Taurus Woman Love & Sex Compatibility With other Zodiac Signs

Knowing your partner’s preferences, strengths and weaknesses is a great advantage. This way you can create a better mutual understanding. So if you know the birthdate of your girlfriend, then you can get the details of her love and sex preferences. If your zodiac sign is among Taurus, Scorpio, and Libra then you have the most sex and love compatibility with a Taurus Woman.

Taurus is the second sign after Aries among the zodiac signs. Marked from the 21st of April till the 20th of May. Taurus is a fixed earth sign. With the ability to remain grounded and see things for what they are, Taurus’ are practical and persistent. The ruling planet for Taurus is Venus, the planet of love, attraction, beauty, and creativity. The bull is used to symbolize the sign.

personality traits of a Taurus Woman

Personality Traits of a Taurus Woman

Taurus is all about practicality and convenience. Taurus work towards a specific goal. They are the ones who love to enjoy the fruits of their labor. They are comfortable while working on the same project for a long time. 

  • Slow at making decisions:

Taurus women hate being rushed into making decisions. They are some of the most thoughtful people you will meet. Slow and steady is their mantra. Only after considering all the possible outcomes, they decide on what their plan of action will be. 

  • Long Term Planning

A Taurus woman plans for the long run. They like leading a comfortable life full of calm and tranquillity. Thus, they make choices keeping in mind the longevity of its outcome. 

  • Practical Yet Affectionate

Taurus’ are realistic in their outlook on life. They know how to work for something they want. With the influence of Venus, they are tender and kind. Known to be some of the most loyal people, they are reliable companions. Whether it’s professional or personal, Taurus women make for great partners if you value trust and honesty.

  • Loyal and Honest

Taurus’ women are known among their peers for being the most caring and trusting people. They like being able to help people around them. Often they can be the ones who give the most honest advice. As loving and caring as they are, they expect loyalty and are loyal themselves. Once their trust is broken, the chances of mending that relationship are slim to none.

  • Short-Tempered

While it may not seem so, Taurus’ women can be the scariest people if they want to be. They don’t get angry easily and are otherwise very kind. But when their patience runs out, they can be furious.

taurus woman sex compatibility

Taurus Woman Relationship Traits

Patience is the key for Taurus women. Owing to their need for comfort and long-lasting relationships, they can be very slow in the beginning stages of a relationship. They might take time to warm up to you and get comfortable with you.

They might even come across as passive. Once you get past that, and they get comfortable with you, you will surely be rewarded. A Taurus’ decision is a full and final one.

When a Taurus woman decides on something, it’s a decision for life. They will try everything they can to make it work. What can be seen as stubbornness is what helps them in making and maintaining relations for life.

Governed by the planet Venus, Taurus’ are kind and loving people. They make for some of the best companions and partners. Their motherly nature gives a sense of comfort to their close ones.

Taurus’ are people’s pleasures and try to please those around them to the best of their abilities. Their honesty and loyalty are almost unparalleled. 

sexual traits

Taurus Woman Sexuality Traits

Here are some of the important Sexuality traits of a Taurus Woman which drive her instincts and behavior.

  • A Taurus woman takes time to feel like her own in a new setting. She requires a comfortable and trusting environment to become a wonderful lover. Once intimate, she can be needy and requires the love and attention of their partner.
  • They are extremely sensual, touch, and smell, especially being the most pleasurable. Her sensuality is a Taurus woman’s biggest drive.
  • Beginning from a romantic dinner, she is moved by the sense of taste, smell, and touch. A hearty meal surrounded by a fragrant aroma can do wonders to a Taurus woman.
  • She enjoys simple and soft touches that are lovelier than a grand gesture of love. Being someone who likes to take it slow, she revels in every touch and whisper.
  • A gentle yet passionate lover, a Taurus woman, does not shy away from trying new things if that’s what her partner desires.
  • She seeks to pleasure her carnal desires to the fullest extent with a partner whom she can trust. A romantic and comfortable environment sets the tone for a wonderful experience with a Taurus woman.

Taurus Woman Love & Sexual Compatibility with Other Signs

with Aquarius man

1. Taurus Woman With an Aquarius Man:

A Taurus woman is naturally inclined towards love and union, while the Aquarius man may not always be so. Both Taurus and Aquarius look for longevity in their relationships.

However, the difference in their core personalities may be a problem. An Aquarius man is individualistic and imaginative. This may be more than what a Taurus woman would deem ideal.

This is a match that is either a really bad idea or a really good one. With both signs being stubborn, they will either tire each other out or will be able to stand up to each other.

They are very different from each other, and this could result in their lack of compatibility, or they can use that to blossom together.

The Taurus woman’s tenderness and affection can melt the hard-hearted Aquarius man. The Aquarius man can help her unleash her creative side and energize her gentle and slow nature.

Their sex life could be a wonderful mix of their different personalities. All they need is to learn to respect and understand each other.

This pair may not be common. It takes a lot of effort to give away their primal nature and constantly be mindful of each other. But if they do, they might prove to be one in the long run.

With an Aries man

2. Taurus Woman With an Aries Man:

An Aries man and a Taurus woman may not work very well together. They are ruled by the planets Mars and Venus, respectively. Both these signs are sexual, but their issue lies in the difference of goals.

Taurus folks tend to be slow and affectionate. They like getting comfortable before doing anything else. They rather enjoy a good game of seduction and foreplay.

On the other hand, the Aries man is all about the physical act itself. They aren’t ones to think much about seduction. 

A Taurus tends to be more thoughtful and enjoy the process. The Aries man can’t wait to get to his prize immediately. An Aries man can be fast and rough in his approach to sex. He is one to enjoy passionate lovemaking.

The Taurus folks love to savor every moment and make it as memorable as they can. The Taurus folks are naturally sensual and love to please their senses. However, an Aries man would hardly pay attention to such details.

Aries is a fire sign. Thus, their way of showing love and affection can be loud and grand. Something quite different from Taurus.

Taurus women enjoy small gestures of affection like cooking, cuddling, and simple contact. The Aries man might perceive this as boring. And for the Taurus woman, the actions of an Aries man may seem superficial.

They are opposite from each other in their nature. But they are both very sexual signs. Both the Aries and Taurus folk enjoy lovemaking just as much as the other. 

Tqaurus woman With an taurus man

3. Taurus Woman With a Taurus Man

With a Taurus and Taurus combination, you can rest assured about their compatibility. They can be the end and beginnings of each other. They both have a deep understanding of each other’s likes and dislikes, which match their own. And this results and pure bliss in their bedrooms.

With this combination, it’s all about perfect beginnings. They love to take their time. They seduce each other with sweet-talking and a romantic ambiance.

Owing to their sensuality, they enjoy gentle touches and stimulation of their senses. Similar interests and pace help them get along fabulously.

The only problem these couples might face is their lack of initiation. With both being passive, they might struggle to get the conversation going.

They might face some trouble in their initial stages. But once they get comfortable with each other, they are bound to be in a long and loving relationship.

taurus woman with gemini man

4. Taurus Woman With a Gemini Man

A Gemini is an air sign. They are more about intellectual stimulation, unlike the Taurus’ who love physical stimulation.

A Taurus woman enjoys being physically stimulated. She loves cuddling, skin contact, and gentle pecks. But the Aries man may not care much for these physical actions of affection.

For Aries, to feel love requires a lot more than that. They crave the attention that proves that they are loved, and touch is just one small example. 

An Aries man may be fast to satisfy his need for intellectual stimulation. For the Taurus woman, however, this does not sit well.

As they thoroughly enjoy foreplay. And a Taurus woman’s determination can slow down an Aries man. This, however, is not easy as their differences can be a cause of concern in their relationship. While one might get bored, the other might get upset with the lack of emotional reception.

taurus woman with leo man

5. Taurus Woman With a Leo Man

With a Leo and a Taurus, the chemistry and compatibility are off the roof. But their biggest challenge is to get things started and figure out a way to satisfy the needs of each other. Both these signs are ones to enjoy their own comfort.

A Taurus woman loves it when her partner pampers her. But Leo, like it’s a symbol of the lion, likes it when his needs are served. Both the signs have expectations of receiving all the love and attention. Thus, it can be a small or big obstacle to get over. 

Conversation and understanding are the keys here. Once they both figure out a way to please the other, they can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Knowing that working towards each other’s pleasure together can help them greatly.

The Taurus woman could bring more love and tenderness to their relationship. The Leo man can bring passion. This makes for a great complementary relationship.

taurus woman with cancer man

6. Taurus Woman with a Cancer Man

Influenced by Venus, Taurus prioritizes the fulfillment of their carnal desires. Cancer is one for emotional fulfillment. These two signs make for a romantic couple. With their need for genuine emotional connection and stability, they are quite alike.

A Cancer man may find the stability of a Taurus woman trustworthy. Whereas, a Cancer man can satisfy the Taurus woman’s need for a slow yet meaningful connection.

A Taurus woman can tend to her need for physical satisfaction by her ability to take the lead with a Cancer man. Here she might become the one taking action. But as the Cancer man will also work for his need for complete emotional satisfaction. 

With the difference in physical and emotional needs, this pair is dissimilar. But they could work well on one condition. That is if they paid enough attention to satisfying each other. If they make sure they are not overbearing towards each other, they can make a good pair.

Taurus woman with virgo man

7. Taurus Woman With a Virgo Man

Virgo is the sign of the virgin. They are shy about their sexuality and bodies. They are not active and can be rather passive. But with Taurus’ needs for physical gratification, they might take the lead in this pair. This works as a compatible dynamic in their relationship.

The Virgo folks can be slow to open up to sexual relationships, but this has never been an issue for Taurus’. A Taurus woman’s nature makes her careful and thorough before making any choices.

Thus, you can tell they don’t mind the wait at all. Taurus’ nature is to give and tend to others, and this can be a gift in this pair. Here they can help their Virgo partners get comfortable.

A Taurus woman can shower them with love and attention. Through soft touches and pampering, they can help their Virgo partners come out of their shells.

While Venus falls here, it is the ruling planet for Taurus. This can be an issue as they might fall into a routine that lacks spontaneity. While this pair makes for sweet romances, they might need work to spice things up between them.

Taurus Woman with Sagittarius Man

8. Taurus Woman With a Sagittarius Man

The difference in the core nature of these signs tends to be an issue. But not more than their own perceptions of each other. A Taurus and Sagittarius pair faces problems due to their own inhibitions. Their prejudice against each other is their biggest hurdle.

A mature and practical Taurus woman will be instantly turned off by a Sagittarius. This is so because she values comfort and stability. With Jupiter ruling over Sagittarius, these people tend to be happy-go-lucky.

They have an energetic personalities with almost childish energies. This is completely different from the Taurus folks. If these two want to get to the bedroom, they have to first get over their inhibitions. They need to take their time to make an actual romantic connection.

Once these signs are successful in getting rid of their inhibitions, they can learn more. They will see the many similarities they share.

Both these signs seek fulfillment of carnal desires. They enjoy the physical connection. If they can learn to respect the other, they can experiment and find satisfaction with each other.

Taurus Woman with Capricorn Man

9. Taurus Woman With a Capricorn Man

Capricorn and Taurus have the potential to be the perfect couple. These signs tend to have an amazing connection romantically.

Both signs are similar in their need for intellectual and physical stimulation. While a Capricorn can try to prove its worth outside, with a Taurus woman, he can relax and enjoy.

Both these signs would work in harmony. They can enhance their experience by letting go of fears of getting hurt and betrayed. Their relationship can be an experimental one.

Trust becomes an important factor in this pair. A Capricorn man might take time to fall in love and trust someone.

A Taurus woman can also be slow. But if she has already decided on the relationship, then the lack of trust will bother her. A Taurus woman likes feeling the love and attention of her partner. Thus, a Capricorn man’s lack of affection might upset her. 

Despite this, there is a flicker of hope. A Taurus woman’s steady and determined nature makes it easier for a Capricorn man to relax. This helps their relationship as they get intimate quickly with each other.

If Capricorn can get over their shyness, then their relationship can prosper. But if not, a Taurus woman may feel dejected and give up.

Taurus Woman with Libra Man

10. Taurus Woman With a Libra Man

Libra and Taurus are both ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Thus, to no one’s surprise, they share exceptional chemistry.

Both are highly sensual and desire love, beauty, and affection. They are a pair that wants to live in comfort without any unnecessary stress.

Libra and Taurus are sensitive to different senses. While Taurus is all about touch and taste, a Libra seeks visual pleasure and is sensitive to smell.

With their love of beauty, it’s safe to assume their bedroom set is beautiful and romantic. The ambiance will be just right with these two.

As alike as Libra and Taurus, are there’s one big difference. Although they are both ruled by Venus, it is two different sides of Venus that influence them. This means their approach to sexual pleasure is different from each other.

A Taurus woman seeks carnal satisfaction but not without emotions and tenderness. On the other hand, Libra relies more on physical gratification. 

While they might like the opposite things, these signs share some great chemistry. They can manage to work out their needs through constant conversation and understanding. This could help them make a great pair. If not, they’ll still make one hell of a friendship. 

Taurus Woman with Scorpio Man

11. Taurus Woman With a Scorpio Man

A Taurus woman and a Scorpio man are likely to be madly in love with each other. They owe this to their signs. Venus rules over Taurus, and the planet Mars rules Scorpio. This combination screams physical pleasure. 

Owing to their core nature, both these signs form an instant connection. One that is as strong as it gets. Their chemistry needs no explaining as even an onlooker would be able to tell they are together.

They move from friends to lovers as quickly as they can. The Scorpio is a lustful sign. They are all about satisfying their desires. As a Taurus woman needs to fulfill her carnal desires, there is no denying their connection.

Physical lovemaking is a means for the emotional results these signs crave for. Their connection is the culmination of the contact between the planet Mars and Venus. Thus they share a deeply emotional and carnal bond. 

Both Taurus and Scorpio sign with a fixed element, and as such, they tend to be stubborn.

It can be difficult to change their minds once they decide to be together. The Scorpio man can make a Taurus woman happy with all the love and attention. And a Taurus woman’s compassion and desire for affection crave the Scorpio.

Taurus Woman with Pisces Man

12. Taurus Woman With a Pisces Man

Taurus and Pisces are both signs of pleasure. They are another pair with the ultimate potential for success. Both these sign like it slow and steady.

They want to take their time to learn and get comfortable with each other. But that’s rarely a problem. There’s hardly anything that will come in between in this relationship.

Although Pisces men can be shy at first, Taurus women can also be patient. Their persistence and determination work well to comfort their Pisces partners. These signs can take enough time in the beginning stages of their relationship.

This will enable these signs to become more comfortable and good with each other. Once Pisces is ready, Taurus women are here to guide and encourage them to become great partners. 

Taurus is all about tenderness and sensuality. While Pisces is about the culmination of the act itself. These signs work well together and have the ability to enamor each other.

A Pisces man finds the grounded and composed attitude of a Taurus woman assuring. This nature comforts them as they don’t feel like they are being duped here.

A Taurus woman fulfills a Pisces man’s deep sense of purpose. While the Pisces man can satisfy a Taurus woman’s desire for romantic bliss and stability.

This pair is slow, but given their nature, it is only an advantage for their relationship.

Signs with most Sex Compatibility for a Taurus Woman

These 3 Zodiac Signs have a high Love and sex compatibility with Taurus Woman.

  • Taurus
  • Scorpio
  • Libra

Taurus women tend to be the most inclined towards partners with the sign Taurus. Their similarities are their number one advantage. Their understanding of exactly what the other needs and desires are vital. It plays a huge role in making them a couple with sizzling chemistry.

Next comes the sign Scorpio. Fundamentally opposites. Taurus and Scorpio have a sensual and deep attraction. This enables them to match each other’s physical needs.

Libra is another sign that seems to be the perfect partner for a Taurus woman. This is so because they are both sensual and romantic. 

End Note

Taurus women are compassionate and gentle lovers. Their motto in life is comfort and stability. Yet, their desire for beauty is extremely apparent.

While Taurus women are known to be practical, mature, and self-reliant, they still desire to be loved and pampered. They are romantic lovers who enjoy slightly traditional notions of love.

Taurus women look for someone who can promise them patience, trust, and loyalty for the long run.

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