10 Tips That Will Help You Become Better Husband For Your Partner

Everyone makes promises at the time when they get married. There is a reason why we have vows. It’s not always necessary that after you get married, everything will run on smooth terrain. There will be times when things will get a little rocky, but this is the time to take the matter into your hands and try to fix it.

If you are trying to be a better husband, but don’t know how to keep your wife happy, there are ways in which you can be consistent and you will notice the improvement in your relationship on your own.

There are some small little things that you can do which will make your present much happier and show your wife that you can be a better husband. Take a look.

Take Over The Evening Things

1. Take Over The Evening Things

If your wife usually takes care of most of the house things, it is time you also take some initiative. This is one step closer to being a better husband. Don’t go to announce but whatever evening responsibilities you can take up, plan it out.

For example, chopping vegetables, doing the dishes, or if you have kids, reading to them in bed. It can be anything that your wife does. You can show that you are equally capable of doing it and let her take less burden.

Schedule A Weekly Date

2. Schedule A Weekly Date

Think about the beginning part of a relationship. It is usually fun albeit with the little struggles we all face at the start. Other than that, it is all back and forth messages and planned dates. But as time passes and when you get married, these things tend to become less important.

Couples get busy with their routine and forget to make a continuous effort in the relationship. Spending quality time with your partner, even after you get married is equally important.

In this case, make sure you mark a weekly date schedule in your calendar and work on it. This can give you both a chance to have a conversation and it can be quite simple, from taking a walk in the park to going for a cup of coffee.

Be Creative With What You Do

3. Be Creative With What You Do

Putting in little effort, into simpler things can go a long way and add spark fire back in your relationship. Show your partner that you still love her by doing small little gestures.

For example, slipping a card or a small note in her purse, doing something special on anniversaries, make the bed, or take a relaxing bubble bath for her.

It is no competition that will earn you an award, but your partner will definitely feel happy and appreciate the effort.

How to become a better husband

4. Share A Hobby

Vacations and dates are a good idea but you will score brownie points when you also spend time with your partner in a productive manner. You both can plan your weekends and take cooking classes or learn a new language or go for marathons. Taking up a new activity will help make the bond stronger and trust us, you will explore more things about your partner as well.

Try To Leave Work At Work

5. Try To Leave Work At Work Whenever Possible

On days it is possible for you, sign off from work and keep it at your desk only. When you bring it home all the time, it can cause stress in relationships. Yes, you should talk about it but try and not go overboard all the time.

There are several types of conversations you can have with your partner. When you come back home with work on your mind, it can put a lot of burden on your SO. Do your best here to keep your work aside when you are with your spouse and kids.

How to become a better husband

6. Don’t Always Disagree

Yes, there will be times when your thinking and perspective won’t match with your partner. Be it personal goals or house responsibilities, both of you will have to arrive at a middle ground. But remember, that it is not always necessary that your partner is wrong. Don’t try to win an argument and rather collaborate on solutions. This is a sign of a good husband.

How to become a better husband

7. Don’t Forget To Work On Yourself

Couples usually think that they are having relationship problems whereas, in reality, it can also be individual issues that could be because of problems. And, whenever you feel that things are getting out of control, no matter how much you try, it is also okay to seek professional help.

Take Tech Break

8. Take Tech Break

Taking a technology break is quite important. It’s one of the things that husbands often forget and think it is okay to talk to other people or scroll on social media platforms when they are chatting with their partners.

But if you are willing to spend quality time with your spouse, set aside some time away from your phone. Every day, ensure that you are giving at least 30 minutes of your time to your spouse while keeping the email and phone notification off. The idea here is to steer clear of any distractions.

Keep The Past In the Past

9. Keep The Past In the Past

It is often misunderstood that women are the ones who usually bring up the past all the time. But it is not always the case. Sometimes when men are hurt too, they bring it up as well, and that dirt rubs on the partner’s face, real bad.

In such cases, remember that the things that are dealt with should not be reignited. That is a bad way of communication and can cause problems in relationships. Instead, be forgiving, as that’s a sign of a better husband.

Don't Let Her Down Infront Of Others

10. Don’t Let Her Down Infront Of Others

Often, men find the ‘bro factor’ quite cool and when they are hanging out with their friends along with their wife, sometimes end up making fun. That can be a hurtful remark and drive a wedge between the couple. Instead, take her stand whenever possible and just have fun together as that will say a lot about your on-point husband traits.


To be a great husband, there are several ways in which you can be expressive. Don’t hesitate to show your partner the love you have for them as love only grows and evolves with time, it’s only the effort that subsides. Don’t let that happen.

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10 Tips That Will Help You Become Better Husband For Your Partner

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