Dating & Relationship: How it is affected by Digital Technology

Technology is evolving and dating has not been the same anymore. 

Technology has reached a new high today. Not only has it made dating easy, but with the help of technology, people now are also able to connect in a better way. However, it has its cons too. Due to the prevalence of social media, online dating, hook up sites, the probability of partners cheating each other has also increased.

One of the famous and used online dating and hookup sites is Tinder, for LGTB and heterosexual couples to meet for relationships and hookups.

People nowadays rely significantly on online dating apps and other social media platforms like Instagram, Snap chat, etc. for finding a partner either for a relationship or just hookup.

Let’s see how has technology has changed dating and relationships.

Technology and dating now go hand in hand; most people have access to technology, therefore allowing people to increase their dating choices. Some online dating and hookup sites are Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Mingle, Bumble, Hinge, and many others.

  1. You can know everything about the person that too, even before you have talked to them either through text or call. Not only through online dating sites, but you can also look up the person on Instagram or Facebook to be confident of the reliability of the person and the information provided by them. This also enables you to be sure if your interests and dating profile match yours for a potential relationship even before you start talking to them.
  2. Online dating and the availability of social media enable us to stay connected with each other. You can know where your partner is. You can also face time them any time you want. It makes communication very easy and convenient.
  3. Online dating is mostly for people looking for non-serious relationships and hookups. This gives you the advantage that even if you don’t like a person, you have other endless options in front of you.
  4. For people going through a breakup and unable to move on from their relationship, hookup sites are a great deal. They can look for people for rebound relationships who are also not so serious about it. 
  5. Many people do not get the time to meet and interact with new people or engage in relationships in today’s life. Online dating apps help in how, with the help of technology, you can set up your date with someone without wasting much of your time.

However, there are many reasons or implications of how technology can negatively affect relationships. Some of them are stated here:

  1. More use of technology for dating leads to an avoidance of real-life interactions.
  2. It leads to a lack of trust due to the presence of various social media platforms.
  3. Texting over phones creates a high chance of building a misunderstanding between you and your partner.
  4. It may lead to a fear that your partner may find someone better through hookup sites.
  5. Constant communication may hinder your personal space as well as your ability to spend some time; communication is the answer to how technology changed dating has and relationships.
  6. The definition of commitment has changed now. People think that they can date more than one person simultaneously without anyone knowing through the online mode of dating.
  1. If they fit in with you

Fitting in means whether your common interests, hobbies, profile matches with yours. This can be seen when you talk to them. As you get to know them, you will indicate if they can fit in with you.

  1. If they Use Cheesy Lines

Using cheesy pick-up lines can be a turn on for someone, while for some, it can be the limit to creepiness! The way you talk to a person tells a lot about how you feel about yourself and the people around you. It will also indicate how you are going to treat them if you both date.

Being humorous can indeed be a great way to initiate a conversation and be an attractive way to get people’s attention. However, being too much of it may negatively sign your image to the other person.

  1. Toxic Traits

While you are dating online, you should always look out if your partner shows any toxic traits. Suppose they show, back off as soon as possible.

The toxic trait could be over possessiveness, trying to control you, demanding personality, trust issues, hindering your personal space, and many others. As a result, be aware of any of these factors and take action against it immediately.

  1. Fake Profile

The first thing to do before dating someone online is to make sure that the concerned profile is fake. Online dating and hookup sites are known to be consisting of a large number of fake profiles.

You must take care of the points mentioned above for safe online dating.

Is it safe to consider online dating and hookup sites for dating and relationships? Your safety should be your priority. Nevertheless, it depends on your own choice whether you want to date online or not, but you should take care of the following safety tips:

Ensure to do proper research of the person you are going to meet on your first date is essential as it will help you be sure whether the person is safe or not. For this, check out the person on different social media platforms and check their profile.

  1. Public Place for the First Meeting

For the first date, or even two to three, arrange the date at a place where there is a relatively good crowd like a café, restaurant, or somewhere else. The reason for this is that if god forbid, something goes wrong, people will be there around you.

  1. Tell Your Friend or Family about the Date

Telling your friend or a family member about the person and where you will be meeting him/ her will be a safe play from your side because if something goes wrong, there will be around your vicinity. 

You can also send them your location after you reach the destination.

  1. Do not Drive with Your Date

Either drive on your own to the destination where you have set up the date or make use of public transportation, as you will be sure of where you are going or want to go. Never decide on carpooling with your date till you both get to know each other well, and the person seems to be safe. 

  1. Do Not Drink

You may never know what intention the person is holding; you are meeting for the first time in life. Make sure that even if you go to a bar, you do not consume alcohol at all. If you somehow engage in a little drinking, you can always order an “angel drink” from the bartender. 

Some bars have this facility to protect their customers, where the customer if orders the “angel drink” means something is cooking, and the customer wants to get out of there.

  1. Do not Share Too Much of Yourself

Take care that you don’t share a lot of your personal information before you both know each other and are comfortable enough. Personal information would include your birth date, places you often visit, location, information about your family, etc.

  1. Carry a Pepper Spray

In case things take the wrong turn, you should be prepared in advance. Carry a pepper spray in your bag for your safety, and also learn how to use it!

The various online dating sites can have an overall negative impact on both men and women’s mental and emotional health for different reasons, which have further indicated how technology has changed dating and relationships. 

In the fact that online dating has changed the way, people look for love and their partners. But have you ever thought that way, that it could impact your mental health majorly too? If not, then read on to know how online dating and hookup sites can affect your peace.

In-depth research has shown how online dating can take a toll on both men’s and women’s self-esteem. Even though you have many choices in front of you, the fear of being swiped left, and thereby being rejected, has caused a decrease in self-esteem and an increase in social anxiety, negative moods, body shaming, and fear.

It also influenced the eating habits of individuals. Not only this, but online dating can also lead to people doubting their self-worth and believing they are not worth anyone’s love.

To make your online dating experience a great one, here are some tips for men, from women, for becoming a genuine partner for them.

  1. Stay honest from the start itself.
  2. Do not try to show off yourself, as it is a huge turn-off for women.
  3. Don’t only chat but also focus on life experiences of real-time as well.
  4. Do not keep on sending heart and kiss emojis; speak up.
  5. Do not appreciate a woman just on her looks and physical appearance, instead focus on enjoying her personality and the way she is.
  6. Do not try to act cool by showing you do not care. Show your emotional side also.
  7. Try to build a friendship before building a relationship. 
  8. Do not date any girl just for the sake of dating. Only date someone whom you like to be with.
  9. Be a strong and confident man with strong opinions.
  10. Try staying in the middle of asking a lot of questions and not asking anything at all. 
  1. Confident women are the sexiest. Do not act submissive and stay confident for who you are.
  2. Don’t ask for more than what you are willing to give them.
  3. Do not lie about a single thing on your profile. This is also applicable when you are talking to the person.
  4. Stay safe and act maturely in the sense that do not let your date pick you up from your house on your first date.
  5. Try different online dating apps as well as hookup sites. Sticking to one would be monotonous.
  6. Do not brag about your looks or any of your achievements, especially when the person you are dating has not yet reached his goal.
  7. Do not act extra cute or engage in childish behaviors, since it is a huge turn-off for men.
  8. Be yourself. Do not try to act like someone you are not only because you like that person. 
  9. If the guy is more into hooking up rather than being interested in a genuine relationship, let that conversation die (in case you don’t want the same)
  10. Do not keep talking only about yourself. Let the man also speak.

Apart from all this, stay real, that is, the way you are. Do not put effort into changing yourself for someone else. 

Top 10 Best Online Dating Apps

There are plenty of Dating Apps available on the web. But which one is the best for me? How to choose one? Is it good for me?

If these are the things going through your mind while selecting a dating App. Then Here is our list of 10 best Online Dating Apps.

Pick one and start dating.

  1. Tinder – Most Popular Dating App for Meeting New People Online
  2. OkCupid – Best Virtual Dating Site for Singles to Meet and get Social with People
  3. Bumble – Most Used App to make Friends and Grow Professional Network Online.
  4. Mingle 2 – Best App to Meet, Chat & Hangout with new people locally.
  5. Happn – Best app to create your own profile and match with others profile to grab attention and seek for friendship or dating.
  6. Meetly – Best Free friendship and adult dating site
  7. Interracial – Premium Dating App for Adults
  8. Badoo – Best Dating App for Singles to Chat, Meet and make new friends
  9. Tagged – No.1 site to meet new people, chat and make friendship or dating.
  10. Hinge – It is the fastest-growing dating site in the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK.

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