What Does a Man Want In a Relationship? Honest Reviews By Men

Love is unconditional! But the fact is relationships are all about give and take. It’s obvious to have some expectations from our significant other. A lot gets written and discussed about how a man should be in a relationship and what women want from them. But we need to pay equal attention to men’s needs. Stereotyping that only women are emotional beings won’t be fair to men. They have emotions and feelings too and they also have certain expectations from the woman they love.

Man Want In a Relationship

If the expectations are not met for a long time, it can lead to discontent and issues over time.

Just like you want your boyfriend or husband to behave or treat you in a certain way, you also need to meet his needs.

You may want to do a lot but might feel confused about what does a man wants in a relationship.  

Being aware of his needs will help in meeting his expectations. This will help in enjoying a mutually satisfying relationship. It is unhealthy for a relationship when one person’s needs are ignored.

It can also make him feel less valued, unloved, or that you take him for granted. The thing is that men are not as vocal about their emotions as women are. This is psychologically rooted in them. They don’t know how to ask or are embarrassed to ask.

Understanding his needs will strengthen your bond. It will make your relationship healthy with him. Knowing what your man wants helps new couples as well as long-term ones. It improves your bond with him.

You might assume that they want exactly what you want but it can’t always be accurate. Understanding what he wants will make your relation a smooth ride and make him love and respect you more.

What Does a Man Want In a Relationship?

Let’s have a look at what men want in a relationship:

  • He wants you to be happy

One of the basic things for a happy relationship is that both partners need to be happy. If you are happy, your man will also be happy. When he sees you happy, it makes him happy.

It is a direct reflection of the fact that he is able to keep you happy. It establishes his self-worth as a man. If you are not happy, it will start making him n his restless. After all, the key to his happiness is your happiness.

  • He wants you to take interest in what he likes

Man Want In a Relationship

He loves it when you like and show interest in things that he is passionate about. It could be his favorite show, sports, or a hobby.

You don’t need to like everything that he likes or does as it’s not possible. But showing some interest and curiosity in what he likes can help in strengthening the bond and connection between you two.

You could see his favorite football match with him or go for a cycle ride with him. If he likes gardening, you can join and help him a little. When you connect to something he loves, your connection strengthens in turn.

  • He seeks appreciations

Women love compliments but so do men! All you women seek compliments from a husband. You want him to notice your dress, new haircut, and when you get nails done.

In the same way, you must compliment your husband as well. Praise his new haircut or a new perfume/ cologne that he wears. Compliment him if he is looking good. These things make men feel loved and desirable.

It further motivates them to groom themselves and look good for you. A compliment from their beloved can make their day. It also makes him feel that he is attracted to you.

  • Initiate physical intimacy

physical intimacy

It is true that women love sex as much as men do but many women feel shy to initiate. For men, sex is as important as other emotions. It is a way of feeling the deepest emotional connection with a woman.

When you initiate it makes him feel desirable, that you want him. This can be your way of showing that you want him to. So at times, be bold and go ahead. You can not only initiate sex but also take it a step ahead.

Dress in sexy lingerie and wear his favorite perfume to attract him. He will definitely take note of your efforts. Physical and emotional Intimacy is an essential pillar of any long-standing relationship.

  • Praise his lovemaking skills

As much as lovemaking is important for men, getting praised for his lovemaking skills is! It boosts his male ego that he is capable of satisfying his partner/ wife.

When you don’t appreciate him in bed, it can affect his confidence. He might wonder if you are not satisfied. Also, he expects you to tell him what you like in bed.

If you like a certain position or a certain touch, you should be vocal about it. Your active participation and frankness in bed will make him excited. He will be happy that you too look forward to lovemaking.

  • He wants you to be open to experimenting in bed

open to experiments in bed

Love life can get monotonous after a point and hence it is obvious for men to want to try out new things in bed.

If he suggests trying new things or positions, never put off the idea. He wants you to be open to experimenting and making your love life exciting.

If you are not comfortable with a certain idea, let him know subtly. Don’t straightaway say no or belittle him as it can upset him.

Conveying him in the right way is the key.

  • He expects you to never insult him in public

This goes without saying but many women don’t realize it. If you belittle him in public, stop doing it. Avoid insulting or mocking him in front of friends and family. This definitely upsets a man.

If he is sensitive about it, he might get really hurt. Try to put yourself in his place. After all, you would not like it if he did this to you. Expects you not to compare him with other men

No woman likes to be compared with other women whether it is her mother-in-law or any friend or ex of her husband/ boyfriend. This applies to men as well.

Men do not appreciate when you compare him to your father, brother, friend, or ex. This is downright insulting. Every man is different and so is his behavior and ways of doing things.

Comparisons make him feel that you don’t value him and he is not worth your love. If you respect your partner, try to avoid making comparisons. Also, never compare his paycheck with anyone as it will hurt his ego. Men expect you to accept them the way they are.

  • Not nag them about little things

Men often complain about how nagging their wives are. Constant nagging about fixing the light or repairing the machine etc. irritates them. Men and women are wired differently. If you have told him once, he would do it at his own pace. Reminding him every hour will only irritate him.

  • Don’t talk about his past

don't talk about his past

You should be open about your past relationships with your partner. But bringing his past in arguments and fights is a big no. It can turn him off. It is past and you are his present.

Never dig his past in a distasteful manner. Talking about his ex-girlfriends will affect your relationship negatively.

If he is committed and dedicated to you, respect that. Making him guilty about his past is the worst thing to do as he doesn’t live in his past anymore.

  • Be vocal about feeling they can’t read minds

Men expect you to be vocal about what you feel. If you have an issue, just speak it out. Men are simple beings. Don’t expect them to read your mind.

Silent treatment will only make things worse between you two. He expects you to simply talk and resolve the issues. Instead of sulking and dragging things be straightforward about your issues.

  • Be confident in bed

Man Want In a Relationship

Men expect you to be confident in bed. They don’t appreciate women who are insecure about their bodies or have low esteem.

If he loves you, he likes everything about you; even the love handles, chubby thighs, and stretch marks.

He expects you to be comfortable in your own skin.

Just embrace your body and feel sexy. Enjoy the romantic moments between the sheets with him.

  • Give him space

Men expect you to give them space and enjoy some time with their male friends. Most wives/ girlfriends become clingy and expect their partners to spend all the time with them.

You need to give him some ‘me’ time with the group and let him enjoy his favorite match or catch a movie with them. Distance only makes the heart grow fonder. No need to be too clingy as this suffocated men.

He expects you to be understanding of his needs and give him some space. Don’t call him every hour when he is out with his friends.

  • Dress up for him

Man Want In a Relationship

Yes, women dress up for themselves but there is no harm in sometimes dressing up for your man. He expects you to wear his favorite dress or put on his favorite perfume.

This shows that you are willing to look good for him and attract him. It shows you value him enough and he is important enough for you.

When you dress up for him on a date, it makes him happy. So next time just put on your little black dress, stilettos, and red lipstick and see how much your man will adore you.

  • Support his dreams and goals

You are his partner/ wife and he expects you to be his biggest support. Men expect women to support them in their dreams and goals and motivate them to achieve them.

Women who ignore this basic need of men can’t ever win his heart. Instead of finding loopholes or drawbacks in his efforts or goals, just support him. Simply be there for him; it’s enough for him.

The reassurance that someone believes in him is enough. It will motivate and push him to achieve his goals.   Once he attains success, he will forever feel indebted and be grateful for your rock-solid support.

  • Respect his family

Man Want In a Relationship

Men expect their partner to love and respect his family. You and his family both are significant pillars of his life and he can’t ignore any of you.

Expecting him to ignore his family and choose you is unfair and will upset him. He expects you to be cordial with his family and become a part of his family.

You must give his parents the respect that you expect for your parents from him. Never talk ill about his parents or try to portray them negatively.

If you have legitimate issues, you can convey them in a subtle manner. He doesn’t expect you to crib and belittle his family.

  • Confide in him

Your man expects you to share your issues with him. When you confide in him, he will be more than happy to lend you his shoulder for support.

He would be ready to the extra mile to resolve anything that’s bothering you. Whether it is a family matter or a fight with a friend, he expects you to share.

Work issues or health woes, just share with him. This makes him feel that you trust him. You feel him close enough to open up about your issues instead of choosing your best friend or parents.

  • Emotional intimacy

Man Want In a Relationship

We have seen the significance of physical intimacy for men. But emotional intimacy is equally important for them.

Men don’t open up to many people but their partner should be the one they open up to. He expects a safe space where he can open up emotionally.

Your man needs assurance that he won’t be judged for breaking down. He must feel comfortable being vulnerable in front of you. He must know that no matter what, you will love him anyway.

  • To take care of him

Men want you to take care of them. The way you want him to notice small things and take care of your needs, he expects it too.

He likes it when you take care of him when he is sick when you remind him to eat. And he feels happy when you cook for him or organize his clothes. He feels loved when you do small things for him as it matters to him a lot.

  • To not ignore him after having a child

Man Want In a Relationship

It is a natural progression for a relationship to have kids at some point. And it is obvious for you as a mom to focus on your baby and take of their needs.

But men often feel ignored by their wives/partners after the arrival of the baby. They feel that the baby has become the center of the world for you and you don’t care about him.

He expects you to spend some time with him and not completely ignore him. A child strengthens the bond a couple of shares so never let distance crop up between the two of you.

Spare some time to enjoy the ‘couple time’ even if it is at home. Watch a movie together or arrange for a candlelit dinner at home. Dress up as you would do for a date with him. And never forget to steal some steamy moments even after the arrival of the baby. This will make your husband feel close to you.

  • Not judge him for daddy duties

Just like you, the arrival of a new baby overwhelms him. He tries his best to take care of the baby and help you in changing diapers, feeding the baby, and putting them to sleep.

If he fails at some point or lacks the skill, he expects you to support him. Teach him the right way instead of putting him off. Never say that he won’t be able to do it or it is not his cup of tea. If he is keen on doing these duties, help him.

Let him also establish a bond with the baby. He will learn with time but he needs your support and love.

  • He expects you to romance him

Romance out of the bed is also important for him. Just surprise him with a lovely good morning text. You can hug him; steal a kiss before bed or after waking up. Text him naughty stuff or send him flowers. Small romantic gestures matter a lot.

End Note

These are things that men, in general, expect from their girlfriends or wives. Being aware of this helps you to fulfill his expectations and enjoy a blissful relationship with him. You may not be able to do it all at once but at least you can begin somewhere. He would definitely appreciate the efforts.

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