10 Tested Ways to Rebuild a Broken Relationship

Rebuild Broken Relationship

Is your relationship on the verge of falling apart having lost its tenderness and charm? Are you looking for answers to how to fix a broken relationship? It is never too late to save a bond that has you invested with all your heart and soul but all that matters eventually is if you are willing to make an effort to preserve what is yours. There is no rocket science as to how to rebuild a broken relationship. All it takes is the willingness and a fresh start maybe. It is just about doing the little things right.

So let us delve deeper into how to fix a broken relationship. Although all relationships are different, unique, and subjective in their own ways, and what it takes to build or rebuild a relationship has its own subjective too.

But the kinds of problems that exist in every relationship are almost similar to the basis of all problems being a deficit of trust. So, we surely can generalize some ways which will be universally applicable to rebuild all relationships. If a relationship means a lot to you, no amount of effort to mend it will seem too much or exhaustive.

Right Approach to Rebuilding a Broken Relationship

Broken is a subjective term for it will vary in the case of each relationship and in context as to how broken a bond actually is. You can surely not keep someone tagged against you against their wish but all you can do is to try meaningfully to convince them or win back their trust.

A relationship that has lost trust and charm will only look like a black and white movie which neither of the partners will cherish. But you can still try to add hues to it if it has not yet reached the point of no return.

Identify Problems

First of all, you have to identify the problem areas and the reasons which actually lead to the damage to your relationship. There could be a plethora of reasons that may have hampered a relationship ranging from insecurities to trust issues to not giving each other space to not being able to understand each other. You will never be able to plug the differences if you have not identified what has led to those differences.

Rebuild Broken Relationship

Find the differences

Once you can point out the differences and the various reasons for the valley that has started to exist between the two people, discuss it with your partner. But you have to be careful here, you do not have to discuss it with your partner as if you are complaining but you have to discuss it with the temperament and tone that you are willing to have a healthy discussion in order to solve the complicated issues. Things are complicated only until they are not talked about.

Take Initiative

When one of the two persons takes the initiative to uncomplicated things via healthy discussions, things will get better. Remember, no matter how bad a relationship is or how low it has hit, communication will always be the key. Rather than trying to put superficial care and love into your relationship, it is better you try to understand what the other person wants and try to explain to him or her what you want. 

10 Best Ways to Rebuild a Broken Relationship

Make Genuine Efforts:

Understand the differences; make genuine efforts to sort out the differences. Keep all your ego, frustration, and anger aside for once and try to understand where the problem is occurring. 

Put Your Ego Aside:

Keep your ego aside and initiate a conversation even if it begins with an apology. Your ego must not be larger than your relationship. Sometimes, all it takes to begin new is a little apology which the other person has been long expecting from you. 

No More Lies:

Do not follow up a lie with a lie rather make sure you do not repeat that in a relationship. If you have lied, confess it before it gets caught and leads to irreparable damage. Sometimes a small lie can lead to massive complications and the chain reaction may be such that you will never be able to sort it out.

A relationship that means something to you deserves your honesty and the more transparent you will be to your partner about everything, the smoother will be the relationship. 

Spend Quality Time:

Rebuild Broken Relationship

Try to spend some quality time with your partner and for that, you can go to places which hold the best of your memories. Going down the memory lane will create that tender nostalgia.

Go back to the places or the restaurants which have the most romantic memories between the two of you, watch movies which hold abundant memories between the two of you, go to all the places you have happily been to together and if you can manage, go for a small vacation to reboot things. Relationships too require a reboot sometimes and for that sometimes a change of place works wonders. 

Better Communication:

Communicate your issues with your partner and also encourage him or her to share his or her issues with you. I am reiterating it; communication is the key and will always be for any sort of relationship is it personal or your relationship with your boss. 

Win back Trust:

If you are finding answers to how to fix a relationship after breaking trust then you have to start from scratch and look to win the trust of your partner again. Here. You have to be patient and give the other person time to once again feel confident to trust you because it will not happen in a short span of time. 

Don’t Be Desperate:

If you are looking to fix a relationship after a breakup, do not be too imposing or give an impression that you are too desperate to get back. This will rather go the other way and make your ex more uninterested in you.

After break up, if you are looking to get them back, you have to be convincing and not pestering. You must give the other person the impression that you are willing to start over again but you do not have to impose that on them and give them their time to decide. 

Deal with Your Insecurities:

Learn to deal with your insecurities better. You may be perfectly compatible with your partner but your insecurities or the other person’s insecurities might be causing a lot of damage to your relationship. You have to mature enough to deal with your insecurities and not let them become toxic. Insecurities in a relationship turn toxic even before you know and that is where you start losing control over a relationship.

It is good to be possessive and have that feeling of belongingness but at the same time, you have to be wary of that thin line between possessiveness and insecurities. If your toxic traits are killing the relationship, you cannot really blame the other person for not giving you another chance. 

Respect Each Other’s Space:

Rebuild Broken Relationship

Start respecting each other’s space. You have to realize that your partner has a life besides you and is entitled to meet his or her friends and acquaintances. You cannot create an issue every time your partner demands some personal space or goes to meet his or her friends.

When you do that, to the other person you will seemingly seem like someone who does not understand them enough or trust them enough. You have to be respectful towards their space and also look after your personal space in a relationship.

Give Him/Her a Surprise:

Believe in the charm of surprises! Surprise your partner with efforts, little gifts, letters, or any other way you want to express your love. These little pleasant surprises will make the other person believe that you still care and this can set the mood right for damage repair.

It is not really the gift but the efforts and the thought you put behind them that matters. Surprise they give them more and more reasons to smile and that should keep out the toxic influences that a relationship is vulnerable to.

How to fix a Broken Relationship after Lying?

If you have lied to your partner who had invested so much faith in you then you have already damaged your relationship a little too much. You should not have lied to your partner in the first place and should have kept up the trust.

how to win trust after lying

But then we are only humans and we tend to make mistakes even unintentionally sometimes. The best way to fix a relationship after being dishonest to your partner is that you refrain from lying any further. When your lie has been caught, it would surely turn out to be a great setback for your partner, and the only thing that can heal it is a tender apology and assurance of not repeating it in the future.

Do not try to cover your lie with a flurry of lies because that will only add to the complications. The relationship will always remain a little tangled after you have lied but in due process of time with your honesty, you have to win your partner’s heart again. So, apologize genuinely for making excuses and accept your fault. Eventually only being truthful will vindicate you from the lies.

How to Rebuild a Relationship after Financial Loss?

Are you going through a financial loss that has separated you from your loved one? Has a financial tragedy destroyed your relationship and you do not have a clue how to fix that relationship again?

Rebuild Broken Relationship

Firstly, be transparent to your partner about financial infidelity because your partner has the right to know. Financial stability is imperative in any relationship and it is only obvious that a relationship will feel the tremors of a financial loss. Financial ruin can lead to various kinds of problems in a relationship and can even end it.

You are accountable to your partner when it comes to a relationship and so is the other person. In a relationship both the partners have accountability towards each other and a trust factor which also includes monetary aspects.

Make a Recovery Plan

After a financial ruin, both partners should come together to make a recovery plan and then work on that recovery plan standing with each other. In a relationship, you do not give up on the other person in tough times but you stand by them against all odds.

So, you along with your partner must leave the past behind and work on a stern and well-thought recovery plan which will not only lead to financial recovery but better trust building and coordination among the two partners. The recovery plan includes budgeting, deciding a ratio between spending and savings, and also about the plans to repay the debt.

Win Trust of Your Partner

You also have to win the trust of your partner that actions speak louder than words and that you are determined to overturn the situation of financial instability and once again for the sake of this relationship and the future of both you will do all that it takes to make things work again.

In case it is your partner because of whom you have landed in bankruptcy then you need to give it a little time and show some faith in him or her to work around it. You have to be supportive because simply criticizing and complaining would not help the cause.

Things take time, it is rightly said that money does not grow on trees and even if it did, trees do not grow overnight. As much as frustrating it may be and no matter how woeful, you have to be slightly patient.

In most cases, if a relationship has just fallen apart after a financial crisis, maybe the financial crisis only became the last nail in the coffin and it was long coming. It is pretty much easy to understand that financial stability may be one of the many problems between two people but not the only problem. A relationship falls apart when it receives multiple blows from different directions.

quotes and messages for breakup


So, in order to fix the relationship again, you might be required to do more than just financial recovery. Compatibility is a complex idea and it is dependent on a lot of things half of which we mostly do not even realize. But still, talking about financial losses, keep your partner informed about your spending and how you are managing your finances because just like sexual infidelity, a financial infidelity is also a form of cheating and you must always strive to keep a relationship transparent.

When two people look to spend their lives together, how they manage their finances, how honest they are to each other about their finances, and how they prioritize financial stability is highly imperative. Finances are a part of the largest trust that two people seek from each other when they decide to belong to each other.

Messages and Quotes for Fixing a Relationship

Messages and Quotes to lessen the bitterness in a broken relationship. A good massage can help fix up a broken relationship. Some of the bright examples of these kinds of messages are given as:

Quote -1

“Do you still remember our first date?

Our first walk, our first kiss 

Do you ever feel in your sleep?

The warmth of my hands that you once told me you would never want to miss 

I still remember, we dreamed about owning a house together 

You told me that we will decorate it with our love and our favorite colors 

We had big plans; our dreams were larger than life 

Do you ever feel anguished when you spare a thought? 

That even the tiniest tremors our bond could not survive 

Was this bond always too weak?

Or did we just act lazy to save the efforts we could have made

We could have done better to save this, I am afraid 

Do you still remember our pact?

That we resolved to fight it down the wire 

Neither am I a fraud, nor are you a liar 

Or have we just stopped remembering what we have lived 
is it too late to come back to each other?”

Quote -2

“You made me feel so complete 
In your absence, I feel like a miserable puzzle 

When my car broke on the way back from candlelight dinner 

We pledged to together take care of every trouble 

Why have we forgotten our promises so easily then?

Would you still show up like you always did after asking me to count till ten?”

Quote -3

“What we started was special 

What we have lived was extraordinary 

What we gave up on was never too bad either 

It might have just lost a little charm 
but we did not even try to untangle those knots 

That would have surely not done any harm

Am I the only one who believes? 

That we deserve another chance 

Am I the only one who believes?

That there is still warmth in our romance
or do you feel it too when it rains 

Does it remind you how we would jump and dance? 

Do you also ever feel this way? 

That there is still warmth in our romance”

Quote -4

“I am sorry I lied 

You are the last person I thought I would ever lie to

But I guess I am only a human to have made this terrible mistake 

I am not using this as an excuse 

I can still do anything to make you smile 

A life without you I shall completely refuse 

I did not intend to break your trust 

I have heard love has room for forgiveness 

I am ready to win your trust all over again 

Believe my eyes; they don’t ever want to see you in pain

My first lie would be my last 

If I ever lie again 

No forgiveness I shall ask 

But if you could please give me another chance 
I will destroy every ounce of dishonesty in me 
you mean much more to me than truths and lies 

Your eyes still make my brightest skies 

Hold my hand again and correct me with your love

I belong to you and I always will”

Quote -5

“I fell in love with you at first sight 

To stay yours, the entire world I can fight 

But how am I supposed to fight your insecurities? 

That makes you believe someone will snatch me from you

How can you love me without trusting me?

Isn’t love all about trust?

Have you ever felt in my eyes that I wish to belong to someone else? 

Why are you then pushing me away?”

Quote -6

“How will I count all these stars without you? 

How will I walk this distance without you? 

You haven’t kept even half of your promises

How will I live your promises without you? 

Each night I pray to the sky 

That you come back to me to for the sake of old times 

Come back to my love, come back to my romantic rhymes

I keep sitting at the window 

Waiting for a shooting star 

So that I can make a wish to bring you back 

from that far off place where you are”

Quote -7

“Can we go down the memory lane yet again?

Can we once again team up to get rid of all the pain?

Neither did you nor did I ever wish it will become so toxic

But the fragrance of our faith in each other can still detox this

I don’t want to pester you or annoy you by pleading

All I can do is convince you to come back

Life will surely go on even without you

But the ecstasy and your benign presence it will lack

I know all your favourites more than anyone else will ever do

I have a feeling we can still get through

Maybe all it will take is a little apology

But I’m keen to even apologise to you a million times

Such an incredible loss it will be if o can no longer call you mine”

Quote -8

You’re no Juliet

I’m not Romeo

But still or love has that spark

We must not give up on each other even it has gotten a little dark

My eyes still lit up when I look at you

Let’s leave behind the old and create a love now

Let’s fall for each other all over again

I will make sure that I improve all my flaws and don’t remain the same

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