16 Best Drinking Games For Couples to Ignite Their Love

It doesn’t matter if you know your partner for a few months or you are married, playing fun drinking games can always be a great idea. You can plan some fun for the weekends after the hectic week to unwind and spend some quality time with your partner. It is important for partners to engage in fun activities and try something new to keep the excitement alive in a relationship, especially the long-term ones.

Today we are going to talk about drinking games for couples so that you can have fun with your better half. After all, who doesn’t enjoy drinking with their partner? And adding fun games will only make it more exciting. If you think that drinking games can’t be enjoyed with two people, we will prove you wrong.

Best Drinking Games for Couples

Here’s a look at some drinking games to have a fun boozy evening:

1. Straight Face

Drinking Games For Couples

Both the partners write some funny and outrageous things on pieces of paper. Now place these chits in a bowl and mix them. Each one you have to pick a chit turn by turn and read out the sentence loud keeping a straight face.

You are not supposed to react in any way like a smile or giggle. Whoever fails has to take a shot. Basically, you need to come up with really funny statements.

2. The Drawing Game

Draw something on a piece of paper and let your partner guess what it is. Meanwhile, you need to take shots every 20 seconds till the time your partner guesses what it is. If your partner purposely acts dumb to make you drink more, you can take revenge when it’s your turn.

3. Never Have I Ever

Drinking Games For Couples

This is one of the most popular drinking games and everyone enjoys playing it. The game is exciting because it will make you drunk quickly and you also get to know the secrets of your partner.

You have to come up with a statement- Never Have I Ever….. If you can’t agree with the statement, you have to take a sip.

Some examples can be:

  • Never have I ever…drunk dialed an ex.
  • Never have I ever…kissed someone on the first date.
  • Never have I ever…lied to my partner.
  • Never have I ever…had a crush on a teacher.
  • Never have I ever…been ashamed of my partner.
  • Never have I ever…stolen hotel shampoos and soaps.

4. Truth or Dare

It is difficult to find someone who has never played truth or dare at least once in their lifetime. You can convert it into a fun drinking game as well. One of you begins by asking the question- Truth or Dare and the other person needs to choose. If they choose truth, they must answer the question honestly. If they fail to do so they must take a shot. The same concept applies to dare. If they fail to do the task, they take a shot.

Some questions that you can ask when your partner chooses ‘Truth’:

  • Have you ever cheated in a relationship?
  • Did you have a crush on your teacher?
  • Did you have a crush on your friend’s partner?
  • Have you cheated in a relationship?
  • Do you talk to your ex?
  • What turns you off about your partner?
  • Do you miss your first love?

Some tasks for your partner if they choose ‘Dare’:

  • Massage your partner’s feet.
  • Use a pickup line on your partner.
  • Take off a piece of clothing.
  • Take an ugly selfie and post it on Instagram.
  • Imitate your partner.

5. More Likely To Questions Game

question & answer game

One of you begins reading a ‘More likely to’ question out loud. You can also invent your own question. Now both of you write your answer on a piece of paper and on the count of 3 show the chit to each other.

If your answers match, none of you drink and if you both made a different choice, you both have to drink.

Some questions for ‘More likely to:

  • (1) Who is more likely to end up in a Prison?
  • (2) Who is more likely to fall asleep in a cinema hall?
  • (3) Who is more likely to not shower for a week?
  • (4) Who is more likely to survive a week without a cell phone?
  • (5) Who is more likely to drunk dial an ex?

6. Who am I?

Who am I is a fun game in itself and making a drinking game out of it can be a pretty good idea? You need sticky notes, a pen, and some drinks. One of you decides who/ what your partner should be- person, animal, or an object. Write the name on a sticky note and place it on your partner’s forehead. Now your partner has to guess what they are and you can only answer with Yes and No. With every No, they are supposed to have a drink.

7. Charades

You need to write a few charades or words on pieces of paper and keep them in a bowl. Each one of you has to pick a note and try to mime the word and your partner has to guess it. If your partner is not able to guess, both you and your partner drink. The words for charades can be famous celebrities, food, animals, birds, actors, movies, series, TV Shows, etc.

8. ‘Friends’ Drinking Game

Characterize as friends

Who doesn’t love the cult show Friends? You can now add some fun elements to it with a drinking game.

Both you and your partner choose a character from Friends, for example, you are Ross and your partner is Rachel. Every time they do something peculiar, synonymous with their character traits such as Rachel touching her hair or Ross talks about dinosaurs, you need to drink.

9. Beer Pong

Get some plastic cups, ping pong balls, and a lot of beer. Now place the filled cups on the edge of the table in a triangular shape. Now each of you needs to hit your partner’s set of cups and he/ she needs to drink from that cup. You can also place a chit with a dare written on it below the cup. So not only your partner has to drink the beer but also complete the dare. Both of you take turns and keep on playing the game.

10. Guess the Lie

You need to speak three statements about yourself out of which two need to be true and one should be a lie. The partner needs to find out which one out of the three is a lie. If they guess it right, you drink, if they guess it wrong, they drink.

Then your partner speaks three statements about themselves and you guess the lie. After a few drinks, the game will get really interesting as most people will begin to speak things about themselves after getting drunk which they are usually shy to admit when sober.

Sitting on your couch and drinking while watching TV can be too monotonous. Next time you plan to have some quality and fun time with your partner, try out these drinking games and we are sure you both will have a gala time together.

11. Ask Me anything Game:

Couples know each other well but how much deeper will be revealed in this game. In this game, one partner can ask anything to the other partner and if he/she denies or can’t answer then he takes a shot. This can be fun if you want to open up your partner’s deep secrets regarding past love, mistakes, wrongdoing, etc.

12. Make eye contact:

It can be a very exciting game for couples while drinking. Here you have to make eye contact with your partner and the first one to blink loses. The loser takes a shot.

Making eye contact can be very romantic especially when you are drinking with your partner. It can be difficult for someone to maintain eye contact without a blink when he/she is drunk.

This will be surely a fun game for couples.

13. Guess to Kiss:

Guess to kiss is a romantic game for couples where you get to kiss your partner if you spot it right. In this game, one partner will think of a spot where he/she wants to kiss and the other partner will guess the spot. If he/she makes the right guess in 3 chances then he/she wins. The winning partner gets to kiss the other partner at the exact spot and the loser takes a shot.

14. Card Game:

Card games are always handy even while drinking with your partner. Here one has to balance a stack of cards as seen in the picture. He/she will get 2 chances to build the deck and if failed he/she takes a shot. 

15. Coin Game:

A coin game is where one partner flips a coin and the other partner guesses heads or tails. If he/she guesses it correct then he wins and the loser takes a shot.

16. Spin The Bottle:

Spin the bottle is a popular game amongst friends, colleagues, family during night outs, bonfires, picnics, etc. It can be a fun and romantic game for couples while drinking. You have to spin the bottle and if it ends up pointing at any one of you, he/she has to take a shot.

Drinking Games for Couples in a Group

Are you cracked up, of your regular bedroom life? Do you want to add some excitement and spice to your love and relationship? Well, you can always try some fun yet naughty adult drinking games for couples in a group, to make your bond better and to know about each other very well.

playing in a group
  1. Never Have I Ever

    This is the coolest yet kinkiest drinking game for couples in a group to play. An opposite partner can ask the question, and on every “YES” the other partner has to take a sip. You can ask any questions, probably you wanted to know for the longest time.
  2. Look at my Eyes

    This is a very sensual game when it comes to a Drinking game for couples in a game. The rule of this game is to stare into each other”s eyes up until one has blinked. The person who blinks needs to drink a shot and the game goes on.

This game arouses sensual tension around you and your partner

So these are few drinking games for couples in a group, do try and let us know your experience in the comment section below. 

Apps for Drinking Games

Apart from these games, couples can also try some games online. There are apps available for couples to try different games. Some of the popular apps are like:

  1. Drunkin’ Dirty drinking games for Adults
  2. Doubles: Drinking Games for 2 (Apple store)
  3. Drink Roulette
  4. Never Have I Ever
  5. Picolo drinking game

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