10 Surprising Things Guys Don’t Notice about Your Body

Men have a different sense of attraction and their physical attraction is based on instincts. They are more likely to be attracted towards curvy women like women with wider hips and slim waists. Most men are attracted to someone in the first 90 seconds after they meet. Most women focus a lot on their hairstyle, clothes, makeup, nails, lips, etc. but do you know whether this impresses your man. Well, learn things that guys don’t notice much about your body.

This differentiation will give you an advantage of what to work on and what not.

Put your hand up if you have ever concerned about matching colors in your ensemble!  So, you tried the initial one, and you also believed alright, this does not seem that bad in any way.  But then you opted to try out another one, and the efforts continue. But this doesn’t impress him, why, because men have a different sense of attraction.

Exactly what a fool you’re. Why are you even bothering so much about it since you are not sure whether he will notice it or not?  you are sporting one (let alone if it’s 1 color darker or brighter ). The reality is that guys are from another world, and they just don’t see things as we all, girls do.

They do not actually notice all the details on your cosmetics, outfit, body, shoes, and hair which you are paying so much attention to.  So, to save yourself unnecessary trouble later on.  Here are the list of things guys don’t notice about your body:-

Your Marks

Yet, many men are self-critical of themselves. They won’t ever conquer a woman’s obsession with her stretch marks and”defects”.  It is only in our natures to rely upon and recall every concealed area of our imperfections. And also remind ourselves of every one of these.

But, the reality is he does not even detect some of it!  When a man sees your body, he gets too tired of it to be able to consider its own imperfections. The one thing he feels and sees is your lovely female form, the texture, and the odor of your skin.

Your Cosmetics Abilities (Makeup Skills)

As you may be all fussy about using the ideal quantity of mascara in order for your lashes not to stick together. Men will only realize you have lashes.  As you may be all fussy about using the ideal lipstick. Men will only realize that you’re a girl, you’ve got lips, and you are wearing lipstick.

They do not actually observe the color of the lipstick or other things.   Men tend to see if you move way, way ahead, and plaster the make-up on. yet, if you are concerned about what your make-up appears like to get a date. Quit stressing he will not notice, we could almost guarantee it.

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Your additional Pounds

If you inquire if you have gained some additional pounds. He’ll inform you that you did not because he does not notice it!  The only time that a man will observe that you’ve gained some additional pounds is should you become twice as large as you had been.

In the event that you gained 100 lbs. Sure, he would be blind not to notice this, but men do not see your weight changes in the manner which you do. Some say “Love is Blind” but this blindness is limited to the flaws of a person.


Let us say you bought shoes, and you are going to reveal them to your man to ask his view.  And the one thing he says is”Nice shoes”  And the odds are if you did not show him he will never even notice them!  And do you understand why?  Since they do not pay that much attention to sneakers (if you are not barefoot).

Men’s dictionaries do not have that much room for words about sneakers. He may observe the way your dress hugs your curves or the items your fave stilettos do to your own buttocks. Make it appear amazing, that is why you endure through them, of course. But, he is never going to remark on the fact that you have gone for wedges rather than stilettos. Or the strap in your sneakers does not elongate your leg. 

He simply won’t.  Therefore, do yourself strong and proceed for the shoes which you feel the very best in, not the ones that you think he will like. They just know about the occurrence of SHOES–boots, heels, lace, and that is about it.


At the same time, you continue counting those wrinkles in your forehead or around your eyes. You start seriously considering getting some Botox, your man won’t observe any of it in case you do not tell him.  Maybe you’ve got any crows’ feet or laugh lines which you are frantic around, and frequently douse in anti-aging lotion in a bid to keep them in check.

Odds are he will not observe these and when he can, it will not be from the negative manner that you dread.  He will probably be into these little quirks due to the fact that they prove that you are always laughing and grinning. 

That is the type of woman men would like to be together somebody who knows how to love themselves and enjoy life.  He is not likely to peer closely into your own face and point out each wrinkle. Most guys don’t notice wrinkles in your body, these are the things they are not worried about.

Undyed, developed out branches of your hair

Right now when it’s a tendency to have grown roots, the true question is if men are supposed to detect them?  Obviously, they aren’t.   The one thing they notice about your own hair is if it’s washed when it smells fine and if it’s short or long. 

He does not see your origins and cannot see that you have gotten subtle highlights.  He simply sees the entire bundle.  So, if your choices involve carrying some self-care time. Trying to schedule an appointment to touch up your roots. Then go for this bubble tub — your man won’t see if your origins hang out since they are for a week or 2.


To each woman, her breasts are among the main things in regards to facial attractiveness.  It’s because eyebrows own the ability to accentuate. Forming your own face in the most appropriate manner.  As you may be spending hours trying to have the ideal shape. Men do not really notice your attempts unless your eyebrows seem like the Nike emblem.

He will not detect in the event that you inadvertently purchased a pencil that has been a shade too dark. Choose to use it anyway since, well, you wanted something.  He will not have the ability to notice in the event that you eventually opt to splurge. And get several micro-blading done thus you’ve got flawless brows from tonight.  He simply will not notice.

Not Wearing Makeup

You may go all mad once you’re not wearing cosmetics. Believing that all your imperfections will probably come to light. But men won’t even see that you’re not wearing it.  Even with no eye shadow, your eyes still seem bright to them.

 Your lips remain attractive for them, and they see the exact same woman with the exact same beautiful face.  When you apply makeup, then they are just not able to tell any substantial difference unless it’s something really bizarre.

Nail Paints

That comes back to this matter of girls always fretting about appearing put together.  Perhaps, it’s as you follow many fashion bloggers on social websites. Who seem always perfect without having completely curled hair out of place. Regardless, we have got to tell you even in the event that you could observe every defect on your entire body. 

Each smudge on your make-up, and whatever goes wrong with your physical appearance. Your man probably won’t.  He may notice if you generally stay with nails that are nude.

You suddenly bust out a vampish reddish or purple for date night. yet, he won’t actually see in case you have not had an opportunity to wash your most recent manicure which has become chipped. This is probably the least of things guys don’t notice about your body.


We’re just going, to be honest here.  We know that it’s so, so hard to dismiss any flaws you spot in your body.  You will possibly prevent wearing certain items of clothing like shorts. Because you think your cellulite is too gross to show off to the world. 

Nobody cares about your cellulite but you. And if you think a guy will be preoccupied with your cellulite, then simply quit.  He is going to be too busy staring at your killer legs. Thanking his lucky stars that you wore a little enough outfit that your cellulite is even visible. He doesn’t care. 

You are always going to be special for your man. No matter what you wear, how you look. All he needs is care, love, and faith. A guy always loves a woman who doesn’t bother much about herself and her body parts. They like those women very much who know how to enjoy their life.

All you need to do is behave well in front of him. Behave well doesn’t mean that you have to be formal. Behave well means try to keep your man happy. Listen to him, if you will listen and understand him well, he will give loads of love to your life. Men always like the person who hears them. That is why they have strong connections with their parents.

Bottom line

These are the things that guys don’t notice about your body. So don’t overthink and excite yourself. This article might have solved your concern. Just remember one golden rule “Love Yourself”. This mantra will help you be happy and joyful in your life. Keep exploring this space for more content on LoveRomanceRelationship TipsDatingLove Quotes & MessagesZodiac Signs Compatibility, and Couple Issues.

things guys don’t notice about your body

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