8 Positive Signs Your Ex Will Come Back To You

Break up hurts! Yes, it does.

No matter you are breaking up with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife, the fact is that it hurts because two people living with each other have got a habit of seeing each other, and when it breaks, it hurts.

Some relationships break for the betterment of two people involved, while in other cases, couples break up because of silly issues or misunderstandings. There are larger chances of exes coming back in the latter scenario to make the relationship work again.

According to a study done on a set of couples, 30 % of the couples came back together after a breakup. Here, 15 % stayed back and made their relationship work, while the other 15 % broke up again to part their ways.

So, it is real; exes do come back, provided you don’t miss the signs that say things clear and loud about the status of your relationship.

Let us now look at some of the most evident signs that indicate that your ex is still interested in putting things together for both of you.

Signs That Say Your Ex Will Come Back

1. You Broke Up In The Heat Of The Moment

Micheal McNulty from Gottman Institute on BBC once said, ‘the real relationship poison is the long-lasting, slow-burning issues, and not the big, explosive arguments or events in the relationship’.

So, if you or your partner broke up in the heat of the moment, there are larger chances that you both try and get back to each other.

In this case, if you want your ex to come back, you should try and initiate a conversation to talk about the issues. This way, you’ll explain your feelings and convey your interest in pulling back good things back together.

2. They Have Already Done It Several Times Before

In some relationships, the couples tend to break up and patch up repeatedly. If your relationship has this pattern, too, you need to worry about spotting signs of whether your ex would come back or not. In this condition, your ex would be back like he/she had already done it several times before.

Instead of stressing about waiting for your ex, you should utilize the lone time to figure out the reason for these constant breakups.

In a healthy relationship, a couple should have a certain percentage of stability, and such actions can lead to an ultimate breakup, where none of you would want to see each other again. So, communicate and try to eliminate the reasons behind frequent breakups.

3. You Both Agreed To The Fact That Your Relationship Was Special

If you and your partner have always talked about the good things in your relationship, and how both of your want to cherish it forever, there are larger chances that your ex would come back to you.

In addition, if you both agree to the fact that you once had great chemistry and the compatibility that you people shared is unique and matchless, then there are chances you’d get back.

Good compatibility and great understanding are rare in relationships. So, if you shared it with your ex, you’re surely going to miss it. For such great understanding, a lot of people get back to their exes.

4. Your Ex Hasn’t Yet Blocked You

Post break up, the first thing couples do is block each other to get to know anything happening in each other’s life.

However, the people who block each other on social media never come back in the relationship. So, if your ex has not yet blocked you after the massive fight you had, there are chances that they are still not sure of what to do.

In this case, your ex can take a U-turn in the relationship and get back to you. However, it is also possible that they might again go back if they feel that the issues are still unattended. So make sure you talk of the problems that have led to this break-up.

5. They Try To Contact You

If your ex has tried to contact you over this period, it indicates that they are still thinking about you. So, if you are already on their mind, they would undoubtedly try to come back and make the relationship work.

So, if you too want the same, you should be a part of the conversation and explain your point to work on the problems together.

6. You Both Feel Ready To Work Out The Issue And Fix Things

Often, even after the break-up, the two people involved in the relationship feel like they don’t want to give up on the situation, and they’ll make all possible efforts to fix things.

So, if both of you feel like you want to work out on the issues and get along better this time, there are more significant chances that your ex will get back to you.

In this case, you should take out time to talk about the issues and address the concerns so that you can feel comfortable with each other. If you practice healthy communication, you’ll probably create a better place for the people involved in the relationship.

7. Your Ex Wishes To Meet You

If your ex shows interest in meeting you, they are more likely to get back to you. These signs indicate that your ex hasn’t completely lost interest in the relationship, and they want to fix the issues by a meeting.

However, even if your ex shows interest in meeting you, you mustn’t look desperate. Take some time to respond, and be sure of what you want to convey as an answer.

Further, if you too want to meet up, take some time to spot the cause of differences between you two to talk about it. Also, dress up nicely and smell good when you meet them, reflecting how happy you are for the meeting.

Keep in mind your conversations should be more about focusing on the solutions to the problems between you two.

8. Your Ex Hasn’t Moved On

Naturally, after the breakup, people tend to move on to stay happy in their lives. But, if you find out that your ex hasn’t yet moved on and they stay unhappy after you people fought, there are more significant chances that they will come back.

Unhappiness can be seen through their statuses and posts on social media, or you will also get to know about this through your common friends. So, if you notice any of such signs, relax and wait for them to contact you.


Even if your ex shows interest in coming back to the relationship, you still have to analyze and understand the compatibility you share. Some relationships become toxic over time, and we feel we can’t get over them because we are too engrossed.

So, if the break-up and patch-up have become a typical pattern in your relationship, you’ll have to sit back and spot the reasons that lead to this issue. This pattern isn’t a healthy sign for the relationship, and it will ultimately lead to ruining both of your life.

Besides, it would help if you also made communication the key in your relationship. Healthy communication can help eradicate all kinds of misunderstandings and harsh feelings.

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