13 Ways To Know That You Are Ready For A Relationship

The only real relationship you will ever have in your life is with your own self. If you are not content within yourself, you will never be stable when you are emotionally and physically involved with someone else. 

But we all need partners too. So how do you know you are finally ready to share that part of you with someone else as well? Falling in love is no game and can happen at any age. 

Find your inner self and assess what is it that you would like to have in your partner and the relationship. There are also some clear signs that you will show when you are okay with having a partner and becoming a couple. 

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you feel content

1. You Feel Content

You know you are ready to take the next step of the relationship when you know you are happy with yourself. And you are ready to share the immense love you have with someone else too. When you love yourself enough, you can share it with others, without any control. When you crave a relationship, it should not be out of desperation or peer pressure, but the fact that you want it to have more fun.

you know your boundaries

2. You Know Your Boundaries

Before you start dating someone, you need to know your boundaries. When we get too involved, we tend to forget ourselves and are constantly giving in too much. Setting boundaries helps have a healthy relationship not just with your partner but also with yourself. If you end up doing everything for the other person for the sake of your own happiness, the relationship will ebb.

How To Know If You Are Ready For A Relationship

3. You Want Someone To Compliment You

If you are looking for a partner so that he or she can complete you, this is a recipe for a toxic, dysfunctional relationship. This can also lead to codependency. As a result, find someone who can compliment you and not complete you!

you are not ready to compromise

4. You Are Not Ready To Compromise

When we are in a relationship, we are tempted to do everything that our partner does. Gradually, our interests tend to fade and we adapt to our partner’s likes and dislikes. This is a very wrong approach. Rather, if you are set to enhance your interests and have a sense of freedom, you know you are ready for a real relationship.

You Are Okay With Just How You Are

5. You Are Okay With Just How You Are

When in a relationship, partners are constantly trying to change each other. But, if you know who you are as a person and are absolutely okay with it, that’s the way to find a relationship. We build the strongest relation with ourselves and if we aren’t at peace with it, we’ll never be able to give someone else anything with a full heart.

You Know How To Prioritize Yourself

6. You Know How To Prioritise Yourself

For you, self-care and self-love are above everything. Relationships usually make us prioritize the bond over ourselves but if you have mastered the trick of taking care of yourself than others, you are set to get into the dating zone. Self-love is attractive and this sort of selfishness for your own self is perfect.

You Can Communicate Well

7. You Can Communicate Well

There is a difference between having a normal conversation and having a productive one. Instead of being passive-aggressive, if you are able to express yourself without harping, you are on the right track. It means that you are ready to have a more meaningful conversation than just bickering.

You Are Okay Going Wrong Sometimes

8. You Are Okay Going Wrong Sometimes

You know you are all set to make the next move when you are okay with going wrong sometimes and aren’t proving your worth all the time. It is a sign of a healthy relationship and it is okay to relax, instead of mulling over how you could make it right. This is absolutely okay.

How To Know If You Are Ready For A Relationship

9. You Know Equality

As you grow up, you realize it is not all tit for tat but, when in a relationship it is about sharing. For example, when you go on a date and are okay with splitting the bill, that’s one right way to perceive equality. When you do this, it tells the other person that equality matters to you.

You Don't Want Anyone To Fix You

10. You Don’t Want Anyone To Fix You

You have your goals set and you have your own interests and hobbies for example cooking or reading novels. This is what you like to do rejuvenate and in no way you are ready to give that up. When you are unsatiated, you will make changes yourself, instead of wanting someone else to fix or save you. That’s the right way to go.

You Don't Want To Fix Anyone

11. You Don’t Want To Fix Anyone

We all have something in the past that made us who we are today. So naturally, when you meet someone, you no more expect your partner to be a perfect package. He/she will definitely have something that doesn’t align with your traits but if you are not trying to fix or change it, you know you are ready to make the next move in the relationship.

How To Know If You Are Ready For A Relationship

12. You Are Not A Puppet

Another sign that you are set to venture into the world of dating is that you are ready to take a stand for yourself, instead of always agreeing. It’s okay to have an opinion and sometimes agree to disagree. Not being attached to someone else’s response and being honest about yours, is what one should look for in a potential relationship.

You Have Unconventional Ways

13. You Have Unconventional Ways

People have some set rules when it comes to relationships but when you have learned to avoid the dating script, you know you are right. The way to keep the spark of a relationship alive is by being in the moment while also being open to talking about your future when the time is right.

Final Word:

When you start noticing these signs, you know you are certainly ready to take the next challenge of your life, which is a relationship. Being happy within yourself can be the beginning of a newfangled experience and with these qualities, your bond with your partner will make strides.

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How To Know If You Are Ready For A Relationship

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