10 Proven Signs and Behavior of a Hurt Gemini Woman

A Gemini woman can be hard to understand. She lives with her head in the clouds. She is unpredictable and flighty. It may seem impossible to understand a Gemini woman completely as she is full of contrasting ideas and behavior. But you know a relationship with a Gemini woman is a fun one. Are you looking to impress her or ensuring that you don’t upset her? Is your Gemini woman upset, but you don’t know why? There could be several reasons for this. You will see some behavioral signs and changes in a Gemini woman when she is hurt.

Every relationship has its imperfections. In the case of a Gemini woman, you need to put in all your efforts to make up for these imperfections.

Let’s learn more about the Gemini woman’s behavior and personality. This is sure to help you avoid any big squabbles with your Gemini woman and maintain a happy relationship.

signs of Gemini woman is hurt

Signs a Gemini Woman isn’t Interested in You

When hurt a Gemini woman may try to solve her issues by herself. But if she can’t, she will not directly approach you. She isn’t the type to create a scene and hates confrontation. She will start ignoring you as she learns that she isn’t as happy with you.

# Her lack of attention

A Gemini woman is outgoing and friendly. She can chat with anyone. But if she isn’t paying you any attention, it can be a clear sign of disinterest. She is curious by nature. Normally, she would be attentive and responsive during conversations, but when she isn’t, she is clearly not interested.

fewer questions

# Fewer Questions

A Gemini woman is always eager to learn. She can ask questions about everything if she is truly curious about you and wants to learn more. But when you notice she isn’t asking many questions, you can assume she is not interested in you anymore. When your Gemini woman is asking fewer questions, she probably doesn’t find you as interesting anymore. She isn’t curious about you.

# She does not make plans with you

A Gemini woman’s outgoing personality will push her to make plans with the one she likes. But if she stops making plans with you, she may have moved on from you. She may have realized that she can’t find the excitement she desired with you. Whether that is due to mistrust, boredom, or something else, she will stop making efforts.

she avoids you

# She avoids you

When your Gemini woman starts finding happiness and excitement away from you, it may be a reason for concern. This means she is getting bored with you. This often leads to conflict and a breakup with a Gemini woman. She might even start looking outside your relationship for someone to fulfill her desire for excitement. She might cheat as she finds someone else who provides more intellectual stimulation and isn’t trying to tie her down.

If you notice some of these signs, the Gemini woman is probably not looking at you in a romantic light anymore. It’s time for you to have a serious talk with her. In this case, you will either have to work hard to rectify your mistake or simply walk away.

Are you not sure what you did to make a Gemini man feel upset or angry? There could be several reasons. Let’s see what habits can affect the Gemini woman’s impression of you.

Gemini woman not texting

Why is a Gemini Woman not Replying to your Text?

Normally, when someone doesn’t text you back, it could mean that they are angry with you or that they have no interest in you. That may not be the case with a Gemini woman, though.

A Gemini woman is always part of big crowds. She has many friends and tasks, keeping her busy. If she hasn’t replied to your text yet, she is probably caught up in one or more group chats. She is always with some friends. When she is with someone, she likes to give them all her attention. So don’t be surprised if you don’t get instant replies from a Gemini woman.

There is always a chance that she is ignoring you intentionally. But if that is the case, she prefers to be upfront about her feelings and will avoid you to prevent conflicts. She will ignore your texts instead of confronting you if that can allow her to go on her merry way. She is hardly responsible and can be selfish when it comes to gratifying her desires and needs.

Gemini woman ignoring you

Causes of a Gemini Woman Ignoring You

A Gemini woman is always on the move. If you notice her ignoring you, it could be one of these reasons.

# She is busy

A Gemini woman will never sit still. She is always looking for a new adventure and meeting old friends. A Gemini woman will try to meet with all her acquaintances as much as possible. She is always going somewhere. But none of her plans are concrete. She may change her mind on a whim. If she was planning to meet you but found something more important or exciting, she will change her plans. 

She has a lot on her plate, and she only wants to have the most exciting ones. If she is busy with something else, it could mean that her curiosity and interest lie somewhere else.

she finds you boring

# She finds you boring

A Gemini woman has a light feeling. As an air sign, she is always curious about unexplored places and looking for adventures. She hates routines and seeks to challenge herself. If she finds you to be someone who can’t match her eagerness for a thrill, she will ignore you and move on. One of the first things she will notice about you is whether or not she can find stimulation in your relationship. If you turn out anything less than that, she will label you as boring. And a Gemini woman doesn’t like boring.

# You are overbearing

When in a relationship, a Gemini woman remains as free-spirited as ever. She still seeks to run through life and experience all that it has to offer. She prefers a relationship that provides her freedom to continue with her various quests in life.

A Gemini wants a partner who can join her in her adventures, but sometimes she also wants to go alone. If you are someone who prefers stability and security, you may not match her personality. A routine is boring for a Gemini woman. If you try stopping her, she will feel like you are trying to tie her down. 

Gemini woman is hurt

# You can’t keep up with her

A Gemini woman has a dual personality. She can have contrasting behaviors, and this could change within moments. This makes a Gemini woman highly unpredictable. This is one of the biggest reasons for breakups in a Gemini relationship. A Gemini woman can be moody. While dating a Gemini woman, you have to be on your toes. You have to learn to accept her unpredictability and match her excitement. This can be hard for most partners and is often a cause of conflict.

# You don’t trust her

In a relationship, trust plays an important role. A Gemini woman loves socializing and will do so when she is in a relationship as well. As her partner, you will have to be understanding of her extroverted personality. She likes maintaining her individuality despite being in a relationship. She hopes that she and her partner can enjoy their independence. If you can’t trust her she will end up feeling trapped and that could lead to more conflict. She will rather ignore you than create a scene. 

When a Gemini woman begins feeling bored, tired, and trapped, she will quickly develop negative feelings for you. She does not like confrontation, so you might not notice at first. But a Gemini woman’s change in behavior is the biggest telltale sign. 

make Gemini woman forgive

How to win back a Gemini Woman?

# In this case, you might want to win her interest

When you notice these changes, the best option is to talk it out with your Gemini woman. She is a master communicator, and if you can hold your own with her, you can try to communicate all your worries with each other. A Gemini woman prefers a relationship where there is a comfortable room for conversation. Good communication can help you impress and make up with your Gemini woman. Listen to what she says and try to understand her concerns. 

However, a Gemini woman can be very unpredictable. If she suddenly realizes she doesn’t find you interesting, she will start ignoring you. The best you can do is move on. A Gemini is not one to beat around the bush. If she has moved on she will hardly ever go back on her decision.

End Note

A Gemini woman is intelligent and outgoing. She seeks intellectual stimulation through those around her. If you notice signs of disinterest from her, it is probably because she doesn’t find mental gratification with you. It takes a lot to keep a Gemini woman happy and satisfied. But a stimulating conversation and exciting dates could be a way to win her back.

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