Flirty Text Messages Tips: Kick Starter to Your Conversation

In the era that we live, communication is an important aspect to boost your love life. There is absolutely no doubt in saying that the lovers of the present-day love texting and consider it as a primary means of communication

Human beings are the only animals capable of flirting or covert sexual signals. However, other animals like a baboon, macaque, flamingo also indulge in secret flirty behaviour.

In this article, we have something for everyone in our box. Scroll down to find your preferred area of selection and get all those flirty tips that you have been searching for so long. 

When it comes to sending flirty text messages, all ears are turned on. This is the most controversial yet, the attention-grabbing topic of all time. Flirting through text messages can be a challenging task. We bring with you the best flirty texts for a partner.  

Approach to Flirting Through Text Messages

Sometimes we may fear overstepping our designated boundaries coming off as a creepy and condensing sort of a person and posting those typical cheesy pickup lines that can be a big turn off. Some may say that these are all the tantrums carried forward by the girls, but this is not the case. Boys can also become choosy when a girl sends them a flirty text message, believe it or not! 

Why, however, is it essential to flirt? First of all, these cute, little, subtle gestures hint to your partner that you are super interested in him/ her. These signs of interest can trigger mutual feelings, making you hit the bull’s eye. 

Second, Flirty texts for your partner can build a secure connection between you two that will be a critical factor to maintain a long term relationship. 

Sending a flirty text message to him/ her can give you a clue about the interest of the opposite party, thereby warning you about the nature of the relationship you two will share.

Flirting also serves a selfish reason; it lets us know if we are still capable of attracting other people or not. It is like keeping a check on your ability so that it does not wear off. 

Benefits of Flirting Through Texts

Have you heard people saying that flirty text messages bring back the missing spark in your life? Have you ever pondered upon the possibility of this thought? Here are a few convincing reasons for how flirty text messages for him/her can bring the spark back in your life. 

  • Regular and healthy flirting can ensure that the initial, sweet romance remains evergreen. 
  • Sending flirty text messages can also deviate your partner’s mood to an exciting phase.
  • Flirty text messages for him/ her are an escape from the dull, monotonous lives and repeated conversations.
  • It keeps the passion in your relationship alive.
  • Flirty text messages, if done skillfully, can change the course of the conversation, and you can get to know more about each other’s desires, needs and interests. 
Flirty Text Messages Tips: Kick Starter to Your Conversation


He remains in front of your eyes every time you work with him, he sits beside you, you share your problems, but now you want to initiate a step ahead, and you intend to do it with a flirty text message

Since you have narrowed down your tactics to sending a flirty text message, we can help you further by providing a list of 50 tried and tested flirty messages for him that will act as a magic spell on him. 

These messages can be sent to a friend who you wish to be more than that, your partner, or spouse. Sending positive flirty messages to your spouse can keep your romance sparkling and alive. 


  1. You were in my dreams yesterday!
  2. My mom said, I’ve been acting better since the past two months, I know it’s definitely because of you. 
  3. Whenever your name pings up on my phone, I smile like a crazy person.
  4. Talking to you pushes all my stress away; I feel a thousand times better.
  5. You’re so adorable, even in the text.
  6. You are my 3 AM friend. I can count on you anytime, and I know you would not ever bail on me.
  7. It’s just a positive message expressing my feelings of extreme happiness to have you in my life and contact list.
  8. Everything around me makes me think of you.
  9. I wish soo much to be with you.
  10. Goodnight! I hope to have sweet dreams about you.
Flirty Text Messages Tips: Kick Starter to Your Conversation


  1. A little smile creeps on my face ever since we met.
  2. Even after spending the whole day with you, I still can’t wait to see you. Guess, even 24 hours are less.
  3. You were in my mind the whole day.
  4. In the small world that I’ve weaved, I pretty much hate everyone, but you, you are the exception that I can not skip.
  5. Stalking you is the best way to spare my extra time. You are worth every second.
  6. The first thing I do after waking up is to open my phone and wait for your notification.
  7. I’m starting to think of you as my dream guy.
  8. My girlfriends are tired and sick of hearing me blabber about you.
  9. I can text you all night and still not be tired 
  10. You are the sweetest person that I have ever encountered. Yes, those are two superlatives, you earned them a gentleman.
  11. We need to change one thing amongst ourselves; I can’t remember the last time I had a word with you. 
  12. I saw an attractive blonde at the mall today, and I could have sworn it was you.
  13. I had a dream that I was flirting with you, so I woke up and decided to turn it into a reality.
  14. I know that we frequently run out of topics when we talk, but I can not wait this long without talking to you.
  15. If in case, you need a date idea, I have been dying to binge on Riverdale.
  16. I want us to skip the small, formal talk and jump to flirting.
  17. We are meeting up tomorrow night so that you know.
  18. Hey stranger, when will you stop being a stranger?
  19. Now that I have already made the first move by texting you, I will be staring at my mobile 24/7, this for you to know that don’t keep me waiting.
  20. I have an extra ticket for the concert tonight, and I don’t accept no as an answer. Be ready on time! 


  1. When I think about it as a part of my life, I feel so much better.
  2. My whole heart belongs to you, for now, and forever.
  3. I just want you to know that you mean the world to me.
  4. Let’s play truth and dare. I chose truth, and you are one hell of a gorgeous man! 
  5. Your arms are the safest and the most favorite place for me to be.
  6. Counting down the minutes and seconds, I just can’t wait to see you again…
  7. Our love story is my favorite fairy tale! I never want it to end.
  8. Even if my actions don’t say it, I hope you know how much I adore you, each minute. 
  9. Every time I meet you, you look better and hotter than ever.
  10. Whenever you hold my hand, I feel butterflies in my stomach. 

Flirty Text Messages for Him/Her

  1. What feature do you find the most attractive in a woman? 
  2. Do you believe in love at first sight? Or maybe in the concept of soulmates?
  3. Given so many months of talking with you, when are you planning to ask me out?
  4. What is your favorite thing about me?
  5. What is the most romantic place in the world for a first date?
  6. What is something surprisingly romantic about you?
  7. Who is your celebrity crush?
  8. What is your favorite thing about me?
  9. According to you, what is the most romantic thing that you have ever done for a girl or has ever happened to you?
  10. What did you think of me when we first met? Did that first impression change, or is it still the same? 


Okay! Enough for impressing your man. Now here are some tips for the boys out there that will help your flirting skills to improve. 

Thanks to the fantastic feature of texting, after all, it made flirting a more natural process. For boys who are shy to express their feelings on face-to-face interaction, flirty text messages have proved to be a boon for them. If you can’t make her blush in person, then you can always take the help of that little keyboard on your phone. 

The best part about flirting through text messages is that if your girl is not interested in you, you can laugh the whole thing off as a joke or a prank, continue being friends and free from the embarrassment. You can be saved from the awkwardness. 

Flirty Text Messages Tips: Kick Starter to Your Conversation

Here some flirty text messages for boyfriend tips that are sure to help you out: 

  1. Don’t Hurry:

    Do not make the mistake of jumping straight into the naughty and sexual nature of texting. That is the biggest mistake you will ever make! When you decide to talk to a girl, always make sure that you start from the basics of flirting, and it involves the nonsexual acts of conversing with her.

    Ask her about how her day went, appreciate the way she looks and talks. If you feel that she shows the slightest bit of interest in you, take the forward conversation step by step. 
  2. Funny Jokes:

    It is a proven fact that girls fall for guys who can make them laugh. This goes without saying. Try sending her funny jokes or try making the conversation humorous by adding elements of fun with a slight touch of flirt in it.

  3. Pay Attention:

    If you text her the first time after getting her number, make sure that you call back the topics that were left unsaid. This assures the girl that you are engaging in small talks and pay attention to everything she says.

  4. Try giving her a Sober Compliment. 

Girls love it when men compliment them. And why not, after all, it makes them feel good. Complimenting a girl is considered to be the purest form of expressing your flirt. It kills two birds with one arrow; the girl gets an indication of your feelings towards her, making her feel super good about herself. This is your chance of getting a golden ticket, and you better grab it. Target her character and the way she manages her professional life. This trick never gets old.

  1. Say Sweet Things:

    Saying sweet things to her is another pro-tip to flirt through messages. Example texts would be : 

✓ Seeing you was the best part of my day

✓ It feels like years since we have hung out, want to meet up sometime? 

✓ I cannot stop thinking about you. Can you control my thoughts by pinging me up?

  1. Good Morning Wish:

    Send some good night or good morning flirty texts to her. It will let her know that you were thinking about her all along.

  2. Have a check on your emoji limit.

You are using too many emojis while texting can indicate a man who is extremely desperate to talk. You can, of course, rely on emojis to convey your hidden unsaid emotions, but some guys depended too much on them. Keep an emoji count and limit it to three to four emojis per 2 messages. Trust your language and go ahead with it when you are flirting with her.

  1. Say no to Texting Paragraphs:

The easiest way to piss off a girl is by sending her a long wall of text messages. Chances are, she might not even have a look at them. If you wish to flirt through a word with her, send concise points limiting your feelings. Do not over accumulate your text with long paragraphs.

This shows your lack of necessary social awareness. However, if you feel that you cannot brief your flirty texts into small points, then giving a call or expressing your feelings face to face will be preferable. 

  1. Ignore one-word responses:

 Okay, without further ado, girls are complicated, there, said it. This tip can seem a little contrasting with the previous one, but it is not. Like you have to avoid long paragraphs, add one-word responses to the list as well.

One-word responses can simply direct your disinterest in the conversation you two are having. On top of it, flirting with one-word answers never go hand in hand. If you want to initiate your feelings, then make sure you do them openly with at least 2-3 sentences in line. You can either be a man of few words or be the man who can flirt. There is no combination of both. One word responses lead to an unenthusiastic and boring conversation, and you surely do not want that.  

  1. Time your Text Messages:

Develop an understanding of her being the busy bee and hold off your impeccable flirting skills. One, she might not be paying attention to what you say, and two, her annoyance level can shoot up, which can result in an opposite reaction to what you expected. Refrain from texting her during her busy hours. One day or another, she will notice your gesture and appreciate it, taking you a step closer to her. 

Flirty Text Messages Tips: Kick Starter to Your Conversation

30 Flirty Text Messages for a Spouse

  1. My day went extremely horrible, can I see you smile to make everything alright?
  2. Are you a twister? Because you just blow me away
  3. I cannot imagine what my life would have been without you.
  4. Any word in the dictionary cannot describe your beauty. You are just so unique.
  5. Did you say that you are still single? I don’t believe that.
  6. I feel when they talk about the inability to sleep in love is a fact, because in experiencing it right now. How can I close my eyes, when all I can ever think about is you?
  7. I have truckloads of work to do, but you just distract my attention and get it all for yourself.
  8. I know that we have been talking for a while now, but I still have a hard time believing what is happening.
  9. How is the most beautiful woman on this planet doing this morning?
  10. Today, my day was as beautiful and bright as yours.
  11. Okay, so you have been accused of hurting my face badly! It pains me to smile all day, thinking about you, and what it is like to talk to you.
  12. I fear that you are turning me into an insomniac.
  13. I was hoping you could send me a picture so that I can send Santa my wish list.
  14. If I were the last guy on this planetary surface, would you date me?
  15. I apologize for torturing you into such a boring conversation, how about changing all that to a smiley?

    Text Messages to Woo Your Spouse

  16. I was not a firm love at a first sight believer until you walked past me.
  17. I have only just woken up, and you are already in my mind.
  18. You just seemed so beautiful today that I forgot my pickup line.
  19. Every time you enter the room, open my heart, and what can be more beautiful than that?
  20. Hey, you look the same as my next girlfriend.
  21. Can I be your stuff toy?
  22. I adore you so much that I can’t raise my courage to confess it so that I will keep it to myself.
  23. My heart skips a beat every time it sees you, do you have any excellent cardiologists in your contacts, I don’t want to die so early.
  24. Your hair looks great in the updo style!
  25. Is that your cat? She looks adorable! I’m a huge pet lover. Would love to see her in person
  26. You look gorgeous in all of your pictures. I’m sure something can not be wrong multiple times.
  27. Your smiles are one of the prettiest ones that I have ever seen.
  28. I believe that heaven does not always have to be a place to live in, it can sometimes mean to be with a person, and for me, happiness is like being with you all the time.
  29. I am pretty sure that you are having tough times taking care of all the beautiful things about you. 
  30. Has anyone ever told you what your eyes can do to a man’s heart?
  31. Your beautiful character can melt any strongest or purest hearts out there.
  32. I was not a by- born flirting machine; your face made me do it. Blame yourself.
  33. If I had been a girl, I would spend half of my life being jealous of everything about you.
  34. When did the god start sending supermodels instead of angles?
  35. The gorgeous eyes that you possess have the power to penetrate a thousand guards at a single blink. Therefore, my heart, which is made up of soft cardiac tissue, had no chance of escaping your shoots. 
  36. You bear the allegation of melting my stone-cold heart like wax! Save it before it’s too late.
Flirty Text Messages Tips: Kick Starter to Your Conversation


‘I LOVE YOU’ is a beautiful phrase all around the globe in different ways.

Language does not matter when it comes to expressing love, but you never know when the urgency of the situation hits up. You might want to express your feelings of admiration, respect, and fondness to anyone across the world. When we make an effort to express our emotions in the language of the person we love, it hits differently and gives a warm touch to your sweet gesture. 

We tell you how to say I love you in 15 different languages to enhance your affectionate feelings towards your beloved.

✓ Arabic (modern): Ana uhibbuka/uhibbuki (ah- nah oo- heh- boo- ka/ oo- heh- boo- kee)

✓ Dutch: Ik hou van jou (ick how fan yow)

✓ French: Je t’aime (Zhuh tem)

✓ German: Ich liebe dich (Ick leebuh dik)

✓ Greek: S’agapo (seg- app- oh)

✓ Hawaiian: Aloha wau ia ‘oe (a- loh- ha- vaoo ea- ah oh- eh)

✓ Hindi : Main tumse pyaar karta hoon ( may- n – tum- ase – pyaa- ar – kar – atha – hoon ) 

✓ Italian: Ti amo (Tee ah-mo)

✓ Japanese: Aishiteru (ay- she- tay- ee- roo)

✓ Korean: Sarang hae (sa- rang- hey)

✓ Portuguese: Amo-te/eu te amo (ah- muh- tuh/ oo chee ah- moh)

✓ Romanian: Te lubesc (tay you- besk)

✓ Russian: Ya lyublyu tebya (Yay loo- bloo teb- yeh)

✓ Spanish: Te quiero/te amo (Tay key- aero/ Tay -ah- mo)

✓ Swedish: Jag älskar dig (Ya ell- scar dey)


To add grace in your, I LOVE YOU expression; sign language can also be used. 

Sign Language is a nonverbal way of expressing what you feel, and indeed what you can not describe in words or on paper. Sign language acts as a silent declaration of love. 

We have a few sign language methods that you can add to your list of impressing your life’s love. 

  1. Traditional American Sign Language. 

This gesture can be performed from across the room without any other person knowing about your feelings. To do this, you just have to spread your hand, either left or right, and bend down your middle finger and ring finger. Keep in mind to go the other thumbs up and out; they should not merge with the bent down fingers. 

  1. Point to yourself, make a gentle fist with both hands, and cross them over your heart, creating an indication of hugging someone. Next, point to your loved one to say I love you.

Try these natural sign languages to tell your loved one how much you love them! 

smirk on his face

Tips to get that Art of Flirting

Flirting is an art, AND IF YOU KNOW THAT WELL; YOU ARE AN ARTIST Not everyone can do it correctly. 

Flirting is an attitude involving self-confidence. Your personality comes from your Self-confidence and is one of the best parts of a person’s personality. It draws people towards you.

Flirting should not be used to make people uncomfortable. Rather, the goal should be that the other person feels necessary.

Be cautious that you engage in healthy flirting.

Here are 8 tips on how to achieve the art of flirting and become the talk of the town:

  1. Maintain Eye Contact

Eyes are the road to the soul. The energy of eyes is so strong that the other person you are making eye contact with definitely feels that energy. It does not mean by winking, rather gazing at the person’s eyes for a few seconds will do the work. Making eye contact with the person will not only build trust along with intimacy but increase your self-confidence also.

  1. Make your Eyes Smile

Smiling does not include with your lips, but, eye smiling looks very alluring. A great smile surely melts everyone’s hearts. Smiling with your eyes will light up the room attracting people towards you. it can be a small smile also or a big one too.

  1. Disrupt the Touch Barrier

Breaking the “good touch” barrier. It is okay that if you want to break the touch barrier. It will convey your attractive feelings towards the other person and that you are comfortable around them. It should not look like you desperately want to touch them, rather should be natural. You can touch the barrier by touch their forearm while talking or by side hugging. You can also reason your touch by removing some dust on their clothes. However, only the upper body! 

Keep in mind that you do not touch the body parts that they feel uncomfortable in. 

my dream guy
  1. Try to keep it short

If you flirt with the person every time you meet them or talk to them, you will lose your value. Do not drag it to the point that the other person becomes uncomfortable and starts maintaining distance with you in case they don’t feel attracted to you. Let the excitement stay.

  1. Body language is important!

Be careful of how you sit or stand while talking to them. If you cross your arms or cross your legs, it may indicate that you do not want to be fully open with them. Lean forward while talking to that person, this will indicate that your interest. Make a happy and calm face while talking to them, face your feet towards them.

These were somebody’s language techniques on how to show you are interested in them. There are many others too.

  1. Initiate the conversation

It is common to become speechless when you want to talk to a person you like. Nevertheless, do not let your nervousness stop you from interacting with your partner. Look for cues to start the conversation. For example, if you are at an event or any place, talk about the environment, the food there, the places you can visit or have visited in the past, your mutual friends, weather, or the traffic. 

  1. Praise your Crush

Talk about the things you like about them or just tell them that they are looking good. Even a simple “hi” will also work to ignite the spark. Express yourself in the best possible way.

However, do not go overboard with it, that is, do not praise them every time you meet them. This may work negatively.

  1. End the Flirt

If you feel the other person is not reciprocating or has started feeling uneasy with your flirt, end it at that moment only. Play the detached game to get their attention. Get going and wait for some other time to start the flirting again.

By using these methods, you will learn the art of flirting and will be able to impress your crush.

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