22 Undeniable Signs of a Taurus Man is in Love with You

Do not get deceived by the Bull that represents this sign. A Taurus man is as strong as a bull but also remember that this sign is ruled by none other than the planet of love, Venus! So instead of fighting with others, this man believes in living life luxuriously and spreading love.

Taurus is a fixed sign, which means that he is not the one who likes getting into things. He is someone with a very laid-back attitude, taking life as it comes. He loves his pace to be slow and steady in every matter, be it love, life, and career.

If you want to know how your Taurus man feels about you and whether he is in love with you, keep reading further.

Taurus Man is in Love

How does a Taurus Man Act when in Love?

A Taurus man when in love will be very protective of his lover. He is a born romantic. This is evident in his attitude and behavior. The points that follow will assist you to find out if your Taurus man is into you or not!

  • He will take his own sweet time

This man is a little different than the others. Unlike other men, a Taurus man will first take his time and get to know you properly. He does not like rushing things. 

He will first take note of everything that interests you, that you don’t like – basically, he will want to know everything about you!

  • You will be his focus

Taurus Man is in Love

You might not realize this, but you are the only thing he is focussing on when he is in love with you. He will pay attention to each detail about you.

You would think that he does not think or care about you, but give him time! You will understand that he loves you a lot.

Do not get scared if he remembers all your schedules and your entire routine. He cares for you.

  • He has his eyes only for you

A Taurus man is very faithful. If he loves you, no matter what happens, he is not going to flirt with any other woman! He will be yours only. No supporting you and cheering you on. He would not like another woman trying to turn his head.

  • Sharing his personal space

Taurus Man is in Love

A Taurus man is quite reserved when it comes to his personal life. He does not like it when

outsiders try to invade this space. But if he does allow you to get in, trust him, because he loves you a lot.

He will make you meet his friends and family, share his most intimate secrets with you. Whenever he does this, it’s a hint that he is into you.

  • He will be a lot more physical

He likes getting touchy-feely with the person he loves. It is his way of showing affection, love, and care. He will grab every opportunity to kiss you and hug you! The sex will be more romantic and sensual. It can be called lovemaking rather than just sex.  

He will constantly hold your hand in public and will be proud to tell the world that you are together. So, when a Taurus man holds your hand a lot and loves giving you warm hugs, he is trying to show his love for you.

  • He will ignore you on purpose

A Taurus man is quite shy when it comes to matters of love and relationship. He finds it a little difficult to accept that he has fallen for you. He will start ignoring you because he does not want to acknowledge his feelings that easily!

Especially in a group of friends, he will avoid talking to you and engage himself with others. When you do try to talk to him, he will somehow make himself busy. Don’t worry about it though, he will come around as soon as he realizes that he cannot stay away from you.

  • His eyes will speak for him

Taurus Man is in Love

A Taurus man does not speak much, but his eyes always give away his feelings. find out if he is in love when you by trying to look into his eyes, he will not be able to maintain eye contact. Because he knows they do not hold back anything leaving him to feel exposed.

Don’t feel disappointed though. Let him take his time to know and understand his feelings first. He will come to you eventually.

  • He includes you in his financial decisions

A Taurus man is quite private when it comes to his personal life. He is very stubborn and no one can influence him to change his decisions once he has decided on them. It is his way of showing that he is responsible.

Including his girl in making financial decisions is a big step for a Taurus man. But this step is a hint that he really trusts you and will likely include you in any further decisions he makes.

  • He will give in all his efforts for building a relationship

Once a Taurus man acknowledges the fact that he loves you, he will give his hundred percent to build his relationship with you. He will appreciate now and then, push you ahead to do things you want to.

He will also get out of his comfort zones and start taking risks only for you. You will also notice changes in him because he wants to be perfect for you. All of this showcases his love for you.

  • He supports you at every step

Taurus Man is in Love

A Taurus man always looks for support while finding his soulmate. He is a great supporter, be it as a friend or as a partner, he will always be there for you! If you have a friend who is a Taurus man, he will support you in staying within the set boundaries between you and him.

But if he is your partner, get ready for a constant support system in your life. Physically, mentally, emotionally, you will always find him by your side supporting you and cheering you on.

Signs a Taurus Man has a Crush on You

A Taurus man is reserved with his life and will share only as much information as is necessary. Even with his friends, he tries not to seem very vulnerable. 

But if you do notice the following points, you must understand that he has started trusting and liking you a little.

  • He does not date anyone else

Loyalty is what makes a Taurus man. when he is not sure about the woman he is dating, he would not bother about her and start considering other options. But if he is serious about you, get ready to witness his opposite side.

The first thing he completely avoids is dating another woman. Why go for someone else when the correct one is right in front of him. He will give you hints about not dating others hoping that you will understand. Keep looking out for those if you are talking to one.

  • You get treated like a queen

treat like a queen

When a Taurus man likes you, be prepared for random surprises or even some planned dates.

He wants you to feel like a queen because you are his! He will bring you flowers on your date night and get you expensive gifts. 

A Taurus man is not someone who avoids splurging on the woman of his life. He will spoil you a lot.

All these gestures clearly show that he likes you a lot.

  • He makes sure you are not into anyone else

A Taurus man is quite shy. He cannot be upfront with you like other men. So instead of asking you out directly, he will find out if you are single or seeing someone else. He wants to clear this confusion once and for all.

  • He is willing to meet your friends

meet your friends

A Taurus man is very interested in meeting your friends if he likes you. He knows that your friends can affect and influence you to change your mind. So instead of taking any risk, he would want to get into their good books. 

This way, he can get involved in your life directly or indirectly and know you further through your friends.

  • He gets jealous

Jealousy is one of the biggest signs indicating a Taurus man’s liking towards you. Being very laid-back in life, he is someone who does not get jealous very easily. But if he does, he has been greatly affected by something.

A Taurus man is very protective of the people he loves. His jealousy only shows how serious he is about you. Do not do it on purpose. He will be hurt and feel low emotionally.

How to get a Taurus Man to Marry You?

get a Taurus man to marry you

This gentle, kind-hearted, and faithful man is the perfect husband material you can ask for. He is the perfect blend of emotional and physical needs.

He gives more to his partner without expecting anything in return which makes him an ideal husband.

When you know you are ready to take a step further with him, do not waste any more time.

He is a little slow in accepting things. So, instead of waiting for him, you induce the point of marriage into him. Check further to know how to get this done.

  • Give him bolder hints

Does he love you a lot but get conscious while talking about marriage? It is maybe he is not very sure of himself and how he would handle this new relationship. Now is the time when you have to be his support system.

Tell him you want to be with him, discuss the future you want to have with him. Make him comfortable with the fact that getting married is a new experience which you both will go through together. He will feel great about it with time.

  • Show him your wifely side

Taurus Man is in Love

Even before getting married, start showing changes in your behavior to gain your confidence. Take care of him. Share your happiness and sorrows. Try and help lower his burden. 

Make him feel at home whenever he is with you. He wants to come home after a long day to relax and have fun, not to be yelled at or loaded with more work! 

And the most important change is to start depending on him. He loves taking care of his partner and he will be delighted to take it a notch further.

  • Involve his family and friends

Talk to his family and friends and tell them about how serious you are about getting married to him. He is a man who does his own thing but does consider the thoughts of his close ones. 

Getting them on board to convince him will be the best thing that could be done. Getting suggestions from his near and dear ones will strengthen his will to get married to you.

  • Build a stronger foundation

When a Taurus man loves you and thinks of getting married to you, he wants to be able to trust you and vice-versa. This trust of his can only be gained by being honest about everything.

When he starts trusting you even a bit, he will start asking you opinions on matters that are important to him. Be honest while putting in your suggestions. This will only make your relationship stronger and he will know that he can ask you whatever he wants knowing that you will correct him with honesty.

How to Seduce a Taurus Man?

  • Low-key sexiness

seduce a Taurus man

A Taurus man does not hate it when his woman is outright sexy. But he even loves it when you give subtle hints of sexiness here and there. They have a strong sense of imagination which can take them to a different world. 

A subtle hint from you will be enough to make him imagine the entire sequence of your lovemaking!

  • Touching him

Touch is an important aspect of this man in an intimate relationship. Give him a massage, stroke his body slightly with your fingers, play with his hair, all these actions will turn him on instantly.

A Taurus man is highly stimulated with all kinds of touches. Ask him about it, he will be upfront about what he likes and dislikes when it comes to physical touch.

  • Slow and steady

With a Taurus man, the phrase ‘slow and steady wins the race’ is so apt. Do not rush things with him, in bed, or life. He feels that he is being pressured to do something he does not feel like doing.

If you want to seduce him, teasing him will go a long way. Seduce him slowly and watch him do the same with you. You will love his slow sensual touches. With plenty of passion between you and him, your lovemaking will be so much better.

What does it mean when a Taurus Man Kisses you?

Taurus man kisses you

This Bull is a very affectionate person and shows his true feelings through his actions. This romantic man loves to kiss his partner. It just shows how much he loves you and cares for you!

He will not be shy to kiss you in public or even in front of your and his family. He loves you and wants to show you off to the entire world. Expect him to shower you with kisses on your cheeks, forehead, lips, any time anywhere!

When a Taurus man loves you, he will love you till the end, no matter how rocky your relation gets. He will not give you any reason to feel less loved making you will be the queen of his life! He does adore you.

Kiss him back every time he does. Show your affectionate side to him and let him know how much you love him too! He loves it when his woman reciprocates the pure emotion of love through trivial ways.

Taurus Man Communication Style

This bull is a man of very few words. He speaks only when utterly necessary or does not speak at all. When he does speak, whatever comes out of his mouth is pretty straightforward and worthy of praise. 

He likes explaining his point very clearly so it does not cause any confusion later. Instead of talking a lot, he analyses every situation and keeps his side of things clear to avoid any kind of misunderstanding that could occur.

A lot of his emotions are communicated through his touch. His eyes also play an

important role in conveying his emotions. He could be a stoic man, but his eyes never lie.

End Note

A Taurus man is the ideal man to be with. A born romantic, perfect husband material. He gives all his attention to you and does not bother about any new girl entering his life at any point in time.

If he is yours, he is yours only. No one can make him change his mind. He is a precious soul. Always keep him near you for he is someone who will take you on the most fantastic sensual experiences you could ever imagine.

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