14 Sure Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore( No longer Interested)

Nothing is permanent in this world and relationships are no exception to that. You may feel that you have found your soul mate and this is your happy ending but things might take an unexpected turn. The promises can break and relationships can go kaput. Things become more challenging when your partner doesn’t mention about a breakup. You may see it coming, you may sense it, but he refuses to make it clear! Look out for these signs to know if he doesn’t love you anymore.

It can be really upsetting when you begin to sense that he doesn’t love you anymore. He might not have said it to you but you can feel something is wrong. His changed behavior and lack of communication can make you confused. You may be afraid to confront as you don’t want to lose him.

Sometimes, the situation becomes so suffocating that women ask themselves, why he doesn’t just break up instead of dragging things. After all, everyone deserves to have clarity so that they can work on accepting the reality and move on instead of investing in a relation that is already over from the other person.

If you are in love it is obvious to ignore the red flags and see and believe what you want to. However, you must try to gauge the situation and be brave enough to face it. You might be happy in your imaginations painting the town red with your love but you must never ignore the signs that try to state you otherwise.

What you imagined to be a Forever love might be leading you to heartbreak. Seeing the reality can prevent you from chasing the fantasies and getting a hold of your feelings.

14 Sure Signs He Doesn’t love You Anymore

Signs He Doesn’t love You Anymore

Here’s a look at some signs that he doesn’t love you anymore:

  • He Gets Annoyed

One of the signs that he is not interested anymore in you is him being annoyed by you. Things about you that he admired before, now irritate him. He loved holding your hands and hugging and kissing you but now he is uncomfortable or shies away from PDA. Your constant talks that were cute to him now bother him. He always looked forward to your calls and messages but now they disturb him.

When a couple is in a healthy relationship they are happy with their partner. They seek their partner’s presence. However, if he always remains frustrated and angry at you, it can be a sign that he doesn’t love you anymore.

  • He Belittles You

When two people are in love, their shortcomings don’t matter to each other. Instead of belittling each other they try to encourage and uplift their partner. If he makes you feel like you are not good enough, it can be a bad sign. You must always feel valued and cherished with him instead of feeling unheard and insecure. It is not love if he makes you feel humiliated or terrible about yourself.

  • Withdrawal Symptoms

Your partner used to share everything about his life with you. He would often take your opinion and suggestions about important decisions of his life. He would share about his problems with you. If he has stopped sharing about his life with you and seems to have shut down, it can be a sign that the relationship is going kaput. If the withdrawal symptoms are a matter of few days, it can be a phase. He might be going through a tough time or occupied with something. However, if this lasts for long, it can’t be normal.

  • Doesn’t Support Your Dreams

If your man loves you he would always support your dreams and aspirations. He would encourage and motivate you to achieve your dreams and goals. If he doesn’t support your dreams, he is not in love with you. If he doesn’t want you to succeed in life or move forward, he’s dragging you down.

  • No or Delayed Response to Messages and Calls

In the beginning of the relationship, it is obvious to stay glued to your phone. You can’t get enough of each other and immediately reply to your partner’s message. Over the period of time, this may mellow down and the frequency of texting or calling may decrease. However, taking too long to reply to your messages or not taking your calls is not a good sign. Disappearing for days or never initiating a conversation is a sign that he is not interested in you anymore.

  • Emotionally Unavailable

There are times in your life when you need your partner to be emotionally available for you. It is as important as physical availability.

Emotional support from a loved one can help you win even toughest battles in life. Not taking care of your feelings and not paying attention to your emotional needs is a big sign that he is no more in love with you.

  • He Doesn’t Have Time For You

No matter how busy he gets, if he really loves you he would make time for at least one call. If he had a busy week, he would try to meet you on weekends. If he’s always busy for you, it can be an excuse to avoid meeting or talking to you. He might not be ready to take the responsibility of a breakup and own up to things and therefore might be trying to avoid you. Not being able to make it up to a date or two can be understandable but if he gives an excuse every time, it is a red signal.

  • Not Prioritizing You

No matter what your partner should always prioritize you. There are few essentials of a healthy relationship and prioritizing your partner is one of them. If he doesn’t put you first, it is a sign that he doesn’t love you.

It is important to keep your partner’s feelings and needs above anything else. If he always keeps his family, friends, or work first, it is a reflection of your place in his life. If you always find yourself last in his priority list, it is a sign of his disinterest in you.

  • Doesn’t Respect You

One of the foundations of a healthy relationship is mutual respect. If your man loves you he would respect you. Love and respect are two different emotions but go hand in hand. Respect in the sense respecting you as an individual, as a woman, and respecting your thoughts and opinions. Disparaging you, insulting you, not listening to you, and not believing in you are all signs of disrespecting. This can be a big sign that he is not in love with you.

  • Comparing You With Other Girls

If he loves you, he would accept you with your flaws. Comparing you with other girls is disrespecting your individuality. Even the slightest hint of comparison between you and any other girl is a warning sign you must not ignore. Comparing looks, behavior, qualities, or any other aspect of your personality suggests his resentment or sense of frustration.

  • He lied or cheated on you

No matter what he says, if he can lie to you or cheat on you, it is a sure shot sign that he’s not into you anymore. If you can’t forgive his betrayal, your intuition may be right. Lack of trust is a warning sign and you must pay attention before it’s too late.

  • If He Is Always Asking For Space

It is good to give space to your partner in a healthy relationship but space should not turn into the distance.

If he is always looking for space from you or this relationship, it can be a sign that he doesn’t enjoy your company anymore and is looking for ways to avoid you. If he has no clear and valid reasons to ask for space, it is a sign that he is not into you anymore.

  • Becoming Self- Centered

If a guy starts losing his interest in you, his behavior would change, and become self-centered. He would begin thinking more about himself and less about you. His routine, his work, and only his issues would matter to him.

  • Stop Saying ‘I Love You’

Expressing love and affection is an important aspect of any healthy relationship. The intense feelings of a new relationship might subside over a period of time but if he has completely stopped expressing his feelings and saying I Love You, it is a sign that he is not into you as he was before.

These signs are an indication that he is not interested in continuing and your relationship might be heading towards a breakup. It is better not to ignore these signs and try to accept the reality.

However, sometimes, this could be a sign of him just putting in a lesser effort. So hold your horses before you jump to any conclusions. He might have turned cold or complacent, he might be busy, stressed, or simply looking for some space. It is better to initiate a conversation with him so that he can clarify his stance and you may get the much-needed answers!

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