18 Secret Signs of an Aries Man is in Love with You

Love is a beautiful feeling. It makes you crave that one special person. It makes you want to be with that person and for that person all the time. This is a feeling that everyone must experience at least once in their life. So,  How does an Aries Man shows he is in love with you?

An Aries man is a difficult person to be with, that’s the truth. but that does not mean that he doesn’t deserve a chance to be loved. So, if you think an Aries man has a thing for you, then this is the perfect place for you to find out if that’s the truth or not. 

8 Signs an Aries Man Secretly Likes You

  • He often taunts you

Aries Man in love

You must have always heard someone say that if a man is taunting you, he likes you. that is not the truth in every case. But it is so true for an Aries man. 

An Aries man will taunt the hell out of you if he likes you. That is his way of showing his affection towards you. So do not get offended if he is a little annoying or is trying to piss you off.

The only reason he does this is that he is very bad at displaying his emotions. He would rather act this way than say something. So, instead of getting upset over this taunting nature of his, taunt him back and it will make you more attractive to him.

  • He comes across as rude

Known for their courage and strength, an Aries man lacks communication skills. So, when he likes you, he will be direct about it. but do not expect it to be in a very romantic manner. many times, the proposal will come out of nowhere and surprise you.

Well, Aries men are known for their unpredictability. Don’t leave him hanging if you do not like him. You need to tell him no or he will not stop pursuing you.

But if you are interested in him then for sure accept the proposal. he is going to stay with you till the end.

  • He loves showing off a lot

An Aries man is a courageous man. When he is attracted to someone, he makes sure that he boasts about all of his qualities in front of you. His body, his achievements, whatever he thinks is praiseworthy about him, and everything he is proud of.

This could sometimes come across as very obnoxious and oblivious. But this is the way how an Aries man works.

  • He is generous all of a sudden

An Aries man is not known for his generosity. It kills him to share things with others. But if he does share anything with you, you are lucky. He does not show his generosity only in the form of gifts and surprises but also through his actions.

Sometimes these surprises may come across as over-the-top. But this is the only way he knows best. So instead of making him feel small about it, it is better to just accept what he has got for you.

  • He will notice your feelings

An Aries man is infamous for not understanding others’ feelings. He is not the most sensitive person. But when he senses your feelings, you should understand that he cares about you.

This does not mean that he will be sympathetic all of a sudden. He will still feel awkward while comforting you. But what you need to know is that he will always be there for you.

  • He gets self-conscious

Till now you must have understood that an Aries man is a person full of confidence. He has no issues deciding for himself or others. But in front of the person he likes, it is the complete opposite.

An Aries man in front of someone he likes acts so differently and so out of control. He realizes it but is incapable of doing anything sane. Aries man gets so self-conscious in front of his crush and does something so hilarious that it makes him all the more conscious about himself.

  • He will take out time to talk to you

An Aries man is not a talker. He thinks having a conversation is a complete waste of time. He would rather utilize this time in doing something productive. But it is an exception when he is talking to someone, he likes

When he likes you, he will be upfront about it. He will not find it difficult to express his opinions about various things in life. When he talks to you, he thinks that you are his companion and his confidant.

The only thing he needs is someone who listens to his ideas.

  • He will change his manners

An Aries man is known for his rude mannerisms. An Aries is direct and blunt while giving his opinions or even generally talking to friends. But a change in manners can be seen when he talks to someone, he likes

He will be calmer and more collected without an argumentative tone while talking. He will remember what he has been taught as a child and always say ‘thank you or ‘please’ or ‘sorry’ whenever needed.

Aries man actually needs a companion who will balance him out. He will look for grace in his better half because he knows he lacks it.

10 Signs an Aries Man has a Crush on You

  • Change in body language

Aries Man in love

He knows exactly how to convey that he has a crush on you. There will be times where he will slightly brush your hand and then act like he does not know anything. He will definitely try to make physical contact with you if he likes you.

  • He will know everything about you

When an Aries man has a crush on you, he will definitely stalk your online profiles and get every information about you. Don’t freak out if he somehow mentions a piece of information from a long time ago. This is just his research speaking.

  • Your flaws will not sleep flaws for him

You know what your flaws are. But an Aries man will find them very cute. It could be that you hate your double chin. But he will definitely find it cute. The truth could be that he actually loves playing with your chubby cheeks and your double chin!

  • Your life will be easier

An Aries partner will never let you suffer alone. Be it a small fear of watching a horror movie or a bigger one like a job interview, he will make sure he stands right next to you. You can always count on him with any of your worries in life.

  • You have been introduced to his friends

If an Aries man introduces you to his friends, he has kind of, indirectly, made it official that you are the one. He also wants his friends to like you as much as he does. 

  • He texts and calls you all-day

It is not common for an Aries man to talk to a person constantly. But if he does, he genuinely has a liking towards you. He will make sure to start his day by sending a good morning text to you and end it by saying good night.

  • He laughs at every joke you make

A man will go to any length to make the woman he likes happy. And an Aries man is not any different. If he likes you, he would not be embarrassed to laugh at the silly jokes you make even if he is the only one doing so.

  • He tells you about his family

An Aries man opens up to very few people throughout his life. But if he does tend to tell you about his family you must understand that he is quite serious about you and also wants to introduce you to his family. He will tell you about his parents, his siblings, his embarrassing time as a child. He will tell you everything!

  • Spends the most time with you

If an Aries man has a crush on you, he will cling on to you like no one else’s business. Get ready to see his face everywhere you go. He will make sure that you both get some time alone every day.

  • He will not let you go

Aries man hates ending relationships. If he is crushing on you, he will try his best to make you his girlfriend. Even then if his efforts do not lead to anything, he will still value the friendship you both hold and be there for you anytime you need him.

What does an Aries Man Look for in a Woman?

  • Sense of Humour

qualities of a woman

An Aries man loves his woman to have a sense of humor that is carefree and sarcastic. He loves when his woman makes sexual innuendos. A woman who can keep up with the jokes is a woman he will keep.

  • Playing hard to get

Instead of you going forward and telling him about your feelings, let him find out how you feel. He feels a sense of achievement when he is on the chase for someone he likes. He loves putting in an effort and getting a girl after a whole conquest.

A woman playing hard to get is a woman he just cannot resist. So, keep him on his toes and feel him melt for you even more.

  • Letting him be in charge

He is the Alpha male and a born leader. In a relationship, he always wants to be the leading one. He likes being an overprotective boyfriend which could sometimes result in a lack of space for his partner. 

If you want to be with an Aries man, you will have to live with the fact that this is how he shows his affection and love for you.

  • A good flirt

While dating someone, Aries always enjoys a good flirting competition. Matching his level of flirting is what makes you more attractive to him. Flirting with him keeps him interested in taking the relationship to a new level.

  • Intelligence

Even when an Aries man wants to be in charge of a relationship, he doesn’t want to come across as dominating. He wants his woman to showcase her intelligence in ways that can be challenging for him.

Challenging him is a great way to keep him interested in you for a long period of time. Be smart but not so smart that it ultimately stands in the way of his ego which can lead to a relationship go really wrong really quickly.

  • An ambitious partner

An Aries man is the epitome of ambition. This is why he wants his woman to be on par with him in being ambitious. He likes someone who is an independent thinker and doesn’t depend on him for everything. 

Having goals and dreams is a big thing for an Aries man and he expects his partner to follow the same route. Being stagnant in your job will not help. Go ahead and chase that promotion just for him.

Tips to Make an Aries Man Fall in Love with You

Aries Man in love

An Aries man is someone who loves his life on his own terms. But other than being a little arrogant and always trying to be in charge he is a very sweet person to be with. He is a partner that everyone craves.

It is quite difficult for an Aries man to fall in love. But not impossible. How to get this too hot to handle man fall in love with you is what you will read ahead

  • Be spontaneous

Aries is ruled by Mars who is a warrior by nature. This is why this man is always seeking an adventure. And naturally, he would want a partner who would support this nature of his.

A planned trip to an exotic destination will definitely excite an Aries man. But a spontaneous hiking trip to your nearest mountain is what will get him out of bed. He loves it when his partner is calling the shots for once and arranging things that mean something to him.

An Aries man just cannot lead a slow-paced life and need someone who will support this active nature he has. He is someone who takes his choices in the snap of a finger. When you are trying to win Aries’s heart remember that he does not have time for any kind of overthinking for any of his life decisions.

So, if he suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night for having sex do not say now go with the flow.

  • Capture his heart with your passion

An Aries man is passionate while doing anything whether he loves it or not. He never slows down in between his activities.

He does not have time for people to have a laid-back attitude. Instead of paying attention to this kind of people he would rather go and Conquer the world.

To date, an Aries man, the mantra of office life that you need to follow is ‘passion’. He will kiss you out of nowhere, take you out on random dates. He will do things out of the blue. So, if you want them to take you on random dates, you need to have the same amount of passion as he does for you.

  • He is Proactive

This man usually does not give much attention to the people who don’t stay in his life. Instead, he seeks all the attention he could get from them but if he is paying attention to you then you really mean a lot to him

When he loves you, he will be very proactive. Always texting you, being there for you whenever you need them, he will be pretty much impossible to ignore once he starts paying attention to you.

What you need to do now is be proactive too. He would absolutely love it when sometimes he receives the same thing in return as he gives you. He doesn’t like it when a woman is playing games with him, so be sure if you really want to be with him or not and give your hundred percent.

  • Set him free

He is someone who loves attention but he also loves his own space. A clingy woman is a complete turn-off for him. A clingy woman does nothing but stops him from doing things he loves to do.

He doesn’t do well with limitations and hates being in a relationship with someone who suffocates him and doesn’t let him do his thing. If this happens, in no time you will see him running for the hills because he didn’t have that freedom.

If you date an Aries man you need to trust him. He is a loyal man and really values someone who trusts him completely.

Keep in touch with him but don’t weigh him down with questions asking him where he was and with whom.

  • Stand your ground 

Till now we have understood that an Aries man does not like being taught things. He is someone who will do things within a blink of an eye without asking or accepting any opinions. Most of the time this leads to situations that are not very favorable for him.

This is where the mentioned point comes into the picture. He needs someone to guide him time and again. With so much ambition inside him, he sometimes does get lost. He may not admit it but he needs someone in his life who can counter him.

So, stand your ground and talk to him about your opinions on what he is thinking about. There are chances that he will consider your thoughts. But there are also chances where he will do his own thing. so, don’t mind!

How to make an Aries Man Obsessed with You?

  • Stop being the damsel in distress

make him obsessed with you

An Aries man does not have a lot of time to deal with an issue with a woman when he already has so many things going on. So instead of being the damsel in distress be the knight in shining armor.

Staying out of trouble will help him not worry about you that much. He loves a woman who can get the job done on her own without asking for any help. This saves his time as well as hers.

  • Stay adventurous

This man is always up for an adventure trip. He plans trips from time to time without asking anyone. So, you always have to be prepared whenever he asks you to come with him.

Also, sometimes you should be the one to plan these trips. This will make him happy and make him realize why you are the best woman for him in this entire world.

  • Flirt with him

What couples normally forget after getting into a relationship is flirting. This is how any relationship starts and must not be forgotten when you get comfortable with each other. It is always a good practice to flirt with him.

What it does is it’s interested in you and he will not be able to resist you at all let alone lookout for new girls.

  • Stay secretive

Do not be an open book. Let him find the different layers of your personality. This way he will stay with you until he gets to the final layer which could literally mean a lifetime of togetherness.  

Let him discover something new about you every day. Do something that makes him want you even more than the day before.

  • Have a healthy sex life

Having physical intimacy with an Aries man is a very good display of passion from your side. He has a very healthy sexual appetite which needs to be fulfilled time and again. Making love with him is as important as having food.

Take your time to relax with him but eventually do reach that level where you both are comfortable with each other and have a good sexual life.

End Note

Keep these things in mind and your Aries man is definitely going to be yours forever! Aries Man makes a very good match with Gemini and Leo woman. So if you belong to one of these zodiac signs, he is a perfect fit to be your life partner. 

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