8 Warning Signs of Hurt Taurus Woman-Making a Comeback

Taurus women are stubborn and steadfast. When you hurt them at first, you might not even realize as they are tolerant. But once they are furious, here’s how you can tell. She is the kind of person who sits on her sadness for a long time. A Taurus Woman will give all possible signs when she is hurt. She will start acting distant.

Once she is done with you she will be hesitant in any sort of conversation. She will ignore you and your messages. So, it is very important to recognize behavioral changes when she is done with you.

So, let’s begin with an understanding of a Taurus Woman.

Some Simple Facts about a Taurus Woman

Taurus is the second astrological sign of the zodiac after Aries. It belongs to the earth element and feminine polarity and it has a fixed modality. It begins on the 21st of April and ends on the 20th of May.

Venus is its ruling planet like that of Libra. As the night home of Venus, Taurus is a generous, pleasure-loving earth sign. The influence of Venus lets Taurus enjoy all the earthly gifts.

Taurus women enjoy showing affection as much as they like receiving it. They love their food and drinks. They are beautiful and artistically inclined. 

Taurus women are all about beauty and comfort. Their artistic nature means they enjoy creating, collecting, and enjoying their artistic pleasures. She loves to nurture herself with the highest quality goods. Her appearance will be well-groomed and mastered. 

As a fixed sign, Taurus’ holds the quality of being reliable and strong. They are constantly planning the future and working hard to achieve their goals. They are perfectionists and wish to complete every task with nothing less than that.

A Taurus is slow and deliberate in their actions. But once they make up their mind, they will see it through whether it’s a personal or professional matter. 

 Due to these reasons, she has a great capacity for tolerance and understanding.

How Taurus Woman act when they are in a Relationship?

dating a Taurus woman

Venus influences Taurus. Thus they tend to be loving and affectionate towards their peers. Taurus’ can take their sweet time in making decisions. But when they make up their mind, it is a decision for life.

They will make sure that they stick to their choice through every hardship and barrier. Thus, they are patient, enduring, and sweet humans.

Taurus’ has a motherly nature and loves to please others. But they can easily mask their emotions and put up a front. This can make for difficult situations as it may be hard to tell when they are angry with you.

If they are angry, you will probably have a hard time. Convincing a Taurus about making a decision is hard but changing their minds is harder. 

Here’s what happens when a Taurus Woman is done with you. 

signs of Taurus woman is hurt

Signs of a Taurus woman when she is hurt, heartbroken, and done with you.

  • Bad beginnings have very little hope

Taurus women are resourceful, consistent, and productive. They are quite independent and thoughtful. A Taurus woman doesn’t make rash decisions. They like to take their time to way out all the possibilities.

Taurus’ will only pursue something or someone if they are completely sure of it. They are the kind to either be all in it or nothing at all. They won’t start something they think will make them insecure.

Thus, if you push a Taurus woman to make haste decisions, she will feel hackled and won’t think well of you. That’s an instant no from her. 

  • You make her insecure

They are all about practicality and sustainability. Thus, Taurus’ hold their decisions very close to their hearts and cherish them for as long as they can.

They dislike instability and will not do well with flakey partners. Their fixed element makes them very reliable. Don’t make the mistake of thinking of them as weak.

They are more than capable of deciding for their own benefit. If they don’t see what they are looking for with you, they will never pursue you.

  • She feels betrayed 

They can be good judges of character. If they see that you are being manipulative or changing faces, she might retreat from you.

Breaking the trust of a Taurus woman is the worst you can do. They uphold the virtues of honesty and loyalty. And although they are very patient, once rattled, they can be furious.

Few things in the world are as scary as a Taurus who feels betrayed or wronged. 

If you do any of these things, she will have negative feelings.

How does a Taurus Woman feel when she is hurt?

How does a Taurus woman feel when she is hurt or heartbroken?

  • Passive

Taurus’ like assertiveness. They want to be in control of every aspect of their lives. Thus, a Taurus woman is shy in their display of emotions and even comes across as passive. This leads to them hiding their feelings.

They can easily hide behind their masks, which makes it difficult to know their true feelings. This can be difficult to get over when dealing with a hurt Taurus. 

  • Masked Feelings

Taurus folks can be practical, but that doesn’t mean that they are immune to pain. They can work well despite their pain, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel it at all. What is a strength can also render them quite helpless in emotional relationships. 

  • Hate Confrontation

A Taurus woman has a high taste in life. She would rather indulge in herself than create mindless chaos with her emotions. They are rarely confrontational.

Taurus women instead prefer to put their efforts into ensuring their well-being. They let time and nature do their healing until they can’t bear it anymore.

  • Hot-tempered

Their patience is their biggest virtue. They are tolerant, but once it has reached its peak, there will be massive explosions. They are kind to bottle their emotions as long as they can.

But once that lid blows off, they can be aggressive or even passive-aggressive. Taurus women can get very angry, and once they do, it won’t be over quickly. 

  • Forgiving

The temper of the Taurus woman is well-known, but they are also people pleasers. They dislike change and disruption in their comfortable routines.

Taurus women will let go of a few small mistakes for the sake of their partners. They value their decisions and relationships. Owing to their sweet nature, they will try to maintain their relationship by turning an eye.

Signs of a Taurus Woman is mad at you

Taurus woman is mad

When a Taurus woman is mad, she is firm in her stance.

Let’s see how they react in this situation.

  • Strong headed

Taurus’ are as persistent as they are independent. They are making decisions for their future based on their terms of security and comfort. What is persistence that can easily translate to stubbornness?

This will lead to them being very headstrong about their opinions. During arguments, it is very difficult, to change or convince a Taurus woman. This can be both a cause and effect of arguments with them.

  • Expression of Anger

A Taurus woman can endear her pain for a while, but when she gets angry, she can be vile. Their expression of anger can be, extremely furious or can go the other route and be very passive.

They can be cruel and mean if they want to. Alternatively, their need for a composed atmosphere will lead to them being passive. They might express their anger through bitter remarks. 

  • Materialistic Alternatives

With the influence of Venus, Taurus’ women are sensual beings with materialistic elements. In response to fights and arguments, they can get nasty if they feel wronged.

They might even look to pay an eye for an eye. They will indulge in materialistic methods. Despite its ambiguous effects, they might indulge in themselves as a coping mechanism.

  • Change in Behavior

A Taurus woman is all about stability. All her decisions in life come after careful deliberations. She makes decisions that she believes will lead to her idea of a comfortable and secure future.

She will feel hurt if you go against her beliefs and prove her decisions wrong. Her foundation for the relationship might crumble. She might become vengeful or even completely change her behavior. 

  • Remove herself from the Picture

For a Taurus woman, nothing is more important than their life of ease, security, and luxury. They are all about the results. If they are spending time and effort on something, they hope to reap the rewards later.

If, however, they feel that there might be a losing battle, they won’t try at all. They will remove themselves from the relationship if they feel betrayed or cheated. Instead of toiling for something disruptive of their peace, they will give it up completely. 

Will a Taurus Woman Come Back?

will a Taurus woman come back

Taurus women seek happiness in their own methods from their comfort zones. When bad relationships rattle them, they feel unsafe in their own choices.

They want to go back to their comfort zones as quickly as possible. But Taurus women can hold a grudge. They are not easy to please, nor will they readily change their mind about something.

Thus, whether they will come back after an argument is a tricky question to answer. Because each experience varies from the other. 

How does Taurus Woman react to betrayal?

Taurus woman after betrayal

Have you cheated on a Taurus woman? Do you think you betrayed her? Here’s how she will react to betrayal!

  • Don’t Get Angry Easily

Taurus’ are not easily provoked. They are patient and rarely get angry. They love to maintain a calm and peaceful composure. But when they get angry, it can be bad. However, this does not happen often. It takes a lot to provoke them. So if they are angry at you, it’s probably for good reason.

  • The worst thing you can do to a Taurus is to break their trust

For a Taurus woman, honesty and loyalty are the most important values. They are sensitive when it comes to this, especially in the personal sphere. A Taurus is very careful while placing their trust in people. Thus, they feel humiliated when you break this trust.

  • There may not be the next time

Once you misuse the trust of a Taurus, there is no going back for her. Her stubbornness won’t allow her to go back to someone or something that has failed her before.

She may not always express her emotions, but if her heart is not there anymore, she will disconnect. She might express her displeasure passive-aggressively if not more cruelly.

Taurus Woman reaction to Break up

taurus woman after breakup

Are you curious about how a Taurus woman will act after her breakup? Let’s see.

  • Careful deliberation

Like in every other aspect, Taurus women are very thorough in making decisions. They are careful and mindful of all possibilities of the decision she makes. With the strong presence of the earth element, Taurus women have great determination. Therefore, they will take time to move on from relationships as well.

  • Stubbornness

Her stubbornness may not allow her to move on from relationships that she cherished. She works for stability and will try her hardest to bring as much peace and joy in her relationship. A Taurus woman will try to prove herself right. She isn’t one to quickly give up on one relationship and move on to another. 

  • A choice for life

A Taurus woman will rarely go back on her decision. Once she has made up her mind about getting together or separating, it’s probably a choice for life. Her decision is not rash, and thus, she won’t sway after making a calculated choice. 

A Taurus woman who has made up her mind will either silently express her discontentment or separate herself.

Ways to seek forgiveness from a Taurus Woman?

how to seek forgiveness

Are you looking for a way to seek forgiveness from a Taurus woman? Here are a few things to remember.

  • Listen to her side

With Taurus woman, she will certainly hold grudges and remember all your encounters. It is best if you try to understand her at this point. Convincing or changing her mind can be difficult. So let her know your sincere intentions. Listen to her concerns. And give her the safe space she requires to express her thoughts.

  • Don’t beat around the bush.

A Taurus woman will know when you are being fake and does not want to waste time on it. She would much rather prefer if you are direct about your opinions and concerns. They value honesty and respond well to a mature, decent conversation instead of silly excuses.

  • Show your sincerity

Taurus women are strong, self-reliant, and practical women. They don’t look for much more than simple stability in their life. Thus, they are not interested in empty promises.

They are emotional but practical. They seek love and affection but not at the cost of their peace. Instead of talking the talk show them, you are willing to walk. Show them your sincerity through your actions. 

  • Try pleasing her

You can try to win her forgiveness while adhering to her sensual and luxurious taste. Bring her flowers, or take her out for dinner. Cook if you can. You know she loves her food! Please her materialistic senses tastefully, and you might earn her forgiveness. 

When you are dating a Taurus woman, here’s how you can make sure that you don’t hurt her.

  • Slow and steady

Never rush a Taurus into making decisions. They are people who like to take their time while making decisions. Thus, take your time with them.

Give them a chance to get to know you in their own time. Let them feel the respect you have for their thoughts and opinions.

  • Smart and Practical

A Taurus woman is very capable of achieving anything she sets her mind on. She doesn’t want to waste her time on aimless conversations and actions.

She knows what she wants to show her, you do too. Make conversation that shows her you are capable of giving her the stability she desires. Don’t make mindless chatter.

  • Keep your promises

Taurus’ doesn’t tolerate betrayal well. It is the number one priority in their relationships. Trust, loyalty, and honesty are of utmost importance for them.

Keep them, and they will put in all their efforts for you. They will do everything to cater to your needs and please you. But if you break their trust, it could very well be the end of your relationship with them.

Even if they agree to continue their relationship with you, it will be hard to get rid of their displeasure. It will remain like a knot in the string of your relationship that cannot be undone but only worked around. 

  • Stability and Security

Taurus women can be hard to please. Initial interactions can be hard, and you might need to make more effort in the beginning. You might even face some conflicts in adjusting and adapting to them.

But once a Taurus woman opens her heart for you, she will always cherish you for the rest of her life. A Taurus woman will take her time to open up to you, but it is so because her decisions are always based on longevity.

She seeks a relationship that will not only last long but will be smooth and harmonious.

End Note

She desires emotional, financial, and professional stability. She wants to live a life that gives her comfort and happiness with her partner. And hopes to maintain her beliefs and values.

Promise her loyalty and trust and do well on those promises. This will ensure that she isn’t hurt or wronged, which will lead to a successful relationship.

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