11 Beautiful Things a Man Will Do if He Loves You

Men are incredible human beings! They can be unpredictable and can have extreme mood swings too. Men, in general, love their freedom the most. Partying, meeting up with friends, they love having fun without anyone restricting them. A man is passionate about love and he will do adorable things when he loves you.

But, as mentioned before, men are incredible beings. When in love, they can turn into a person who might not be recognizable even by the closest of friends and family. Love is a beautiful feeling that can change the entire mindset and personality of a man!

Even in such cases, some men could be using you for their selfish purposes. They can act quite manipulative and convert into a toxic person. These men will only ruin your life instead of making it a paradise.

Men are pretty hard to read through their behaviour and mannerisms. Some men can mask their true motives and take undue advantage of you. It is important to realise the difference between a man who is in love with you and a man who is using you.

Read further to know the signs he loves you deeply and is not with you for any selfish purpose. Cross-check all the points with his behaviour, his words, his actions. This way you will know exactly what he is up to, staying with you.

1. He knows your friends well

Friends are an integral part of life. no one would like to choose between their friends or their partner. We all wish to have every one of them in our lives together at all times. If your boyfriend or a potential boyfriend acts nicely towards your group of friends, it is a sign that he might be into you.

All he is trying to do is make an impression of himself on your friends. If he easily gels with your friends and does manage to impress them, your friends will start rooting for the two of you even more, than you do!

2. He plans special dates for you

Dates are important in every relationship. It is a time where it’s only you and your man spending time with each other knowing each other better. A date can help create a healthy environment for the both of you to talk to each other. It helps you to pour your heart out so that you know what is going on in both of your minds.

A man who is ready to invest his time in arranging special dates for you is someone worth keeping. A man arranging a date shows that he is willing to take out some time to spend only with you. No matter the location or ambience, it’s the thought that counts.

This small gesture from your boyfriend is enough to tell you that he does not take you for granted. He wants to do a lot of things, even small ones, to keep you happy.

3. He does not hold you back

Are you having a girls’ night out and forgot to tell your boyfriend about it? Once you do remember to inform him, he is as chill as he usually is? Well, you have found someone who wants you to be happy.

If your boyfriend is completely understanding of your spontaneous plans, it means that he trusts you. He wants you to enjoy your life without being dependent on him. This shows that he is not someone who has a dominant personality.

Instead, he wants his partner to have her own life and make the most of it. Of course, he wants your time, but that does not mean he does not want you to spend time with people who were there before him.

4. He brags about you to his friends

A man who is not shy to brag about his girlfriend in front of his friends is truly serious about her. When he brags about you it shows that he is proud of everything you do and whatever you have achieved in life.

Whether it is a small achievement like winning a small competition or something as big as a promotion, he will make sure to celebrate all your achievements and tell everyone about it too.

You will realise that almost everyone knows what is going on in your life because your man is your cheerleader and has already told everyone! He wants everyone to know and appreciate you as much as he does.

5. He will take a lot of photographs

Someone who is wanting to be with you will also make sure that he has your photograph for the time when you are not around them. When your man truly loves you, he will not shy away from clicking the most random photographs of you.

Most of the photographs will be extremely embarrassing. But those are the ones he will keep going back to, because of the moment you both lived at that time.

Also, if you want your photographs clicked for your Instagram feed, your boyfriend will make sure that you look your best. He wants you to flaunt your best features and let the world know what a beauty he has bagged.

6. He will let you make decisions

When a man truly loves you, he will try to go ahead with decisions you make for the both of you. Be it movies to watch together, or the food you will be ordering later that day, he will be happy with the decisions you take because he simply loves you!

He does not care about his favourites as long as he gets to spend time with you. This is the sole priority he has at the moment. As long as you are happy, he will be happy.

7. He will show his love freely

When a man is truly in love with you, he will make sure you know it. He will not miss any chance of giving you hugs and kisses throughout the day.

Even when he is having a busy day or a rough one, he will make sure to take out time for you and give you his signature bear hugs. This will not only make you happy but will also relieve all the stress he might be having.

When a man does this, it shows that he is wanting to make you realise how much you mean to him. This shows his seriousness and attitude towards the relationship you have.

8. He will not say a no to you

When he orders his favourite food and sees you eyeing it with hunger, he will let you take a bite without any sign of annoyance.

When he has a match going on and you switch the channel, he won’t say much and continue watching what you are seeing. He does not mind this behaviour because he loves you a lot.

There is no way he would want you to feel sad. That is why he always goes with the flow and spends his time with his precious one.

9. He makes sure your family likes him

When a man loves you dearly, he makes sure to always remain in the good books of your family, especially your parents. He knows how important a ‘yes’ is for the continuation of your relationship and ultimately, your marriage!

When a man is serious for you, he will treat your family as his. There will be no discrimination in his behaviour towards your parents and your siblings. He will be willing to do everything he could to help your family and you in any way possible.

10. He will support all your dreams

Whether your dream is big or small, he will never stop you from having them and in fact, help you pave a way to make those dreams come true.

None of your goals or dreams is worthless for a man who truly loves you. Instead, he will continuously push you to reach them, no matter how hard the road is or how long it will take to reach your destination.

Once you do achieve your dreams and look back, you will see him right there by your side. Thoroughly celebrating your achievement with all your loved ones there for you too.

11. He never loses his patience with you

No matter what the circumstances are, when a man is in love with you he will tolerate a lot of things you do and the words you say. His patience level is at a different stage when he is with you, because well, he loves you!

Whenever you are showing him attitude, he will make sure to not lose his patience at that moment. When the time is right, he will bring up the same point and make sure you understand what you did wrong.

This also shows his maturity and his level of interest in staying with you even when you might be wrong and make mistakes. This shows that he is truly willing to share his life with you no matter what.

Bottom line

It is difficult to understand a man but you see him doing these desirable things for you then it a sign he loves you. He is ready to accept you with all your specialties and your flaws alike. He is ready to take on whatever challenge comes in front of him, but with you on his side, supporting him throughout his journey.

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11 Beautiful Things a Man Will Do if He Loves You

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