48 Exclusive Ways to Impress a Girl via Texts & Chats

Hi there!!!

How’s U dear?

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Why what happened? Do you have no girlfriend?

You ain’t able to impress girls!!! That’s it??

Hah! Not to worry… I will help you with cool tricks and ideas to impress a girl to make friends or get into a relationship.

Go get a bowl of your favorite snacks like chips or popcorn and something nice to drink hot or cold as per the climate. Find a comfortable place and read on patiently!!!!

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Well, dear, it’s very simple to impress a girl…

ways to impress girl

Ways to Impress Girls

Sounds like a herculean task or impossible to you…. Well… it isn’t so… it’s super easy!

1. Accept Her:

Let her be…Accept her as she is… that’s all a girl wants…

2. Don’t Overpower Them

Don’t impose on her anything…Will you like it if someone bosses over you? No right? Well, girls also don’t like it!!!

3. Care for her:

When you care for her she will like the comfort it builds in your friendship or relationship.

4. Trust her:

Don’t doubt her. The first thing in friendship or any relationship is Trust. When Trust makes its way the bond built on it is strong.

5. Win her trust:

Trust should be two ways dear…. If you trust her… likewise she too should trust you… and you have to work on it.

6. Respect her:

If you respect her you get back the same….

7. Make her laugh:

Laughter is the best way to win hearts. It cements a strong relationship. If you can make a girl happy with your sense of humor then my boy you will never lose.

8. Sincere Compliments:

Compliment her from your heart. But remember do not compliment her physical features except her eyes.

You can complement her about her habits, her smile, her clothes, etc. For example- You can say

“Wow, you look very beautiful in that dress” and when you say this remember to maintain eye contact with her.

9. Make her feel special:

When you are with her concentrate on her. Do what she likes, work along, go on short dates, enjoy and have fun with simple things in life.

10. Spend time with her:

When you spend time together; you both will gel together well and that will impress her. You give her your time.

11. Be caring and affectionate:

If you are caring and affectionate towards her family and friends, she will get impressed by it.

12. Be Calm and Composed:

Appear calm and composed always. Take things in stride, think before you react to anything.

13. Become her friend first:

If you want to impress her then first gain her friendship, then you can go ahead stepwise.

14. No sneaky eyes:

Keep your eye contact straight, don’t look anywhere else on her.

15. Talk about your family:

Girls feel safe and comfortable with family men. If you have a healthy and close relationship with your family, you are a safe bet. Because you are a FAMILY MAN.

16. Listen to her:

Girls are emotional. Give her your time and concentration. Focus on what she wants to speak to you about, let her speak her heart out always.

When you listen it means a lot to her.

  • No Physical Touching- Don’t be the first one to touch her, let her make the move first.
  • Look groomed – You need to be neat and clean. No need for heavy perfume and swanky clothes, look good in whatever you wear.
  • Be Confident – Never speak when you aren’t sure about any topic. Don’t talk about anything without understanding or analysing.

Well, how does it sound? Easy na?

how to chat with girls

How to Impress a Girl via Chatting?

Chill… now let’s go a step ahead and I will share tips on how to impress a girl via chatting.

You know dear… what’s the most important thing that you have to do? No?

Well, you have to

1. Chat on a Common TOPIC

You can chat about anything on earth but it should be interesting. It could be about some food dish, someplace, or something else.

Be careful to make the chat interesting.

2. Send her emojis and stickers

Use funny stickers and emojis to help keep the chat funny and light… make her laugh.

When she laughs reading your chat she will feel good. She will think you have a fun sense of humor and that is what you have to focus on to achieve.

3. Casually ask about her daily routine.

Enquire about her daily routine. But don’t ask too much… she might get bored replying to the same stuff again and again.

Keep it simple and light, don’t sound bossy and demanding, rather sound normal.

4. Share Anecdotes and Jokes

Tell her small anecdotes and jokes. She will definitely get impressed by your sense of humor.

Moreover, laughter will press all the right keys. To unlock the door to your friendship/relationship.

5. Tell her about your daily life.

If you seriously want to impress a girl then to instill faith in her you have to involve her in your daily life.

Do so by sharing events of your day with her.  If she feels involved, you are on the right road to reach your goal soon!!!

6. Limit yourself

Always remember to limit yourself, never try to delve deep into her personal life.

Strictly no digging…Hold your horses!!!

Once she trusts you she will reveal whatever you want to know even before you ask her.

So CHILL!!!!!

7. No advice, please!

Don’t advise until she asks you for it!! Sometimes, a girl just needs an EAR that LISTENS to her… a MIND that doesn’t judge her unduly.

Please do not advise until asked!!!

8. Learn to WAIT, Learn to have PATIENCE!!

If you text her and don’t get a reply ASAP, then please be patient, She might be busy or she might reply later.

Don’t spam her phone with your messages. This will do nothing but irritate her, so please learn to have Patience.

9. Share your passions and dreams

Take your chat to a higher level, talk about your dreams, your passions, your future goals.

Let her see you as a person and not as a character behind her mobile screen.

Once she starts understanding you better she might then start liking you too.

10. Share pictures of food and other good stuff.

Share pictures of good food that you might be eating or cooking.

Something that you like, or of something else which is good to look at, which can be a conversation starter.

This will help you know each other well and have a healthy relationship.

Try the above tips and always remember to not get personal.

Remember, the first impression is always the best.

what to text

How to Impress a Girl via Texts?

Ahhh! Now, this might be easy for some and hard for some men, texting a girl, I mean.

Chill, it’s not as hard as rock climbing, you can easily do it and I am here to help you in case you get stuck!!

You have to remember that YOU have to communicate.

Put yourself forward and share your thoughts, that too in such a way that impresses her.

Keep it in your mind that whatever your text is going to be received as it is by her, literally I mean.

She will be reading your text and not your eyes or your facial expressions.

So she will not know if you have said something funny seriously or vice versa.

Your words are going to be everything. So the best bet is to be clear always, to save you from any future misunderstandings.

So I am penning down a few texting safe-liners, which when followed will help you impress the girl you want easily.

Here are some tips for what to text and how to text:

  1. Never respond with vague texts and replies, it is absolutely frustrating.
  2. Never forget to reply or respond to her messages as soon as you can. Don’t keep her waiting.
  3. Answer a text message as early as you can, do not delay unnecessarily. But, if u r busy text her and let her know ” Busy, will talk later”.
  4. Make note that if you plan to play hard to get then the girl might lose interest in you.
  5. Make funny Jokes, Memes, GIFs and images a part of your regular conversation. When you show her how you can be funny and jovial it will reflect on how lively you are and that will impress her big time.

Now you understand how to text your Girl. Let’s learn some tips on How to behave while texting messages with your girl?

What to text your Girlfriend?

  1. Invest your time and interest in her. When a girl notices how you are paying attention to her texts, her interests, her likes and her dislikes. Believe me, You have won half the war! Go for it, man!
  2. Do not play hard to get unnecessarily. Will you like it if someone does it to you? Nope!! So, be simple and straightforward. If you get a text from her and are busy then just inform her of the same. And that you will get back to replying her later.
  3. Be a guy who is true and is not playing games, be clear and true always.
  4. Make her curious. You can share some childhood story, funny incident, or anything that you are comfortable sharing. Just tickle her curiosity. But stick to the truth here, else you might get into trouble later.
  5. Don’t brag about yourself. Try to know her better through texting.
  6. Give her your support when she needs it. Listen to her, make her feel protected, build confidence in her that she will not be judged beforehand.

To sum this up, it’s in short just a simple process of getting to know someone and making friends or taking it forward.

You should be calm, alert, and open-minded.

impressing on Instagram

How to impress a Girl on Instagram?

Social media nowadays is a strong platform to make friends or girlfriends or boyfriends. It’s an easy way to know someone.

Just by liking or sharing a post, you are recognized, the number of followers you have makes you popular.

Making friends. Having some fun time with a bunch of friends. Playing with friends nowadays is all a hand touch away.

People, especially youngsters can spend hours together with each other even though they actually live miles apart.

Impressing someone to become their boyfriend or girlfriend is no longer tough.

Social media has so much to offer. Instagram is one of them.

Just by following a woman you can tell her you would like to know her more, it’s a bold move.

She may or may not follow you back and that will tell you how to take it further.

Some tips on how to impress a girl on Instagram

1. Follow them before you message them directly

If you want to get someone’s attention, follow them.

Most people view who their followers are and if the other person follows you back, you are already ahead and it really won’t be perceived as too aggressive by anyone, regardless of whether you know them in real life or not.

But, beware if you request to follow someone who has a private profile and they don’t accept your request, do not request again.

2. Never like all her posts

A girl can sense a flirt and a guy doing timepass miles away. So please don’t keep liking everything she posts the moment you see it. Be patient, take your time and first try to understand her and her post.

3. Send her thoughtful messages

The best way to impress a girl is with your lovely way of thinking. So put on your thinking caps and send her messages, let them be catchy, funny, or thought-provoking.

4. Do not repeat messages

Basically on social media flirting doesn’t be creepy. Never repeat messages when you’re not getting a response? Because it is Creepy.

Instagram messages have a handy feature that displays the word “seen” once the recipient has read the message. If your love interest has read your message but has not responded, take the hint.

5. Keep the atmosphere alive

Answer her messages in such a way that your answer works like a question and as an answer too. This way you can start a conversation and that will be overcoming your first trouble.

6. Remember you are on social media, never get personal here

You should always remember to talk to her politely. Also never send her any personal messages or else you will land yourself in hot waters.

Ask yourself if what you are sending as a message, whether you will ask it to yourself or not if no then don’t ask her.

7. Start chatting offline

Once you are both comfortable in the social media zone, all you have to do is to message her, email her or text her and discuss things you both like. Eventually, ask her if she would like to meet you to take things further.

8. Never give mixed signals

If you like a person, then be sincere. If you are not then leave her alone. Never give mixed signals.

So, that’s it, live life with love, fun, excitement, and zeal.

All the best!!

End Note

My advice is to focus on her, let her talk. Don’t get carried away in the process of impressing her. This will do more damage than good. Shift your full attention to her, let her open up. Know what she likes, dislikes, hobbies, lifestyle, etc. The better you know her the more chances of impressing her.  Make her feel important.

Look handsome, Dress well, wear clothes that suit you, and dress to the occasion. Smell good, maintain personal hygiene.

Have fun and enjoy yourself with her. Make her laugh and make her day memorable so much that she will start missing you.

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