Strong Facts of Taurus Man- Personality, Appearance, Strengths & Weaknesses

A Taurus man and woman are found to have attractive personalities. Their body structure is quite thick and not very tall, just like the Bull. Even then their body is pretty proportionate. But a Taurus has to take special care of their weight. They tend to gain weight immediately but not lose it that quickly.

They have well-defined calves with quite thick feet. Their neck is thick, short, and solid, and their prominent ears and their fingers are quite thick because the bones are thick. Their face is broad and may have a defined, strong jawline if they are not fat.

These are some characteristics that are common to both a Taurus man and a woman. Let us find out how different a Taurus man is!

Taurus Man Personality Traits

Taurus Man’s Look, Appearance and his Personality Traits

  • Look and Appearance

Just like the Bull that represents this zodiac, this man has big bones and a heavy body, leaning towards being overweight. The shape of his head is square and has thick, luscious, dark-colored hair. 

His eyes are also dark and intense on his full face. He has a strong body with a broad shoulder that has a slope. His complexion is not too dark and not too light. All of this makes this Taurus man very desirable and sexy.

  • Personality Traits
Taurus Man Personality Traits

With Venus as the ruling planet, a Taurus man is a seeker of comfort and financial stability in life. He mainly focuses on building a life full of comfort for himself and his near and dear ones. Even though he is serious about financial matters, a Taurus man is a very jovial and fun-loving person.

He does not do well with sarcasm though. The problem is that he just does not understand it. So instead of taking it lightly, he might get offended. He is also well known for his stubborn nature. So, when he has made up his view on something, he is not going to budge, whatever the situation.

This man is determined and focused on creating a name for himself in society. They are not the type of people who boast about themselves through words. Their luxurious lifestyle and over-the-top way of living speak for them. 

In relationships, this man is very possessive of his partner or friends. This along with his stubborn nature makes it very difficult to deal with him. But if he does like you romantically, he will protect you no matter what. Call it his possessive nature, but he will stand with you every step of the way.

The Taurus man is a reserved and shy person. He does not like major changes and is happy in the world he has created for himself. This is why he also takes a lot of time to think about things and take his decisions. They take their own sweet time before voicing their opinions.

Taurus Man Strengths and Weaknesses

A Taurus Man’s Strengths (Good Traits)

A Taurus man is strong-headed and strong-willed who can do everything once he has made up his mind. But like every person, he too is flawed and this is what makes him so different and admirable. Let us find out about him.

  • He is Logical
Taurus Man Personality Traits

People who know him know that he is a very practical person. Everyone goes to him for every kind of advice because of the knowledge that he will give a very practical and logical answer by weighing everything correctly.

He is a methodical person who follows a set of rules to even follow his daily routine. If they see you flying too high with your dreams which are not achievable, he will give you a dose of common sense and bring you right back on the ground.

  • He is Trustworthy and Generous

A Taurus man is a very generous individual who always loves giving without expecting anything in return. He has been a hustler since birth and hustles to get things done. He has seen the lowest phases anyone could face. 

This is why he loves giving everyone everything he possibly could. His generosity is rooted in him since his childhood. He does not play games with anyone and is pretty honest with his opinions too. This is why he is worth trusting because you can rely on him to always tell the truth.

  • Taurus Man is Determined

He is very focused, determined, and diligent in his work and he very well knows how to hustle. His dedication to work is endearing. He is industrious and stretches himself to any extent to finish the task successfully. He is consistent in his work and stays long years on a single project.

A Taurus will be very casual when he knows the work, he is doing is not for him. But if he thinks and makes it a point to pursue and do something he wants to, there is nothing that could stop him, not even his close ones.

  • He is Understanding

A natural-born team leader, he possesses strong observational and understanding skills. Taurus individuals can map out, strategize and solve problems or implement plans. He is realistic and deals with facts and not fiction and he can screen out the individuals who are right for the project.

He will also understand when you give him reasons. If you are late to meet him, he will understand you instead of fighting and spoiling the entire mood. 

  • He is Kind

He is very kind, and because of this open-armed kindness, people find it wonderfully comfortable to be with him. Care and possessiveness for his loved ones are his innate qualities. He is considered to be a very rooted and earthy nurturers.

A Taurus will care for you so much, that you will miss him whenever he is out on a trip or with friends. He will win you over with his kindness and a lot of love which will eventually make you fall for him too.

  • Taurus is Well-Organized

He is well organized and handles everything well. A Taurus man sees keen details and finer things before strategizing any project or event. He is a good finisher and faces all the hardships. He knows how to use his diplomacy and resourcefulness to move out things in the right direction.

His home is also the same. An organized house with a cozy feeling is what his sweet haven looks like. 

  • He is very Patient

A Taurus man is neither afraid to wait nor have the anxiety for it. He lives life at a slower pace and he is very patient with his work. He has a deep-held desire to ponder things and consider his move after analyzing it from all angles. 

Hence, he is extremely clear and committed to his action. He has the patience to wait for the results. He patiently assesses the project or task to know whether it is worth investing time and money in it. This will help him attain success in most of his projects.

A Taurus Man’s Weaknesses(Bad Traits)

  • He is extremely Jealous
Taurus Man Personality Traits

A Taurus man tends to be very dependent on relationships, very jealous, and overly concerned with acquiring wealth to make his life more comfortable. He becomes very jealous when someone threatens him for the things close to him. He is naturally jealous when it comes to physical pleasures and appearances.

Now that you know that this man can easily get jealous, do not try to push him because he would not like it. Don’t try to flirt with another man because you want to make him jealous. it could backfire in a very bad way.

  • He is Lazy

A Taurus man is chilled out and quite lazy and laid back for the most part. He has a calm attitude and presence of mind. He loves to take time away from the daily chores to relax and enjoy life.

His pace towards everything in life is pretty slow. So, this should not come as a surprise that he is a lazy being. But in times when he needs to be quick, this habit of his gets a little annoying.

  • He is quite Stubborn

He is very stubborn at times, especially when he truly believes that he is right. It can take a lot to change his mind once he settles down in his routine. He is very strong-minded and tends to stick to his guns.

If you want a Taurus man to change his mind over a matter on which he has formed opinions, you need to have a very strong reason. With logic, it is possible to make him think about it and also possibly change his idea.

  • He is Dependent

He often struggles to find out his autonomy. Taurus man should learn to take care of himself independently. He should understand that his near and dear ones can’t revolve around him all the time. He can’t always be the center of attraction for everyone.

This makes him quite clingy too which can get too much for a lot of people. But he is like this and you just have to deal with that!

  • He is Imbalanced

He is a procrastinator and he finds difficulty in balancing his time in work and relaxation. Taurus men love work as well as leisure time but do not have the craving for both at the same time. He is either in action doing hard work or he is having leisure time.

He finds it very difficult to divide his time between work and fun. With a balanced partner, he may try to change his schedule accordingly.

  • He is Materialistic

A Taurus man always strives for comfort and a luxurious life. He is full of grand plans to make it big and wants to live a good and wealthy life. He often has a taste for the finer things in life.

A Taurus man usually works hard so that he sees no problem with indulging himself from time to time. He tends to spend his money and resources in excess for the sake of comforts and luxuries in life

Facts about Taurus Man

Taurus Man Personality Traits
  • A Taurus man is equally reliable, ambitious, sensual and practical.
  • Most of them have a stubborn perspective of life
  • A Taurus tends to turn materialistic to maintain his image
  • He is a reserved, shy man and does not speak up unless asked to.
  • He is a great listener and pays a lot of attention on you while you talk.
  • They are scared of change and do like to lead the life in a certain decided way only.
  • They know how to take responsibility for their actions.
  • He loves being dominated, but not being controlled.
  • Taureans loves a partner who showers love on him just like he does on her.
  • He lives in his world and not according to anyone else.
  • If he likes you, he will do anything for you.
  • They always find a way to get things they want to have.
  • It does not take a lot from his partner for a Taurus man to be content in his life.
  • He loves living his life in a fun way, eating and drinking and having a blast!

Things a Taurus Man Likes in a Woman

Taurus is a fixed sign which means that he is very particular with what he likes and dislikes in the woman of his dreams. He is very choosy when it comes to choosing a life partner. So, if you are trying to catch a Taurus man’s attention, check out these tips before approaching him.

  • He wants an Immaculate Woman
Taurus man likes

A Taurus man expects a lot when it comes to the woman, he wants to spend his life with. He is someone who is most drawn towards a pretty face and a sexy body. He goes for looks and he does not deny it too.

But apart from that, he also loves it when a woman makes the effort to take care of herself. This tells that she respects herself quite a bit. He understands that she takes a lot of care and he will take his care too.

A Taurus man subconsciously finds qualities like these very attractive and this is what he looks for in his woman.

  • He likes an Outdoorsy woman

A Taurus is an Earth sign, which means it is in his soul to like everything related to nature and greenery. He likes taking trips to the mountains or beaches or anywhere where he can be close to nature and admire its beauty.

This is why he wants a woman who will be as interested in traveling the world as he is. He cannot stay cooped up at his place for a very long time. Traveling for him is like therapy and he wants to do it with the love of his life.

  • Someone Hardworking

A Taurus man is a firm believer in hard work. He does so because he wants to live a life of luxury as soon as possible in the future. He knows that hard work is a life-long thing and requires dedication. This is a quality he wants to see in his partner too.

He wants someone who can match his speed and remain head to head in the race. This will push both of them to follow their dreams and achieve them too!

Things a Taurus Man Dislikes in a Woman

  • Laziness in work is a big no!
Taurus man dislikes

As mentioned already, a Taurus man has hard work running through his veins.

So, it is typical for him to want to see the same feature in his woman. A woman who is not ambitious and does not have any dreams she wants to pursue is not the woman for this man.

A woman with a lack of ambition is a waste of time for him and this kind of laziness towards work rubs him off in a completely wrong way.

Taurus Man Sexuality Traits

Sexuality Traits

A Taurus man is the most understanding in the entire zodiac signs and the most sensual one too. While in bed, these Bulls are quite dominating over their partners but do not mind when she takes on the dominating role sometimes.

He is someone who always observes what is stimulating his partner and notes it down so that he can use it the next time. he makes sure he satisfies his woman in bed by giving their partners the best orgasms they could ever experience.

He likes to follow a routine even while having sex. So, you should not expect him to have fun in bed, but damn, it is sure that he will satisfy you damn well. But first, it is important to gain his trust, after that he is all yours!

End Note

A Taurus man is the perfect blend of emotions and physical satisfaction. Having him will fill your life with warmth, just like home. There are times when he will be annoying and too hard to handle. But all the other factors of staying with him will overshadow the few flaws he has.

All you need to do is earn his trust and he will never leave your side and love you forever. There is no end to his love for his partner.

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