How to Avoid Being Used by a Cancer Man

how to avoid being used by cancer man

If you are in a relationship with a Cancer man, you know how difficult it is to get him out of his shell. His intuitive yet timid nature can make it difficult to know what a Cancer man is feeling. Learn these brutal truths of being played while dating a Cancer man.

Moon is the ruling element of Cancer; this means he has different sides to his personality. He can be calm one moment but become angry and distressed in another. Thus, you might want to know the best way to keep your Cancer man interested.

They are multi-faceted and generally shy personality needs lots of care and attention. Learning about the Cancer man’s personality and eating habits can be a sure-shot way of ensuring a successful relationship with him. To make sure you don’t make any mistakes with your him, read these pro tips given below.

stop being used by a cancer man

How to not get used by a Cancer Man?

Are you wondering how to not get used by a Cancer man?

When you are with a Cancer man, the possibility of him playing you is less. He is sensitive and shy but eager to love. He has a strong desire to provide support for his family and loved ones. Thus, although it may be harder to get closer to him, once you do, he will want to protect you and always keep you happy. 

The chances of a Cancer man cheating or playing with you are reduced as he is someone who feels a strong sense of guilt. He is a sentimental man who desires emotional stability so he hardly will disrupt his stability.

However, each individual is different. While it is not common for Cancer men to play with your feelings, the case varies from man to man. If you are worried about being used by a Cancer man let’s learn more about him.

signs a cancer man is using you

Signs a Cancer man is using you

  • He is distracted-

A Cancer man is someone who will give you his undivided attention when he is interested in you. When he is in love with you, he will want to know everything about you. He will try to make conversation about every little thing. But if you notice he has been spending too much time on his phone instead of talking with you, you can assume something is wrong. It shows that he is probably interested in something else than talking with you.

  • He is avoiding plans-

Communication and a strong bond are important for a Cancer man. If his intentions with you are true, he will be eager to spend as much time as possible with you. However, if he is being evasive it is probably because he is not as interested. This is a clear sign of his goals with your relationship.

  • He doesn’t introduce you to his family-

They are a big family man and tend to have a traditional ideology and like to spend time with their family and loved ones, which is often a small group. He looks for stability in his relationships. He looks for someone who can provide familial comfort. Thus, if a Cancer is truly in love with you he will want you to get along with his close friends and family. When he doesn’t introduce you to them, he probably doesn’t think about a future with you.

He is emotional and caring. Owing to his timid personality he is usually easy to read. You can tell what he is feeling through his body language. 

If your relationship is going strong and you want to take it to the next step with your Cancer man, you must remember these pro tips.

things that turn him on

What turns a Cancer man on?

  • Match their emotions-

Cancer men are sensitive, emotional, intelligent, and intuitive, so they will know if you are bluffing your emotions. He likes someone with who they can be open. 

  • He is traditional-

When he is in love, he is a hopeless romantic. He likes doing things the old-fashioned way and looks for stability and a sincere connection with his partner.

  • He loves food-

The Cancer man is a huge foodie. Good food is one way to make him fall in love with you instantly. Taking him out for a romantic dinner will put him in the right mood for the night.

turn off for cancer man

What turns a Cancer man off?

  • Casual feelings-

Cancer men are traditional and family-oriented. He wants to build a relationship on genuine connections. Thus if you are playing with his emotions or only provide him with superficial emotions he will instantly reject you.

  • Bold gestures-

Simple and subtle is the way to go with a Cancer man. He likes a classy and romantic relationship over a playful one. If you try to get his attention with bold or grand acts, he won’t be too happy.

  • Complaints-

They are sensitive and moody. He likes to protect the ones he loves but he also has a child-like desire for love. If he is criticized too much, it will turn him off and put him in a bad mood. 

  • Being detached-

Emotions are brewing constantly in a Cancer man. He craves an emotional and mental connection with his partner over a physical one. If he feels that you are emotionally not available, he won’t feel as comfortable with you. Instead, he will move on to someone else for his emotional desires.


A Cancer man is someone who may seem difficult to win over. It sure is some hard work. But a sensitive and protective man like him will provide a stable and reliable support system for the woman he loves. If you connect with a Cancer man and make the right moves you are sure to find long-lasting happiness with him.

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avoid getting used by a cancer man

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