Key Facts of Taurus Woman: Personality, Look, Nature & Secrets

Taurus is the second astrological sign in the zodiac. The bull sign represents it, as Taurus is the Latin for a bull. We mark this sign from the 21st of April to the 20th of May. Taurus is one of the Earth signs, along with Virgo and Capricorn. It has a fixed proposition and magnetism. Venus is the ruling planet for Taurus. The Greek Goddess Aphrodite represents Venus. Some eminent man and woman personalities with the Taurus sign are:

  •  Queen Elizabeth the second
  •  Dwayne Johnson
  •  Adele
  •  Megan Fox
  •  George Clooney
  •  Sachin Tendulkar
  •  William Shakespeare 

Physical Appearance of a Taurus Woman

Taurus Woman Physical Appearance

With the influence of Venus, Taurus women are highly sensual. They are the ones to take immense pleasure in grooming themselves. Taurus woman possesses a strong personality. Let’s look at the body configuration of a Taurus Woman.

Head & Face:

They have rounded faces with appealing lips. Her nose is rounded which heads upward at the end. Among their features, wide and fixed eyebrows with a thick neck and squared jaws are common. 

A Taurus woman’s hair is thick and healthy. They have attractive eyes and are black in color.


A Taurus woman’s body built up is strong and bony. She has broad shoulders with medium to tall height. Her skin is charming and radiant. 

She has a sexy figure and is physically very attractive. Her body is well developed, broad, and muscular.

Taurus woman personality traits

Personality Traits of a Taurus Woman

All personality traits of a Taurus Woman are described below:

1. Taurus as an Earth sign:

A Taurus woman has earthly and motherly character traits. She enjoys natural elements. She seeks luxury and comfort.

This can make them materialistic and hedonistic. Although a Taurus woman enjoys the finer materialistic taste, she is seeking comfort. 

2. Taurus as a fixed sign:

Taurus is a fixed sign. This indicates their determination. They will persevere to finish and accomplish any tasks at hand.

These women are eager and ambitious. They can be well-grounded and practical. She knows the value of money and is willing to work for it.

This, however, also means that they could be stubborn. Being strong-headed can be their strength but can also cause various problems.

This could be a cause of arguments and an inability to adjust in the initial stages of a relationship.

3. Enjoy the fruits of their labor:

They are stable and enjoy comfort. When determined, a Taurus woman will work through blood, sweat, and tears. But she will only decide what she wants to do after giving it careful and thorough thought.

They have a reputation for making decisions based on their results. These decisions lead to a better and brighter future in the long run. Thus, they will put all their hard work into these tasks.

Taurus women love to enjoy the fruits of all the hard labor. If they work to their fullest ability, they make sure to enjoy just as hard. They will seek comfort and pleasure to make up for all their efforts and struggles.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Taurus Woman

Strengths of Taurus Woman

Strengths of a Taurus Woman

Some good Traits or strengths of a Taurus Woman:

1. Loyalty and Honesty:

Be it friendships and romantic or professional relationships, Taurus women value loyalty and patience. Taurus women are also known to have bovine qualities. They are reliable in all aspects.

Known for being dependable and loyal, they make great friends and partners. Both in personal and professional lives. They hold their relationships highly. They will treat their friends and family with love, care, and affection. 

2. Practical and Steady

Taurus woman is practical and methodological in her approach to everything. This is helpful in their professional lives as well.

She balances her determination to work hard with her desire for rewards. Whether monetary or that of a comfortable and steady lifestyle she works hard.

3. Strong and Powerful

Taurus sign is a strong sign like a bull. They are powerful and emotionally very strong. Taurus woman has a super self-belief. They believe in themselves and in creating a strong relationship.

4. Artistic

Taurus woman has an artistic side. They make great musicians, artists, writers, etc. Like many famous personalities of this sign. They popularly have a musical influence on their personalities.

Their discipline and organized personalities enable them to make successful careers in artistic fields. Their strong sense of determination works in their favor for these professions.

5. Love for Beauty 

Taurus women love beauty and can be materialistic. These women love to take time for themselves. Their style is immaculate and fashionable. They enjoy luxurious and enchanting substances. Taurus woman seeks pleasure despite her resolute personality. 

A Taurus woman may be an introvert but is popular among her peers for her kindness and loving nature. She is charming and beautiful, strong with the will of a bull. Her patience and calm composure allow her to manage stress well.

She has great determination to achieve the goals and life she has set out for herself. She is a born leader and holds her morality high. They may be rigid and have a sense of self-pride. When they deem someone just, they follow their command to achieve the best possible result.

weaknesses of Taurus woman

Weaknesses of a Taurus Woman

Some bad traits of Taurus woman are as follows,

1. Patient but can be scary.

Taurus women have strong personalities and are independent. But if betrayed, they will not forgive or forget easily. They are likely to be very patient until they aren’t.

They will not take it lightly and might hold on to their grudges for their life. This is why they care about their relationships. They seek relationships that last for a lifetime.

2. Stubborn and Forceful

Taurus seeks a secure relationship. They don’t like to make compromises or bend down. She is slow and unexciting but very loyal. If provoked she can be very stubborn and intimidating.

3. Possessive and Jealous

Taurus Woman always wants a secure relationship. Though they are emotionally very secure they feel agitated if you ignore them. A Taurus woman can be jealous and possessive if she senses that you are not giving her priority.

facts about Taurus Woman

Interesting Facts about a Taurus Woman:

  • Taurus women can be night owls. They don’t mind staying up late, whether it’s for work or leisure. 
  • They value security.
  • Taurus is honest and strong, which means some things they say might be hurtful and hard to digest.
  • They enjoy their personal space and want to maintain a courteous relationship.
  • Taurus women absolutely love their “me time.”
  • They are reliable friends and will always give you the best advice.
  • They boast about their sharp memory.
  • A Taurus woman can be patient and mask her feelings, but if she gets angry, she can be very scary. 
  • They are loyal friends and companions. But if they sense any dishonesty, they can be the meanest people.
  • They are perfectionists. 
  • They might take critiques more personally and failures affect them.
  • Taurus woman enjoys food and cooking.
  • They enjoy the pleasure of the senses, specifically that of smell. So they are probably always the best-smelling person in the room.
  • Taureans enjoy beauty and fashion.
  • They may be more traditional in their approach to life.
  • They have a reputation for getting jealous and possessive lovers. 
  • Taurus enjoys the simple gestures over grand confessions of love.
  • They have great regard for comfort and practicality. Despite their taste in luxurious things they seek stability.
likes and dislikes of Taurus women

Likes And Dislikes of a Taurus woman:

Likes of a Taurus Woman:

1. Attraction towards comfort and routine

As an earth sign, Taurus women enjoy their comfort the most. They look for means to reach their optimum state of Zen.

A Taurus woman likes to maintain a constant sense of calm and peace in her environment. They are calm and do not like loud or boisterous behavior around them.

Taurus like anything that brings them a physical sense of luxury and ease. They enjoy higher-quality fashion. And are keen on the beauty and satisfaction of their senses. They are foodies and love cooking.

A Taurus woman is also known to enjoy gardening and other activities. They are great at organizations and love neatness. They take pleasure in routine and uniformity. 

2. Perfectionists and like to enjoy the fruits of their hard work

She toils hard throughout the day and likes to enjoy their well-earned rewards to the fullest. A Taurus woman will strive hard to accomplish her goals and play harder when it’s time to enjoy. She can enjoy hedonistic pleasure.

A Taurus woman is a perfectionist who plans everything for the T, and thus, they dislike anything less. They can be hard on themselves as they hate leaving any task unfinished or flawed.

Taureans work to gain their desired results. They are always planning for the future in hopes of a comfortable living.

3. Like their Personal Space 

For Taurus women, comfort and security are of utmost importance. They like to solve their own problems by themselves.  They like their surroundings to ooze comfort.

As that helps them enjoy the tranquillity of their own space. They wish to make other people feel the same sense of comfort in their company. 

4. Like to make people happy

Taurus women can be people-pleasers and will strive to make those around them happy. They value their relationships dearly and are in it for the long run. They might seem troublesome in the beginning.

But if they decide to maintain their relationships, Taurus women can be a motherly figures. She will sacrifice if she needs to and provide a very nurturing love and care.

5. Like Routines

Taurus Woman likes things in order. A Taurus will love to have a routine as they are very organized. They make decisions only after thorough deliberation. 

Dislikes of Taurus Woman

1. Dislike towards uncertainties and dishonesty

However, due to this, the lack of similar efforts put by other people is often a cause of disappointment. They value honesty and trust in relationships and hate disloyalty. Once you break their trust it is for life.

A Taurus woman holds her goals for the long term. She dislikes being uncertain about anything. She will not pursue anything if she doesn’t feel confident or sure of fruitful results. 

2. No Rushing

A Taurus woman is slow in nature. They dislike rushing into making hasty decisions. They make decisions only after thorough deliberation.

Taurus woman really dislikes any sudden changes from their regular routines. Complications startle them as they might bring insecurities about the future. 

3. Don’t Compromise on Privacy 

Taurus woman doesn’t like to make any compromises on their privacy. They don’t like anyone encroaching on their space. They dislike anyone or anything disrupting their harmony.

relationship traits

Taurus Woman Relationship Traits:

We will discuss How the personality traits of Taurus women affect their relationship?

1. Thoughtful

Being earth signs, Taurus women are stable and independent. Thus, they are calm and composed when approaching someone. They avoid sudden and instant initiatives, which may seem passive.

It can be hard to tell how they feel sometimes. Similarly, they do not like it when someone is being disruptive to their routines. They are more likely to reciprocate if approached slowly.

But with Venus ruling their sign, they can be experts in flirting if they want. They are popular for their sensuality and beauty.

2. Attractive but passive

Their natural magnetism attracts a lot of attention from the opposite sex. They radiate positive energy, which piques people’s interest.

Like in everything else, a Taurus woman’s desire to please is apparent in romantic pursuits as well. They are as determined in pursuing and satisfying their partners as they are in any other aspect.

If they sense any competition, you best believe they will bring their A-game to the field. However, they can switch from this to their passive self, and this might not sit well with certain people. 

3. Small beginnings

A Taurus woman is generous and will show you their interest through presents. They will give you attention and time despite their natural tendency for routine.

If someone interests them they will make time for them. Even if it means going out of their comfortable routine.

They will make little skin contact like holding hands and gentle pecks in the beginning. But get more intimate with time. They enjoy contact with their lovers.

4. Decides after careful deliberation

A Taurus woman is all about long-term goals and a steady lifestyle. She will only choose her partner after giving it some time and thought.

Taurus woman will base her decision on the likelihood of a secure relationship. She will choose someone who will endear through unpredictable times.

Someone who will provide the safest and secure future. She is not one for instant pleasure and will rather take things slow and make them more memorable. 

5. Slow but steady

Take your time with her. She is one to enjoy deeper conversations rather than nonsense chatter. She is more likely to be looking for signs of stability and security, so don’t be rash.

Taurus woman will take her time to get to know more about you, so do the same for her. Let her know you are more than just mindless chattering. She prefers a go-getter rather than a big talker. To prove your loyalty through your actions and small gestures. 

sexuality traits

Taurus Woman Sexuality Traits

The sexuality traits of a Taurus woman are as follows:

1. Sensual

A Taurus woman is very down-to-earth and sensual. They are all about the senses, especially that of smell and taste. That means she can be very receptive to erotic and romantic smells.

She will take that approach to satisfy all your senses. Use this for foreplay. Treat her desire for luxury and comfort with some romantic ambiance. 

2. Love food

Taurus women love food. Taking them out for dinner dates or cooking for them can be a great place to start if you want to please them.

Foods like oysters and chocolates can be a great way to seduce her. Don’t be surprised if you see her include some food play in the bed.

She loves to take her time. She makes sure that everything is suitable for her needs. Thus, taking it slow with a Taurus woman would be the best option. Woo her with flowers and romantic dinners. She will reward you greatly.

3. Assertive

She is strong and steady, much like the bull. This could mean they are dominating and possessive. They might be slow and passive at first, but their nature can be deceiving.

They might like taking the lead in the bedroom. A Taurus woman will take her time and make sure to please you with passion. She can be tender yet alluring.

4. Loves getting attention

A Taurus woman loves being the center of her partner’s attention. She enjoys it when her partner pays attention to little things. Complementing her, small gestures, light contact will all make her happy.

She likes the more traditional and romantic approach than anything adventurous. As that clashes with her likeness for stability and security. 

5. Traditional but not boring

They might come across as boring compared to some other signs. But you must remember that Taurus’ are all about pleasing their partners.

They might not be highly adventurous between the sheets, but their sexual energy can be hard to match. If you bring up any suggestions, they will make sure to please you with all their energy.

They might like slow and steady but will try their hardest to please all your desires. They commonly have a feminine physique.

A Taurus woman enjoys the more traditional and romantic approach to relationships. They are in no rush and take their time to learn about their partner’s interests in the bedroom. 

6. High Morals

Taurus woman desires a faithful and honest partner rather than someone disloyal. She does not enjoy extreme or violent acts, and they don’t please her.

She hates rushing into things and will not change her mind once she has made her opinion. So be thoughtful in your approach and take it slow with them.

Be rest assured if she decides to be with you, it will be for the long run. All your efforts will surely come with high rewards.

End Note

A Taurus woman’s patience is a precious gift. She will endure through everything if they deem it worth their efforts. They are willing to put all their energy into something if they believe it will bring high rewards.

But if not, they will make no move to try. This is clear in their approach to relationships as well. They will only pursue a relationship if they truly believe it will reap their desired results.

They seek a simple, stable, and more traditional relationship. A Taurus woman is simple to understand in her approach to relationships.

If only you pay close attention to her. Although passive, she will make her intention clear. Either by letting you in her personal space or moving her uniformed routine to make time for you.

Her need for a stable future drives her approach to life, family, and career. Wealth, money, and the finer things can motivate her in life if it promises her the comfort she desires.

A Taurus woman takes her time in making decisions, but when she has made her decision, there is no stopping her. She will not stop until she reaches her goal with precise and perfect results.

Her stubbornness can make her jealous, but she is practical and will not be moved easily. Once she is emotionally and physically attached.

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