13 Sure Signs and Symptoms – He is Falling Out Of Love

Love is not easy. Not every relationship lasts till eternity. 

Love is not the only thing that is needed to build a relationship. It requires commitment, communication, loyalty, trust, adjustment, and many other things as well.

Falling in love is very easy. But efforts are needed not to fall out of love with somebody. If you are someone who strongly feels that your partner is falling out of love with you, is acting weird, this might be a sign of them falling out of love with you.

Signs and Symptoms – He is Falling Out Of Love

When someone is out of love, they express it in small ways. But what are these signs? Read on to know more:

Signs He is Falling Out of Love

  • He has stopped putting in the effort

If your boyfriend or spouse has stopped putting in efforts to make your relationship work, it is evident that they are no more interested in the relationship.

  • He has stopped complimenting you.

Your spouse has stopped telling you that you look pretty. He no more appreciates you about your outfits and accessories. This means that he is no longer physically attracted to you and does not care about your looks anymore.

  • His priorities seem to be shifted.

If you were your partner’s priority a time ago, you would be able to see if his priorities have changed. It may happen in a way that they spend less time with you and more with their friends or at the office. Although it is alright if they spend time with their friends, the problem arises when they deliberately do that to stay away from you.

  • He has started ignoring you.

It will include ignorance towards your needs, wishes like spending time with each other and prioritizing each other. If you can feel his ignorance towards you, do not let it be; communicate with him about it even you want to work things out between you and your boyfriend or spouse.

  • He has started fighting more often.

He has started getting upset over your little things, whatever you do, or even your minor imperfections. It may be because he is looking for maintaining some distance with you or something is going on in his mind.

  • They avoid deep communications.

Communication connects two people and helps them bond. If your boyfriend or spouse is invested in your relationship, he would want to share his dreams and wishes with you. However, they may be people who do not like sharing their deeper side with others.

If your partner has stopped having more in-depth communication with you as he did before, it may be a warning sign!

  • They no more want to get intimate.

Physical intimacy is a powerful key to a successful relationship. If your partner does not want to get physically intimate or is less personal than before, this can be because they are no longer interested in you and probably be falling out of love with you.

  • They do not show affection anymore.

During the first phase of your relationship, your boyfriend or spouse is exceptionally affectionate and mostly in a romantic mood. There is total truth in the fact that this “romantic mood” 24/7 gets faded away with time.

However, if your partner has gone even worse than this in expressing his love, affection, and attraction towards you, it may be a red signal.

  • Acting the opposite of what you want them to

He is not bothered about you getting hurt due to his actions. Not only this, but he also does not want to change his behavior and efforts to cover up things.

  • He looks happier with others.

It’s okay if your boyfriend is happy with others. However, the difference comes when they are so glad around others and dull around you; it may be that they no more are emotionally connected with you. And they are having fulfilling conversations with others like friends, family as well as colleagues. 

  • He does not discuss his problems with you.

Healthy communication is essential for a healthy relationship. Your partner indeed loves you a lot if he prefers sharing all these problems with you. This indicates his love and trust towards you. However, if he has stopped discussing his issues with you lately, it may be because he thinks it’s just a waste of time.

  • He does not discuss your future together.

He is no more interested in talking about your family together, pets, marriage, and your future endeavors like he used to do before. This indicates that he does not want to live with you anymore and does not see your future together with him.

  • There is no use of the “words of love”.

“I love you” has become relatively non-existent in your relationship now. The reason is apparent that he has fallen out of love with you.

Reasons for Men Falling Out Of Love

However, the one thing to think about is why do men fall out of love suddenly? What could be the possible reasons? 

Maybe your relationship is only losing its spark or maybe your boyfriend does not feel that way about you now. Let’s look at some of the reasons:

Signs He is Falling Out of Love

Partner is Judgemental:

The most primary reason for him falling out of love with you is that he may not be himself around you. This may be because every time he shares something with you, you may reply in a judgemental way, making them act in a manner they are not.

Negative Communications:

When your relationship’s communications start becoming more negative than positive, it will slowly and steadily begin to be dying from within. Negativity could be frequent fights, getting angry on small things, nagging about irrelevant things, etc.

Less Intimate Conversations:

Your interactions with him have become more business-like than being intimate. Your relationship has lost emotional intimacy due to which your boyfriend may decide to leave you. 

Physical Intimacy Issues:

Not only emotional intimacy, but it may also be the case that the physical intimacy in your relationship has taken aback. Physical intimacy may reduce over a while in every relationship. If this happens to continue for a very long time, then your partner may start to feel that it will continue forever and decide to break up with you.


He mistook his infatuation for you to be love. After being in a relationship with you for a while, when the heat fades away, he may realize that he was not really in love with you, and it was just the initial spark that kept you connected.

Loses Interest:

The other reason could be that any one of you may not be putting in as much effort as possible. When this happens, the person automatically loses interest in the relationship and does not feel like putting in any effort anymore.

Incompatible Goals:

He may have realized, with time, that you both have incompatible goals and passions in life. Maybe you want kids, and he does not. Perhaps you want to live out of the country, and he doesn’t. This makes you believe that you both cannot have a happy future together, which probably made him fall out of love with you.

Unrealistic Dreams:

If he has goals and dreams that you may not feel are realistic or supported, he will feel alone in this path even after being in a relationship. Therefore, he may fall out of love with you if you both differ in your ideas and goals towards life.


It is a fact that men feel at the top of the world when they think they succeed in their lives. If he believes that his women are not admiring him, he does not like him. He may eventually fall out of love with him.

Losing Space:

The guy may feel that you are invading his personal space. It includes both his physical as well as mental space. If you are too clingy or trying to tell him what to do and what not to do, this will make him fall out of love with you.

Tips to Deal with Break Up Signs and Warnings

If the warning signs given above are similar to your case, here are some tips on dealing with your breakup so that you do not get hurt anymore.

tips to deal with break up


Acknowledge that you are hurt. The more you run away from any situation, the more difficult it would be to get away from your breakup. Express as well as vent your emotions. 

Do not Isolate:

Do not isolate yourself at any cost! Try to be on social media socially active as much as you can. This will distract you from the thoughts of your ex-boyfriend.

Lifestyle Change: Make changes to your lifestyle. Get a new haircut

or make modifications in your room. 

No Rebound Relationship:

Do not get into rebound relationships. This would make the situation worse and you will get into more trouble.

Focus on Recovery:

Focus on techniques that would help you in the long run recover from the relationship. Engage in self-care, prioritize your mental health along with mental peace.


Go on a vacation that you have been waiting for, for a long time. Go with your friends or family somewhere peaceful.

No Social Media:

Block your ex from all their social media handles; Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat and WhatsApp so that you do not get to see what they are doing, where they are going, etc.

No more Friends:

Do not stay just friends with them immediately after you both break up. Give time to yourself, to heal and accept the fact that you are not in a relationship anymore. Tell them you need time to decide whether you want to be friends with them or not.

Don’t Speak Ill about your Ex:

Do not speak shit about your ex-boyfriend. It indeed feels good at first, but it will only make you feel bad about yourself after a point in time.

Don’t’ Blame Yourself:

Last but most important! Never blame yourself for the breakup. Do not think that “if I had agreed to do that”, you would still be in a relationship with them. 

Things to do When Your Partner/Lover is Falling out Of Love (going towards a Break Up)

If it’s becoming hard for you to move on and you want to meet them and make things work again, here are some tips on how you can do it:

things to do to avoid a break up

1. Acknowledge Your Mistakes:

Acknowledge what the mistakes you both made logically were. What went wrong in the initial stage, and what could have been done, what lead to the errors are some of the questions that need to be answered.

2. Be Double Sure:

Be sure about the reason that you want to get into a relationship with the same person again, even after knowing the reason for the breakup. Convince yourself that you are not just physically attracted to them but love them and also want to be together.

3. Check about the current affair:

Ensure that the person is not in a relationship with somebody else since you don’t want to look stupid in front of your ex. 

4. Change Yourself:

Bring modifications in yourself and your life for the same things that led to your breakup. This will lure him into falling in love with you again.

5.Wait for the Right Time:

Once you have decided that you want to do it, find the right time to text that person, if possible, on a particular day like a birthday or an occasion. Sound neutral at first, then convey how you have been feeling and want them back in your life.

6. Meet:

Once you feel that the person is comfortable enough to meet you, set up the meeting at a new place to start your journey from a unique point.

7. Take Time to Decide:

Do not get satisfied with one meeting. Call or text them again after some time and schedule your appointment with them. However, do not meet up too much and too little. Give them space as well as time to dissolve all this in their mind.

8. Use your Past Memories:

Unleash your memories as well as the fun you both had with each other. This way, you will be easily able to rekindle the joy in your relationship. You can also do this by luring him to stay more around you.

9. Groom Well:

Stay the way you were during the “honeymoon phase” the last time. Groom well when meeting them, take care of the smallest things.

10. Become Friends:

If the person does not want to begin a relationship with you again, do not get upset. Try and become friends with them.

11. Accept Mistakes:

Once the person knows that you want to start afresh, accept the mistakes you made in front of them, and show that you have changed.

12. Stay Positive:

If the person agrees, stay optimistic about the relationship and never bring out your partner’s previous mistakes again. Treat your relationship as it’s new, as you did the first time during the honeymoon phase, and you are good to go!

Signs he doesn’t Love You Anymore by Dr. Antonio

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