Zodiac Sign Compatibility of Cancer Man for Love & Marriage

When you start dating a man, there are many questions in your mind. What is his personality like? You wonder about his preferences, likes, and dislikes. Your man’s zodiac sign can answer these questions. Are you in love with a man born under the zodiac sign of Cancer? His protective and sensible personality can be hard to deny. If you find yourself wondering about the compatibility of a Cancer man for love and marriage, let’s dive deeper into this sign.

Cancer Man With an Aries Woman

Cancer Man With an Aries woman

Cancer is a water sign, while Aries is a fire sign. This combination is hard to gel together. But if a Cancer man is up for this challenge, he will learn to match an Aries woman’s fiery energy.

If the Aries woman can take into consideration, the sensitive nature of a Cancer man, he too will give her all the love and attention she enjoys. Opposites that they are, it is difficult for these signs to find their balance without changing themselves. This could be a problem and lead to troubles in their love life.

Cancer Man With a Taurus Woman

Cancer Man With a Taurus woman

Similar in character, a Taurus woman and a Cancer man pair have great potential. They share similar interests and goals when it comes to life and love. The Taurus woman like a Cancer man looks for stability in her life. A Cancer man is more than willing to provide her with a secure and comfortable life.

Together, these signs can have a good time as they are both sensual. While they might have some issues due to their sensitivity, these signs are more than capable of finding their balance with each other. Thus Taurus woman makes excellent love compatibility with cancer man.

Cancer Man With a Gemini Woman

Cancer Man With a Gemini woman

If the Cancer man is up for some fun adventures, he can find a Gemini woman quite compatible. She is full of energy and a Cancer man can help her calm her excessive energy. A Gemini woman is smart and witty, she will be the perfect conversation partner for the Cancer man. If she tries, she is capable of appealing to the Cancer man’s emotional side.

However, naturally, a Cancer man is someone who enjoys staying at home and feeling the love of his partner, while a Gemini woman is more likely to tread out into new experiences and pay more attention to others. Their fundamentally different personalities need to be worked on for these two to share a happy union.

Cancer Man With a Cancer Woman

Cancer Man With a Cancer woman

The Cancer-Cancer pair can be a match made in heaven. Sharing the same sign means that these two have similar interests and seek the same goals in love. More importantly, they can understand each other’s emotional needs and are more than willing to provide for them.

Stability is an important characteristic for both of them thus, they can work well together. The feelings of one can easily rub off on the other and this can be something to worry about for a Cancer man and a Cancer woman couple.

Cancer Man With a Leo Woman

Cancer Man With a Leo woman

A Cancer man and Leo woman couple is an oddball couple. Cancer is a moon sign while Leo is a sun sign. These signs can be together but are more than likely to cause more trouble than peace. They might find some chemistry in the beginning as they both have a creative and artistic side. The Leo woman might have to take the lead with a Cancer man and she won’t mind it. With their contrasting personalities, these two people will have to put in extra effort to find their middle ground.

Cancer Man With a Virgo Woman

Cancer Man With a Virgo woman

A Virgo woman can be shy, this works well with a Cancer man who himself is slow. They can take their time to develop a strong emotional bond with each other. With a Virgo woman, a Cancer man can find a soothing calmness in their home. They both share their love for comfort at home. She can provide the care and attention that a Cancer man needs. A Virgo woman and Cancer man may have trouble beginning their relationship as they are both stubborn and shy. However, if they can work their way through the slow beginning, they can form a long-lasting pair.

Cancer Man With a Libra Woman

With a Libra woman

A Libra woman is compatible with most signs. Her calm and kind nature will attract the attention of the Cancer man. She is understanding and will try her best to tend to the Cancer man’s needs. She will try to make him feel comfortable. However, they might face some trouble as she may find his personality too different from hers. She may not have the patience to deal with the Cancer man’s emotional outbursts.

Cancer Man With a Scorpio Woman

Cancer Man With a Scorpio woman

Scorpio Woman has the most compatibility for love with Cancer man. A Scorpio woman may be one of the best partners for a Cancer man.  Although a Scorpio woman has contrasting energy compared to the Cancer man, they share similar goals and personalities.

The Scorpio woman is passionate and will take the lead in this pair. She has all the love that a Cancer man needs. A Scorpio woman will shower him with romance. With complimentary energies, these two signs can find their ultimate partners in each other.

Cancer Man With a Sagittarius Woman

With a Sagittarius woman

A Cancer man may feel attracted to a Sagittarius woman’s inquisitive personality but their differences can make them further apart. A Sagittarius woman is driven by her need for intellectual stimulation whereas the Cancer man tends to see the world in a deeply emotional way.

While he may find some satisfaction in following the Sagittarius woman through her journey, it is unlikely he will last long while she is away. The Cancer man’s idea of home may not hold the same importance for her. These two might have a difficult time trying to adjust to each other.

Cancer Man With a Capricorn Woman

Cancer Man With a Capricorn woman

A Capricorn woman is driven and ambitious. A Cancer man can provide her with financial stability. They both have the potential to share a deep connection. A Cancer man can give her the love and protection she requires.

They can find a peaceful balance with each other. While they might face some trouble if both of them decide to go on their own instead of towards each other if they work a little harder, these two can be happy for a long time.

Cancer Man With an Aquarius Woman

Cancer Man With an Aquarius woman

An Aquarius woman has many walls that the Cancer man will have to penetrate before getting her to open up. This may seem enjoyable to the Cancer man as he tries to learn more about her. But this might wear off soon. Their way of living is the opposite.

The Aquarius woman can be independent and will try to move out to find new answers but the Cancer man love comfort and security. They will have a hard time forming an emotional connection.

Cancer Man With a Pisces Woman

With a Pisces woman

A Cancer man needs to take care of his partner just as much as loves receiving it. This works well for the Pisces lady, who enjoys love and attention. She can understand his emotional needs and tend to his heart. While she may have trouble with finance if he is understanding he can make up with his skills. They might have some differences but desire the same things in life, and thus they make a happy pair.

Cancer Man’s Soul Mate

Let’s look at the zodiac signs who have the most compatibility with a Cancer Man for love and marriage.


A Virgo has similar sensitivity as the Cancer man. A Virgo and Cancer combination share a deep emotional connection and can provide each other with their desires. This pair has exceptional communication and trust and this enables them to create a strong bond. 


With Taurus as a partner, a Cancer man might take time to build a relationship. But when these two spend enough time together, their chemistry is undeniable and inseparable. With their mutual energy, a Cancer and Taurus pair help each other in achieving their respective goals. They hold each other up well and have the greatest sexual chemistry between them.


Scorpio is a sign which looks for deep emotional connections like the Cancer man. Together, this pair is bound to become a close bond. Their shared similarities, personalities, and desires make them even more compatible. 


A Cancer man has both masculine charms and feminine love and cares to offer in a relationship. He is someone who can provide a safe and stable future for you. If you are looking for a partner who will love and cherish you forever, a Cancer man is just right for you.

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