to his family, friends, and sometimes even to himself. 

Not only does he think about you, but he also lets you know that he does so! He might not go around dropping an I love you text altogether, but he might ping you up if he listens to a song you like, or he sees something that might excite you.

If these cases are true for you, then you should go and give yourself a chance.


Remember that love has a subjectively vast scope and no matter how hard we try, some things can still be left. We suggest you open your senses and observe as closely as you can! Believe yourself and you’ll do it. 

Here was all we got about a man who secretly crushes on you. These signs about body language and secret signs about the tenderness and warmth that he has in his heart is sure to help you in your delightful journey. 

Get up and find Romeo to your Juliet. 

Enjoy the ride and follow your gut, because it never lies.

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