How to give your guy space without losing him? Help Tips !

How to give your guy space without losing him? Help Tips !

We all have heard that it is important to give space to your partner in a relationship. Whether you are dating or a married couple, healthy space is important for every individual. You must be wondering how to give your boyfriend space without losing him.

But women must understand that giving space to your boyfriend or husband not only helps them have their ‘Me’ time but also allows them to think clearly about your relationship. And, not to forget it benefits your relation in the long run.

More often than not we can see guys complaining of their better halves being too clingy or nagging. This is not an ideal situation as you can leave your man feeling suffocated. Just like you need some time off, your guy needs it too.

He wishes to play his favorite game or handout with his group. While it is important to invest quality and good amount of time in your relationship, being 24*7 with each other can be a big turn off and your partner may find ways to escape or avoid you.

Relationship counselors come across women who complain about their partners not responding to their messages immediately, phone calls that don’t last for long, or boyfriend never initiating the conversation.

There are women who question their partner about their female friend or colleagues or check their partner’s phone and messages. Being too possessive or insecure can actually turn your relationship sour. Sometimes, too much attention can also make your man overwhelmed and disappear.

In older or even some newly formed relations, women can be seen complaining about their partners hardly calling them or losing interest in them. Many women complain of withdrawal symptoms. While some are women think why they should give their man space without him asking for it, there are others who panic at the mere thought of it.

Regardless of the relationship status it is extremely important to give your man space. Giving space doesn’t mean being detached or breaking up with him. For making a relation work you need to strike a balance between contacting and giving space. Sometimes, it is better to move a step back and make him miss you.

A relationship needs efforts from both the sides. Giving him space can offer him an opportunity to make little efforts. The idea is to make him yours and not push him away. The space should not turn into distance as it can be detrimental for the relationship.

Women need to understand that giving space doesn’t mean there is something wrong in your relationship. It is just a key component of keeping your relationship balanced and healthy. Let’s have a look at how to give a guy space without losing him:

  • Give Him Space

We need to understand that men are different from women and the way they tackle issues also differs. Men would like to withdraw and resolve the issues, unlike women who would like to confront and discuss what is bothering them.

How to give your guy space without losing him? Help Tips !

If he asks for space let him have it without feeling anxious or guilty about it. If he doesn’t call or text, let it be. Keep yourself occupied with things you love or meet your friends. It can also be the best time to reconnect with yourself and rekindle your interest in your hobbies.

This is the right time to think and analyze what went wrong. Don’t put him under pressure. Assure him that you understand his feelings and are empathetic to his needs.

  • Go Out With Friends And Family

Giving him space can be painful if you are not in touch. However, you can cheer yourselves up by meeting your friends and family. Instead of sulking up in a corner or hogging on the box of ice cream, listening sad songs, it’s time to move out and have some quality time with your friends.

Their support can help you feel better and their hugs can work like magic. It will remind you that your life doesn’t need to be centered around your man and there are others in your life that love you and would be by your side when you need them.

Only spending time with your partner can make you too dependent on them which is not a good sign. You must spend time with others away from your partner. It enables you to think in a better way and expand your perspective.

  • Don’t Call Him Often

It is nice to stay connected with your partner and talk your heart out. However, there is a difference in calling him twice or thrice a day and calling him every hour. Being concerned and controlling him or keeping an eye on him are different.

How to give your guy space without losing him? Help Tips !

No guy would want to be in a relationship with a girl who is a control freak. This will only push him away from you. You should not remain available to him always. Let him miss you and give a call. And believe us, it would be a call worth waiting for!

Also, if you have been quarreling quite often and you feel that your guy needs space, take a step back as it can save your connection without breaking up.

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  • Do Not Respond Immediately

You are in love and you just can’t stop thinking about him. But you are not sure about his feelings. In this situation, it is better to be less available for him and give him space. This will help you in figuring out his feelings. You can do that by not responding immediately to his messages. Unless it is a message that needs prompt response, you must avoid replying to his message the minute you receive it.

Answering him after a while will make him intrigued and show that you don’t wait for his calls and messages. This will make him more attracted towards you and miss you. If you are at work, having coffee with a friend, or working out, respond to his messages once you get free. You have a life and he must be aware of it.

  • Don’t Nag Him

Men often complain of their partners nagging them for petty issues. This is a huge turn off for men. If you guys are facing an issue that needs to be resolved, let him take time. Stop nagging him. You must never pressurize him.

How to give your guy space without losing him? Help Tips !

Similarly, if you have asked him to pay bills or get that microwave repaired, stop bugging him every hour. Men need their own space to process and function. Also, nagging him for his mistakes or shortcomings is a big NO. You can mention it once and then give him space to realize it and work towards it. Bugging him again and again will only make him frustrated and defensive.

  • Let Him Hang Out With His Friends

An essential aspect of giving him space is letting him spend time with his friends and family. You are a couple but that doesn’t mean he has to go out only with you. Let him catch up the football match with his buddies or enjoy a movie with his family. You don’t need to be a part of his every plan.

If he is planning for a trip with his friends, don’t sulk and complain. Mention how happy you are for him and you look forward to spending time with him once he is back. Help him pack his bag. He would certainly appreciate an understanding and supportive partner.

  • Don’t Chase Him

The fear of losing him might make you chase him but don’t do it. Especially, if you are not sure about his feeling or feel insecure about the relationship you might end up chasing him more. You want him and you are tempted to chase him.

How to give your guy space without losing him? Help Tips !

But you will only put him under pressure or scare him away. You should neither try to manipulate him nor seduce him as things might end up on a sour note. You may feel used. Letting him take his time and make the decision is the right way.

  • Getting Busy

Whether you are dating or married for years, it is good to have some ‘Me’ time for yourself. This allows both you are your partner to enjoy alone time. Do something productive in the meantime such as reading a book, gardening, working out, or watching a series on Netflix.

You would be amazed at how well you can utilize your alone time and feel good. You can join music or dance class or cook as it can be therapeutic.

Going for a walk or taking a stroll in a park is also a good way of doing something productive. You can also use this time for self-care routine such as manicure, pedicure, applying a mask, and grooming yourself. Remember that your ‘Me’ time is a privilege and try to make the most out of it. Invest it in something that makes you happy.

  • Introspect On Your Self-Confidence

Nothing can be more turning off than a woman who is diffident and insecure. Insecurities in a relationship are a reflection of your insecurities as an individual. If you are a secure and confident partner, you would easily offer the required space to your partner without worrying about losing him.

How to give your guy space without losing him? Help Tips !

You need to work towards making a relationship successful but the first step towards it is working on yourself as only then you can have a healthy relationship. Two individuals make a relationship and how you feel about yourself has an impact on your relationship. Give him space and take this time as an opportunity to ponder and work on yourself.

  • Have Your Own Identity

Is your identity associated with his attention? It is time to have a look and remind yourself about your worth and that your identity is not based on your partner or relationship. Many women become so dependent on their partners that they define their worth or derive their confidence from their relationship.

Remind yourself of the good qualities in you and how important you are to your friends and family. Men are always attracted to women who are confident and have an identity of their own.

  • Don’t Fear Losing Your Man
How to give your guy space without losing him? Help Tips !

If you are wondering how to give your man space you must first overcome the fear of losing him. A confident woman is attractive to a man while a needy woman who looks for constant attention and assurance could turn him off.

Every man wishes for a partner who is secure and happy. Nothing can be sexier for a man than a woman who is confident, secure, and independent.

  • Give Him Space But Also Give Him Moments To Be Cherish

No matter for how long you guys have been together, it is always good to show some love and affection with hugs and kisses. This is the best way of expressing love and making him miss you when you are not around. However, avoid overdoing it as no one likes to be constantly hugged and kissed.

  • Rekindle the spark

Are you both feeling detached and the spark between you is lost? Are you guys fighting more often? It is good to give your partner space without breaking up. Give him space but show that you still care.

rekindle the spark

After some time passes, plan a romantic getaway or a short weekend staycation in his favorite resort/ hotel. A romantic reunion after a little space will save the relationship and also spice things up.

These simple tips on how to give your boyfriend space can prove to be helpful in the long run and benefit your relationship. It will enable you to learn how to be two different individuals and yet stay connected.

If the mere thought of giving space to your partner makes you fear losing him it is time to see a therapist. Talking to a therapist about our emotional response to your partner’s need for space might help you understand yourself better. This will help in creating a healthier self and happy relationship.

For more tips and suggestions on healthy relationship, dating, and couple issues, keep exploring this space.

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