11 Reliable Signs That Show You Are His Side Chick & Nothing More

Not everyone can deal with the fear of missing out and aren’t good at handling their emotions. While in a relationship, a few people need back-ups, just in case they have a fallout with their loved ones.

No one wants to get hurt and while that’s a terrifying situation, if a guy has been banking on you more than needed, this is where you need to be vigilant. You could basically be filling the void of being the real girlfriend by being a side chick.

To find out the red flags and know if you are his side chick or not, here are some 11 signs to identify if you are his real girlfriend or a mere side chick.

You Never Got To Meet His Friends

1. You Never Got To Meet His Friends

Guys are mostly hesitant to make their partner meet their friends but with time they do it. Having said that, if you aren’t his side chick, he would definitely take you out with his group but if not, that could be because you are his side chick.

On the other hand, if he goes out and doesn’t tell you about his whereabouts that’s also another sign.

He Doesn't Hang Out With You Much

2. He Doesn’t Hang Out With You Much

When you are together, couples spend a good time going on dates. Maybe catch a movie or go shopping. But, if he is someone, who doesn’t spend enough quality time and prefers watching Netflix at home, then it possibly means you are his side chick.

He Doesn't Open Up Much With You

3. He Doesn’t Open Up Much With You

If you are his side chick, he would prefer to talk less about his personal problems or things with you. If you have tried to comfort him and he still didn’t open up while shutting you down, it basically means he doesn’t intend to be attached to you.

Signs you are his side chick

4. There’s No Social Media Evidence

We all like love-Dovey stuff especially when we are with someone. In this case, when you ask him to post on Snapchat or Instagram, he generally freaks out and doesn’t post anything on social media.

This says that he is secretly wanting to hide the relation and doesn’t want to be as exclusive with you. That’s one strong, solid sign.

You Aren't A Priority

5. You Aren’t A Priority

Apart from all the other things, another red flag is when he does not prioritize you. A side chick is basically the other woman, someone who is there as a backup. So if you are simply his option and not his priority, it basically boils down to you being the side chick.

He Is Shady With His Phone

6. He Is Shady With His Phone

If your guy goes all bonkers when you touch his phone or tries to hide his screen when he is in conversation with someone, he is checking the boxes of a side chick for you.

Any guy who is involved with someone will not doubt the partner’s intention and will not be overprotective about his phone or his habits.

Check his behavior when someone calls him and if he actually takes your name or gives yet another excuse. This is a big way to find if you are his side chick or not.

Signs you are his side chick

7. He Doesn’t Be With You For Long

Your boyfriend usually comes over but when the steamy sex is over, all he is wanting to do is go back to his apartment. He doesn’t want any emotional burden and thus once he is done, he prefers to leave than wait.

If he was dating or would have liked you, he would have also liked to stay back and be there for you. But if that’s not the case, it’s high time you figure and know that you could be his side chick.

Signs you are his side chick

8. He Doesn’t Make Sacrifices

When a guy falls for a woman, he will make sure he does most of the things to make his partner happy. But, that won’t be the case if all he is looking for is a backup. Try and see how he behaves when you need him? Or when you are going through trying times? Is he supportive?

If the answers are no and his behavior is nonchalant, you already know what you have gotten yourself into. It could be one of the signs of you being a side chick.

He Doesn't Pick Your Calls

9. He Doesn’t Pick Your Calls

Isn’t it funny to see that whenever you call him, he doesn’t pick his phone but when he is with you, he has all the time in the world to talk? This points in at one thing that you could be his side chick.

Be it with family or friends, when your partner calls, generally, the calls are answered, with just ‘I am busy, let’s talk later.

In your case, if you have witnessed him not even picking your calls, then do watch out for the clear sign.

He Is Stingy With Money

10. He Is Stingy With Money

It’s been a while since you have been seeing each other, but when you go out and he hardly spends his money on you, it’s a warning bell. Guys who keep a side chick, don’t prefer spending on the other woman and hence, you would find yourself spending from your pocket more than often, sometimes.

Signs you are his side chick

11. He Doesn’t Do Boyfriend Duties

You have plans to hang out with your friends or have a friend’s wedding and you ask him to tag along, and he says no. Probably he likes you but when it comes to doing boyfriend duties, he shies away from it and acts like a stranger to your partner. That’s another solid sign of you being the side chick.

Are You The Side Chick?

If these are the signs you have observed, walk out before it’s too late. The sinking feeling in your stomach is the worst thing and it is important that you trust your instincts.

There is no way that you should settle for less, as you deserve more. Identify these signs and don’t be a side chick.

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11 Clear Signs That Show You Are His Side Chick & Nothing More

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