Expert Tips on How To Make Him Miss You After Breakup

Breakups are hurtful and more so when they aren’t mutual. You feel it is the end of the world and you can’t see your future anymore. Your days are gloomy and nights are full of tears. Nothing makes you happy and you badly miss your boyfriend. All you wish is to talk to him, see him, and get him back. can you make him miss you after the breakup?

You loved him dearly and he did too. But because of the situation, misunderstanding, or involvement of a third person, the breakup happened. You tried to move on but it didn’t happen.

This is a common feeling and you don’t need to regret that. You still want to be with him and can do anything to win him back. Yet, you might think of how that is possible, especially when he is the one who broke up and clearly doesn’t want to be with you.

How To Make Him Miss You After Breakup

Here’s a look at some ways on how to make him miss you after the breakup. But you do need to understand that it may or may not work depending on the person, situation, and reason for the breakup. There is no magic; you can only try.

Make Him Miss You After Break-up

  • Don’t be in a rush

The very first thing that you need to understand is the breakup happened for a reason. You can’t make him miss you or fall in love with you. We will discuss ways that will help in restoring the lost relationship. But it doesn’t happen overnight. You need to have a realistic approach and be patient about the process. There is no guaranteed timeline for these things to work for you.

  • Focus on yourself

The first thing that you need to do after a breakup is to focus on improving yourself. Instead of crying in bed and putting on weight, you need to pay attention to a fitness routine. For your man to miss you first you need to start feeling comfortable in your own skin again.

He fell in love with a woman who was fit and healthy and not with someone who would spend days eating ice cream and lying on the bed. It happens with most people but you need to gather yourself and push yourself to engage in some workout.

You can use this situation to become stronger. Try to transform your stress into something positive. You don’t want his sympathy so why show him that you are in a bad shape both emotionally and physically. Try to focus your attention on something else. This will help in releasing stress from your system. It also has a positive effect on the state of mind.

  • Get Social

Make Him Miss You After Break-up

For becoming the same woman that he once fell in love with, you need to focus on your social life. As such you feel lonely after a breakup and staying at home won’t let you feel positive. Instead, spend some time strengthening your bond with your family. Meet a distant cousin or grandma whom you haven’t met in months.

Go and attend family dinners and celebrations. Catch up with an old friend and hang out with your girl gang. You might as well try to flirt with men. There is nothing wrong with checking out other men even if you are rooting for your ex.

  • Get a makeover

Getting a makeover will not only make you feel confident and redeem your lost confidence but also make your ex take note of you. Get a new haircut or a new hair color. Change your clothing style or fashion statement. Work on your physical appearance so that the change is quite clear and noticeable. In fact, the makeover should be so drastic that he feels it was his loss to have left you.

  • Don’t try to change his mind

You miss him badly and wonder if he is going to miss you too. But you can’t try to persuade him to miss you. It won’t work and it is not good in the long run.

When you try to get someone by emotionally blackmailing them, it never works in the long run.

First of all, he won’t get convinced. And even if you can persuade him to be with you for a while, that won’t last for long.

He is not doing it because he wanted to. He is doing it because of persuasion or out of sympathy or pity. And, he won’t ever be happy about it.

  • Give him a chance to miss you

You can only make him miss you when you are not in touch with him. He can only fall in love with you when he misses you in his life. That way he would realize your importance. He would feel what you meant to him and what place you had in his life.

It is important to take a step back sometimes during challenging phases. It can even help couples who are together. Sometimes, You miss each other even when surrounded by others. This feeling can make two people close and create a strong bond than being close all the time.

If you are still texting or calling him, stop that. Give him space to do his own things and a chance to miss you. Don’t visit his place or send him messages. Only when you are out of his life, he will start missing you.

  • Make him Jealous

Make Him Miss You After Break-up

One of the strongest ways of making your man miss you is to make him jealous. You can do that by posting a picture with another man on social media. You can let him know subtly that you are back in the market.

This will make him realize the consequences of his actions. The thought of losing you and seeing you with someone will make him uncomfortable. The thought of him being not in your life will bother him.

  • Use Social Media

You can use your social media profiles to post pictures with your friends and male friends. We have already mentioned making him jealous but the idea is to not overdo it. Don’t post too often as this will make him miss you less.

You need to show him that you are meeting new people and hanging out. You need to keep him update about your life once in a while. This will make him wonder what’s up with you. This way he will think about you. If he tries to reach out to you, don’t respond.

This might be tough for you but he needs to pay for what he did. This will help if you wish to get back together.

  • Make use of your attractiveness

One of the ways of making your man miss you like crazy is using your feminine attractiveness. A man can’t fall in love with you if he doesn’t find you attractive. You need to bring that lost desire in him back by dressing to kill.

If you walk past him looking ravishing, he won’t be able to resist the desire to be with you. He won’t be able to resist not go with you. Most importantly, you need to become the woman he fell in love with.

How To Make Him Regret After Breaking-Up With You

Make Him Miss You After Break-up

Only a few things in life can hurt more than rejection. You want to be with him but he is no longer with you. It is normal for your ego to get hurt when he breaks your heart when he breaks all his promises.

When your dreams are shattered, you feel bitter and broken. You are badly hurt and wish if he could feel the same pain. Fighting and yelling will not make him realize his mistake. Instead, he might feel that he took the right decision. So the idea is to act smart.

How do I make him regret it?

  • Tell him about your whereabouts

You can take a different approach here instead of shouting and trying to make him guilty. Tell him about the wonderful things you have done post-breakup. You must definitely mention what you have been up to ‘after the breakup’. Don’t care about his feelings at this point as he had hurt you. Take a subtle approach to conveying everything to him instead of making it bitter.

  • Wear your confidence and smile

The way you feel from the inside reflects on you. If you are upset, your face and eyes reflect your sadness. When your heart is happy, the smile says it all. People can notice when you are happy and confident.

Go out with friends for movies and dinners, and plan trips with them. You need to make him feel that the breakup hasn’t affected you much, even if it has. Your positive attitude and self-confidence will make him regret losing you.

  • No contact

Not being in touch is one of the most important things to do after a breakup. It will help you in feeling a little better and also make him curious about you. He will also start wondering what’s up with you and if you are doing fine. if you get miserable, it will boost his ego because he dumped you.

Seeing you unhappy and that you can’t live without him will make him feel important. Not contacting him will help you in healing as well as drive him crazy. He might even begin regretting.

  • Get a fresh start

Make Him Miss You After Break-up

The idea is to make him feel guilty. If he sees you absolutely lovely after the breakup, he turns out to be stupid enough to leave you. So, try to look your best after the breakup.

Get some new dresses; change your style, get manicure and pedicure, lose those extra pounds, and get a fresh haircut. He will certainly regret dumping that smoking hot girl. Even if you don’t want him back, making him regret can please your ego.

  • Post pictures

If you both haven’t removed each other from your social media profiles, you can use the medium to make him regret it. Post happy pictures of yourself at home or work. Post pictures with your friends and family.

Show him how happy your life is post-breakup. Post pictures of places you travel to and the restaurants you visit. Mention how wonderful these places are. He will regret losing you once he sees you doing well.

  • Talk about your Career

talk about your career

When you meet him or talk to him, mention how well your career is going. This can be a big thing especially if he is not as successful as you are.

You are not belittling him but letting him know how great you are in your professional career. This also describes your capability in exploring new opportunities. But don’t overdo it as it may sound like bragging.

  • Hang out with others

It doesn’t have to be men. Hang out with different people and make new friends. This will make him believe that how popular you are among people and how much people like to spend time with you.

You can also try healthy flirting with other men. Seeing men interested in you will make him regret dumping you. He may start looking at you from a different perspective.

Texts To Send Your Ex-Boyfriend To Make Him Want You

tips on sending text messages

When you are texting your ex you need to avoid few mistakes that most people tend to do after a breakup.

They start showing how much pain they are in and how the breakup has left them heartbroken.

This can overwhelm the ex. Because your heart hasn’t healed and you haven’t moved on, you can’t get emotions to take the better of you. You can’t end up looking like a fool sending a very emotional message to an ex.

So, What kind of text messages are to be sent to make him miss you after your breakup?

  • Reminiscing Texts

One of the best ways of making your ex miss you send him texts reminding him of the good times you shared. Despite what happened in the end, things were good in the beginning. So focus on the happy reminders.

You can mention visiting a restaurant where you both often went on dates. Mention a past activity like gardening, camping, adventure trips, movies, etc, that you both enjoyed together. You can also talk about an event that you enjoyed together or a trip where you made great memories.

When he says that those were good times and asks about you, say you are doing okay. Leave the space for interpretation. He might feel that she is also missing me the way I am missing her.

  • I am doing fantastic texts

In a different approach, you can mention how happening your life is so that he misses you. Be subtle in your approach. Ask him about a restaurant or a club and tell him that you are going with your friends.

He will feel that you are doing fine without him. If at all he asks to join, say that you will meet him for a coffee sometime later. But, text only when you are going out with your friends. Don’t lie and find an excuse to text him.

  • Asking for advice texts

ask for advice

Ask about something he is really knowledgeable about and can answer intelligently. This will allow him to start a conversation and also boost his ego. He will feel good the moment he reads your text.

He would feel that you value his advice and consider him an expert on the subject matter. Yet, again, ask about something that interests you as well. Don’t get stuck in trying to manipulate.

None of the texts has anything to do with the relationship. They reflect that you are moving on and doing fine. Nothing can be more attractive than a woman who can stand on her own without a man.

He will want you back as you are doing so great without him. You need to be careful about texts as they determine the chances of a patch-up between you.

End Note

These are some of the ways you can try to win your ex-boyfriend back. But, every person is different, their perception, and reactions are also different. Also, the reasons for breakups matter.

Hence, you can’t generalize. In a significant number of cases, the breakup is final, and no matter what they won’t come back. But that doesn’t mean you should not give it a try from your end.

This will save you from what if feeling and regret for a lifetime. It is not easy to find true love and relationships in life. If you feel he is the one for you and the relationship matters the most to you, you must give it a try to win him back.

There is no place for ego in a relationship. Even if he was wrong to have broken up, you can make efforts to get your relationship back.

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