15 Obvious Signs a Taurus Man does not Like You

A Taurus man is absolute marriage material. His presence in your life is nothing less than a blessing in disguise. He is not the one to show his emotions when he loves you. But if he does not like you, you will know to understand it pretty quickly. He will not hide it.

Signs a Taurus Man does not Like You Anymore

There are a lot of signs of a Taurus man not liking you anymore. He is not the one to shy away from acknowledging this fact and putting it forth in a straightforward way. Read further to find out what he does when he does not like you anymore.

1. He starts acting cold

If you understand and know a Taurus man, you must also know that he is a very affectionate human and shows his love through physical intimacy. He loves showering his partner with hugs and kisses and sensual touches and lovemaking!

After dating for a while, if he realizes, he does not like you enough to be together, he will start behaving icy towards you. This behavior change will be enough of a sign to understand that he just is not into you anymore.

2. Your opinions will not matter to him

It is like a Taurus man to ask for suggestions and get opinions from the woman of his life. But, if a Taurus man does not like you, he will not care about any of your opinions. He will not even bother asking you for your suggestions, even on trivial matters.

If he is not romantically drawn towards you, he will not behave the way he does with others. It somehow does not occur to him that you have feelings too. This is why he does not pay attention to your wants and needs.

3. He does not take you along

Taurus man does not like you

A Taurus man is very laid back and likes spending time with his family and friends. He always wants his partner to get involved with them. But, be it a night out with friends or a cozy dinner with family, if he does not like you, he will not take you with him. He will not even ask you out on dates anymore.

When he is with his soulmate, he wants to flaunt his relationship with the entire world. Therefore, him not involving you in his plans is a sign that he is not into you anymore.

4. He does not bother contacting you

When a Taurus man wants to take ahead with you, he will approach you to no end. It will be a slow process, but a constant one at that. He will get to know you as much as he can before finally deciding to stay with you.

If he is not trying to contact you in any way, shape, or form, it is a clear indication that he does not want to take things ahead with you. Even if you try to contact him from your end, you will only be met by silence. He will not pay attention to you because he just doesn’t care.

5. He will avoid making plans with you

A Taurus man is a very self-involved and self-indulging person who keeps himself first at every place possible unless it is in front of someone he loves. So, when it comes to a woman he does not like, he will be quite evasive while making plans with her.

Even when you are the one making all the plans, he will try to avoid getting into it and will give you a very indecisive answer. He will not commit to plans or trips with you.

6. You will see changes in his body language

changes in body language

The main form of communication for a Taurus man is through his body language. He is someone who does not speak much and is not able to convey his feelings via words. His body language is what gives away the fact that he likes you. Especially through touches.

When he does not feel anything from you, forget about touching, he will maintain an arms-length distance from you. You will not receive any kind of signal or vibes of likeness from him. It is a closed chapter for him.

Signs that a Taurus Man has Lost Interest

Taurus man does not like you

A Taurus man has the perfect boy-next-door vibe to him. He makes friends easily but obviously, does not talk much. His charm gets him to talk to quite a few girls, which they mistake as his flirty side. Girls fall for him so easily but he is not the one who likes messing around. He needs to be sure to take a step ahead.

But if he does not like someone, he just does not. And it will be pretty evident through his actions and his behavior. No one can make him change his mind once he has formed an opinion on you. He will let you know through his actions that show he is not interested in you.

Read ahead to find out more!

7. You are getting a cold shoulder from him

A major sign of a Taurus man not being interested in you is getting a cold shoulder from him. He will not be as attentive as he used to be earlier when he first started chasing you. This change of mind is a result of him realizing that you both do not belong to each other.

It can be a little weird to adjust to this fact because he would seem like a completely different person now than he was before. But it is what it is.

8. He never replies

never replies to texts and mails

Earlier when you two were just getting to know each other, he was the one initiating a conversation even though you did not want to talk to him. He was the one following you and asking you about your day and your family and everything under the sun!

But he has suddenly stopped doing all this! He is in a world of his own. You try to contact him but are only met with disappointment. He does not even call you back and leaves your messages on seen. All of this thoroughly indicates that your Taurus man is no longer interested in you.

He wants to get rid of you and not maintaining contact is the best way according to him. It is a sure-shot way of conveying to you that it is just not working anymore.

9. He is always checking out other women when you are out

checks other woman when out

You somehow manage to take him out for a night, just the two of you having dinner at a cozy place. Even though he is with you, his heart and mind are not. He is constantly checking out other girls and downright ignoring you. This clearly shows his lack of interest in you.

For a Taurus man, his woman is the only woman in the world. No one can divert his mind even for a second when he is loyal to his partner. And him checking out other girls when he is with his love is impossible. So, if he is doing things like this, it is pretty evident that he does not want to be with you.

But you do not need to go through the miserable feeling of getting ignored. Call him out on his not-so-respectful behavior and have a mature discussion with him. He will give you very straightforward and honest answers.

10. He backs out of plans at the last minute

A Taurus man is very particular when it comes to spending time with the one, he loves. He will try and spend the maximum amount of time possible with you if he loves you. He will put in the effort and it clearly shows.

It is not in his nature to cancel plans at the last moment. He would rather inform you before and probably reschedule the event. But if he does bail out all of a sudden, it means he did not even want to come in the first place.

If a Taurus man is not interested in you, he will not realize the fact that he is hurting you in any way. He will do things he feels are correct and those that will make you stay away from him. Well, this is a good time for you to start focussing on other aspects of life apart from him.

11. He does not praise you

When in love with you, a Taurus man will compliment and praise the hell out of you, all day long. Once he is out of his shell, he will not stop showing how much he loves you and how much you mean to him. Complementing is just the way he shows his love.

But when he does not like you, you cannot expect any kind of appreciation from his side. He will not even acknowledge your hard work and efforts. He will get his work done and vanish as quickly as possible.

How to know when a Taurus Man is done with You?

Taurus man does not like you

A lot of times it is hard to tell whether your Taurus man is deep in thoughts, angry, or just done with you. The following signs will help you understand his intentions.

12. Giving the silent treatment

A Taurus man, by nature, is not a talker. He does not speak much and believes in the process of observation. He is also a thinker and will think about various things throughout the day. Due to all these reasons, he is bound to remain silent.

But when he is giving the silent treatment to you, it is pretty obvious. He will have a stoic expression and his eyes will give away nothing. He will enter the room and go do his work without even trying to make small talk with you. This is not the way he thinks. The catch here is that he is done with you!

13. He does not get intimate

does not get intimate

A physical connection is very important for a Taurus man. He needs to understand you physically to make a connection with you mentally. He will hug you and kiss you anywhere without thinking about what the world will think of it.

But when he does not want to get close to you, it is a hint that he is done with you. He could break up with you soon. You need to be mentally prepared for that day because it is not too far.

14. He is making excuses

Another thing you will notice is that he will come up with excuses to not be with you alone. He starts disliking your company when he is done with you.

A Taurus man will avoid meeting you at all costs. He will give you excuses when you ask him why he did not reply to his calls or texts.

When you both are with a group of friends, he will socialize with others a lot, flirt with other girls right in front of you. Even on confronting he will make some kind of excuse and get away with it. He does this only to make you realize that he is not into you anymore.

15. He will be harsh with you

A Taurus man does not usually lose his chilled-out vibe so easily. But if he is just done with you, he will be the meanest person you can ever encounter. His words will be enough to slice right through your heart, hurting you to no end.

He cannot tolerate people his dislikes and this is how he shows it. He is not upfront about his feelings, but this change in his verbal communication is way too big a sign to ignore. It just shows that you are very undesirable to him and he wants you to leave as soon as possible. 

End Note

Getting rejected by a Taurus man is a huge life loss. He is someone who brightens up your life by being present with you whenever needed. His absence will make your life feel aimless and make you feel clueless. But that’s how relationship functions – some work and some do not!

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Taurus man does not like you

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