11 Sure Signs That Your Female Co-worker Likes You

Office romance is a very common thing. Sometimes, it is also a way to break the mundane routine of work. Sharing so many hours along with lunch and tea breaks can definitely spark some newness with your co-worker. Co-working spaces, help you socialize but to know the real difference between flirting and being friendly can be a task.

There are so many questions that pop up, especially if a female co-worker is showing interest in you. Whether or not she genuinely likes you? Or is she only being polite?  In the midst of all this, there are some subtle signs to read. When she drops these hints, it’s obvious that you will be left confused. You also don’t want to get rejected and make things awkward and turn the story into a scandal.

This list ensures that you can catch every sign and hint to know if your co-worker is romantically interested in you or not. Take a look.

smile is a constant thing

1. Smile Is A Constant

Women have their way of being shy around the guy they like. The only thing they expect from the person they like is to know the difference between a smirk and a smile.

If she looks at you, and passes a smile, while holding her gaze for a while, that’s her way of seeking attention, whilst also telling you that she likes you or is interested in you.


2. She Wants To Know Your Plans

Another thing a female colleague would do if she is interested in you is that she would want to know what you are up to, maybe in the evening or over the weekend.

This could be her way to be polite as well but if this is patent, she is subtly trying to figure if you like someone else, have a girlfriend, or are married. In other words, she is understanding if she can connect with you.

Signs That Your Female Co-worker Likes You

3. The ‘Accidental’ Touches

It’s also about body language. If the female colleague is interested in you, she will express that with her gestures and with words as well. The way she is around you will change as per how she feels for you.

Sometimes there will also be accidental touches, and she will make it look like an ‘accident’ but in some way, it actually means that she is only trying to seek your attention.

She Has Learnt A Lot About You

4. She Has Learnt A Lot About You

At some point, you must have mentioned things about yourself, your likes or dislikes. But, this female colleague, since she is interested in you, keeps a note of it. So when you are out together, she just remembers your drinks and food. That’s because she has some information about you.

This shows that she really cares about you and wants to know more. This may leave you astounded, but that’s just her way of showing that she hears your little things.

Her Sweet Surprises & Gestures

5. Her Sweet Surprises & Gestures

Isn’t it amazing to see a cup of coffee on your desk already when you reach work? Imagine having a stressful day and there’s a little surprise for you. Won’t that make your day?

Women generally don’t go out of their way, unless they like someone. So if she is leaving little surprises for you, she is wanting you to know that she is attracted to you.

She Offers To Work With You

6. She Offers To Work With You

She has her work as well but if she is going out of her way, while voluntarily helping you with your work, it is a stronger sign that she likes you. It basically means that she likes the way you manage and do your work. She wants to be there in whatever way she can as a friend, while you do so.

Signs That Your Female Co-worker Likes You

7. She Puts In Effort To Look Good

She must be already putting in the effort to look good, but now that she has an interest in you, she would want you to notice as well. To do that, one of the things she would do is dress to the T.

Fancy clothes, blow-dried hair, chic bag, nice perfumes, etc, everything will become a part of her repertoire. If you wish to figure this out, you can ask her if she is going out post-work. If she says no, and she shows a smile on her face, you know the answer and if you like her too, this is your time.

She Keeps Connected

8. She Keeps Connected When You Aren’t At Work

Despite spending so much time at work, she also tries to keep in touch outside of office space. From asking about the plans to knowing your work status, she is trying to strike a conversation with you. But, if it is only a work-related conversation, then take the cue that she is probably not into you.

Signs That Your Female Co-worker Likes You

9. She Also Opens Up With You

It is easy to assume that women are blabbermouths, but trust me, there are a lot of things that they don’t talk about unless it is with someone they trust. If she is telling you some of her secrets, that she doesn’t share with anyone else, it is because she feels connected with you. Hence, by doing this, she is letting you in her world. All you need to do is be a good listener now!

She Is Jittery When You Are Around

10. She Is Jittery When You Are Around

Women, when they like someone, they never make it obvious, rather they play hard to get, so men can figure it out. In some cases, when you aren’t sending a signal if you like her or not, she might be embarrassed and tongue-tied with her actions.

Her body language and the way she talks to others versus, how she talks to you will shift and you will notice that she gets a tad bit nervous around you. That’s again a clear sign.

Signs That Your Female Co-worker Likes You

11. Others Are Noticing Too

Crushes can never go under wraps and it is one of the things that office people notice the fastest. The mundane routine can get boring for most and to break that, people find a way to look for things beyond work.

If your colleagues are noticing the female co-worker’s change in behavior, the signs are obvious then. Your friends can always back you up when you aren’t sure. Try it out.

Bottom Line:

So these are some sure-shot signs that your female co-worker likes you. She might show that she isn’t interested but if these are the signs she is sending out, it all boils down to one thing that she is into you. Now it is on you, what you wish to do about this newfangled office romance.

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