14 Pro Tips on How to Handle an Angry Girlfriend

Let’s admit that every relationship has ups & downs. It is not all rosy all the time. You read romantic novels & watch romantic movies; you have your fantasies in your mind. But, you must admit that it becomes a living hell sometimes when your girlfriend is angry at you.

The funniest yet disturbing part is that most of the time you don’t even know why. Your relationship sometimes cannot meet the benchmark you have set, and that is okay.

You cannot leave the girl you love for silly reasons, right? You must keep & fight for the girl you love. In this article, I will let you know the reasons why your girl is angry at you. But you cannot fight for the cause without knowing the reason behind it. Later, I will give you some pro tips to calm down your lady love.

10 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Is Angry At You

Alright, you think that your girlfriend is angry at you for no reason. If you dig deeper, you may find the reason (may I say the ‘reasons’?) why your lady love is angry at you.

1. Holding Back Herself:

Your woman is master of holding back things in her heart, you believe it or not. Women usually don’t want anyone to know what is going on in their minds and your girlfriend is not exceptional.

She reacts when it becomes too much to take for her. It hurts her, even more, when she sees that you are not doing anything about it. You must keep on asking if there is anything that is bothering her, if she is okay, how her day is, etc.

2. Jealousy:

Well, jealousy doesn’t always signify insecurity. Your girlfriend may have super confidence & security about her emotional needs. But it still can offend her.

If she sees that you are getting too close with a girl or you are having a normal chat with your ex. After all, she loves you & doesn’t want to lose you for any insignificant reason. It can cause a massive headache for her when you don’t address these issues in time.

3. Lack of Attention:

lack of attention

Your girlfriend isn’t asking for a Tiffany Ring for God’s sake. It doesn’t hurt to show love & affection once in a while, because we know some days are worse than others.

Send her a few affectionate texts once in a while. Send her good morning & good night texts to show that you care for the relationship, moreover, her.

The amount of attention you give to her & to the relationship will bounce back to you in the form of love anyway.

4. Lack of Appreciation:

Do you know the key to a successful relationship? It is all about making your partner feel special & appreciated. If your girlfriend is angry at you this might be the reason that you make her feel unnoticed at times.

Every girl wants her partner to give value & appreciation to her. If you are too busy to notice this, you need to focus on your skill to make her feel more special.

5. Stressed about Work:

stress at work

You can have your work problem, & she can’t?

Every person stresses out about his work in some way or another.

She might have a work problem or cannot keep up with the stress about the deadline to meet.

So, all you can do is to wait for that period to get over & be supportive of her until you get your woman back as she is.

6. PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome):

Alright, this is something you will find very hard to understand. This is normal for your girlfriend to get more upset, throw more tantrums. Getting angry over a little insignificant thing is common during that time.

It doesn’t mean she is mean or evil. Buying some of her favorite snacks & desserts may sail you through this period very well.

7. Feeling Fatigued:

You hit rock bottom as well when you feel tired. It has nothing to do with your behavior that your girlfriend is angry at you for no reason. You have to take a step back & stop annoying her for the time being.

Let her gain back the energy, let her sleep & rest well so that she can back to you with full-fledged positive energy.

8. Feeling Hurt:

feeling hurt can make you angry

You have to admit that sometimes your choice of words may hurt the person you love. She might get offended by the things you told her. I will suggest you be mindful of your words & jokes. As you don’t want to hurt your girl & cause her pain with your words.

9. Lack of Time:

Every time you promise that you will take her to dinner but end up having a party with friends. Your relationship falls a little apart & you make her disappointed.

You have to give priority to the relationship often to keep your girl happy & bloomy. It is not wrong for her asking for a little time from you. Not keeping up with the promises can be a huge turn-off for your girl.

10. Personal Problems:

Not every time you have to point a finger towards yourself. Sometimes, your girlfriend can have a family problem too. It often becomes difficult to share those with anybody.

Women tend to rant away their anger to the person they are closest to. You should not feel like a victim in this case and should give her some time to recover from the situation.

14 Tips on How You Can Handle Your Angry Girlfriend

Now that you have a brief idea of why your girlfriend is angry at you, I will move forward with the pro tips. These are a few do’s you should consider.

1. Listen to Her:

handle your angry Girlfriend

Listening to the woman you love is the best gift you can give to her. First, make an effort to know why she is angry & what is bothering her. She may have suppressed her feeling not to disturb you. Or, your lack of effort towards the relationship made her feel so.

But, keep on trying to know the issue. Sometimes, all women want is an ear to listen to them rather than finding a solution to their problem. Once she admits all the issues, she will calm down.

2. Let Her Vent Out:

You shouldn’t strike the iron when it is hot. A few couples can resolve the relationship issues over a good fight.

But most of the time, it becomes nasty & chaotic. So, my suggestion would be to take a step back & let her vent out the anger. You don’t need to make an extra effort to know inside of her mind or the things bothering her.

She is likely to tell of the things all by herself in the heat of the moment. Once she pours her anger out, she will calm down.

3. Empathize with Her:

If she expresses herself & her problems, empathize with her. You must find the causes that are pissing her off & address those issues. Your girlfriend wants to know that you are with her and you are on the same team. This will make both of you feel even closer when you make an effort to understand her.

4. Give Her A Treat:

Come on, be a gentleman & give your girl a treat. She will calm down a little when her tummy is full. It is not always true that the doorway to a man’s heart passes through his stomach.

The same is applicable for a woman too. If you spoil her with her favorite foods, she can’t act like a wild wolf after that. Order some of her favorite desserts to fill her heart.

5. Say Sorry with a Bouquet:

say sorry

If you have already found out from the points above, do not hold yourself back.

It is time that you start acknowledging your mistakes.

And what can be the best way to say sorry to the woman you love? Of course, Flower!

Send her a flower bouquet along with a short note. Do not forget to write those three magical words, I Am Sorry!

6. Show Her Some Affection:

show affection

It doesn’t hurt to show some affection to the woman you love, does it?

Let her know how much she means to you & how her angry behavior is affecting you.

A hug would be nice in the middle of an argument to show that you care & you don’t want to lose her over silly reasons.

The warmth of your hug will melt away all her anger & give her a wide smile.

7. Crack a joke or two:

You have to be mindful of your words in sensitive situations. But, cracking a few hilarious jokes can sometimes help to keep the negativity away.

Make a few hilarious poems & songs if you are good with your words. It will put your girl in a light mood & make her smile. She can’t hold the anger for long once she smiles at your jokes.

What Not to do when your Girlfriend is angry?

Now you know what you should do to make your woman put into a light mood. Consider a few facts about what you shouldn’t do to make the situation even worse.

8. Do Not Tell Her To Calm Down:

do's and don'ts when girlfriend is angry

Don’t even think of telling her to calm herself down. It will be like blowing on a fire. And you do not want to make that mistake. If you can’t do anything, stay quiet until everything becomes normal to sort out. Give her a little time & space to calm herself down.

9. Do Not Connect Via A Third Party:

This is the worst thing you can do to ruin the relationship even more. Do not take help from any of your friends or hers. Meet your girlfriend in person, talk over the phone to know what happened. Try to ask her what is bothering her & how you can rectify it.

10. Do Not Ignore Serious Issues:

If you ignore serious issues that may create a problem for both of you. Address those things that can affect your future. Have a good conversation over a cup of coffee. Or, go for a long walk to calm yourselves to talk about those issues.

11. Do Not Make Her Feel Alone:

I know that you are not responsible for her smile, but it is better if you do not say that out loud. Do not make her feel that she is on her own. One of the worst possible things you can do is making her feel guilty & alone. This will further worsen the situation for both of you.

12. Do Not Get Defensive:

The very first thing every guy does is making arguments that lead nowhere. This makes the situation even worse. If she is expressing herself & venting out the anger, let her. Listen to her before becoming all defensive. Also, try not to engage in any intellectual arguments that will ruin the relationship.

13. Don’t Make Her Feel Guilty:

Well, of course, you can rectify her mistakes. But point them out in the heat of the moment may cause a bitter situation for you. And you do not want that, and that is why you are here. Making her realize the mistakes she has done in the past is the worst possible weapon you can use against her.

14. Do Not Rush:

Now, if you have tried all the methods & still the situation is not under control. It is time that you do not expect the change before her some time to mend. Meanwhile, you try to address those issues so that the same situation does not occur in the future.

End Note

In the final verdict, I will say that every relationship is different than the other. No one knows your relationship & the woman you love more than you. But these are a few tried & tested tips & tricks that you may apply in a time of crisis. Good luck!

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