Love and Sex Life of a Cancer Woman

When you are in a relationship, it is obvious that you are curious to learn everything about them. You wish to have great chemistry with the woman who has caught your attention and for good reason. The compatibility between you and your partner plays an important role in your future. If you have your eyes on a Cancer woman, her timid personality may make you question her intentions. But learning more about her love and sex life can give you a fair idea about a cancer woman.

Cancer is the fourth sign in the zodiac system and it is ruled by the moon. Cancer is a water sign. This sign shows sensitivity like no other. Let’s learn more about the love and sex life of a cancer woman.

cancer woman love life

Cancer Woman’s Love Life

A Cancer woman is emotional and the most trustworthy sign in the zodiac. Learn more about the complicated love life of a cancer woman.

  • Slow Beginnings

A Cancer woman can be shy, so she may take time to open up about her feelings. She isn’t someone who can make instant decisions. When looking for a relationship, a Cancer woman looks for a long-term partner. Therefore she takes her time to make an informed decision.

  • She Looks for a Deep Connection

A Cancer woman is a profound thinker and she has a vivid imagination. She sees the world through a philosophical telescope. She wants to build a genuine connection with a man. A cancer woman wants a partner who can engage with her on a deeper level. She is intuitive and will easily differentiate superficial interest from genuine emotional connection. 

  • She gives her all

While the initial stages of your relationship with a Cancer woman are slow, once a Cancer woman has made up her mind, she will unleash all her love; mind you, she has a lot. A Cancer woman is eager to love. She is a romantic at heart, waiting to find her right partner. This might also cause problems if you see her as clingy.

  • You need to match her Intensity

A Cancer woman has no problem giving her all to her partner, but she also demands the same from her partner. She wants her partner to reciprocate her love and affection. She craves attention from her partner, just as much as she is willing to give them herself.

If you and your Cancer woman are already close enough, she won’t mind moving ahead. She will feel comfortable with getting physical. Here are some things to remember.

cancer woman sex life

Cancer Woman’s Sex Life

  • Not just physical

As mentioned above, a Cancer woman values an emotional connection. This is also important in her physical relationships. A Cancer woman will feel more intimate if she feels a deeper connection with you that goes beyond the physicality. 

  • She likes to feel the attention

Show a Cancer woman just how much you love for her to believe you. A Cancer woman wants to be loved as she loves, that is, unconditionally. She likes to feel pampered like a little girl. This makes her feel protected and wanted.

  • She will follow your lead

A Cancer woman is more on the timid side. She might seem shy to initiate anything but will happily oblige once you take the lead. A cancer woman feels taken care of and she is highly receptive and will respond well to her partner.

  • She is Sensual

Touch is her weakness and strength. A Cancer woman’s soft and gentle touches can entice you like magic. She is weak for touches. She is tactile even outside the bedroom. You will often notice her get clingy by hugging you, holding your hands, etc. 

Comfort is the key with a Cancer woman. A Cancer woman reacts well if she is relaxed. For this, she might prefer the tried and tested methods over experimenting. But she is open to a few changes and will follow your lead if she is convinced.

Relationships for a Cancer woman are about the future. She dates only those who she believes she can have a stable future. Someone who can provide her support and love in the long run.

her marriage life

Cancer Woman’s Marriage Life

  • She is Supportive

A Cancer woman is sensitive. This makes her one of the most caring and empathetic signs in the zodiac system. You are sure to see the epitome of this characteristic as she fits into the role of a supportive wife brilliantly. She will provide constant support through all the hardships of your life.

  • She has great Maternal Instincts

No other sign in the zodiac system has maternal instincts like that of a Cancer woman. She holds her family very close to her heart. Naturally caring and nurturing, she provides her children with all the love and attention they need. A cancer woman is a supportive mother who wants to give her children and family the best of everything.

  • She does not like to be Criticized

A Cancer woman works hard to maintain her ideal family. She is supportive, caring, and loving. She will do anything to protect the happiness of her family. Thus, if she is criticized, she will feel hurt and unappreciated. 

  • She will be your partner for Life

Stability and comfort are important factors in a Cancer woman’s relationship. When she finds the one she loves and trusts, she will protect them and give them her best efforts. If you marry a Cancer woman, you know she tries everything in her power to maintain your love forever.

An ideal wife and mother, a Cancer woman is the envy of many people. Her love for her family is undeniable. If you promise her love and security for the long run, then she will be the most ideal wife you can ask for.

her soulmate

Cancer Woman’s Soulmate

Let’s see which signs make for a Cancer woman’s soulmate.

  • Virgo

Virgo is an earth sign, while Cancer is a water sign. This combination craves love just as much as the other and they can give each other just enough love. Their needs and ability to provide for each other make their bond stronger. These are the people who enjoy their own company and don’t need to always be out there to feel validated. They find solitude with each other. Their bond grows stronger with more time spent together.

  • Scorpio

Both Scorpio and Cancer are water signs. They have a common desire for a deep and emotional connection. They give each other abundant emotional stimulation. This makes their bond grow more intimate. Scorpio can provide the security and stability a Cancer woman needs. These signs have immense sexual chemistry. They both enjoy lovemaking and don’t hold back.

  • Capricorn

While a Capricorn may seem like an oddball, due to its differences from a Cancer, they have the potential to become a great pair. Capricorn is focused on their career to create a stable future for themselves. Thus, they could provide the security a Cancer woman looks for. Like the Cancer woman, a Capricorn tends to hold traditional views on marriage and love. This could be a great connection for the Cancer woman.


A Cancer woman is smart, imaginative, and caring. She provides a strong support system for her partner. When in a relationship, a Cancer woman is the ideal lover, wife, and mother. She will make sure to protect the ones she loves from any harm and she will love them unconditionally for the rest of her life. Enjoy your love life with a cancer woman.

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sex and love life of cancer woman

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