Cancer Woman- Zodiac Sign Compatibility for Love and Marriage

When you are in a relationship, it is obvious that you are curious to learn everything about them. You wish to have great chemistry with the woman who has caught your attention and for good reason. The compatibility between you and your partner plays an important role in your future.

If you have your eyes on a Cancer woman, her timid personality may make you question her intentions, but learning more about her love and sex compatibility can give you a fair idea.

Let’s learn more about the compatibility of the Cancer woman with other signs.

Cancer Woman with an Aries man

Cancer Woman with an Aries Man

A Cancer woman likes to protect and care for his partner. Aries on the other hand is the baby of the zodiac system. The Cancer woman can provide nurturing love for her Aries man.

But the Cancer woman requires just as much care and attention. The Cancer woman seeks a deep connection whereas the Aries man can be selfish and crude.

An Aries has aggressive sexuality which is different from the Cancer woman’s preference. Communication plays an important role in this pair.

Cancer Woman with a Taurus man

Cancer Woman with a Taurus man

Both Taurus and Cancer are highly compatible with each other. These two signs tend to be traditional and prefer to stay at home. They both value comfort and security. The Taurus man can provide the emotional connection that the Cancer woman desires.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, these people are sensual and can appeal to the otherwise slow Cancer with their charms. Both these signs can be slow though and this can be an issue if they aren’t willing to take the initiative.

Cancer Woman with a Gemini man

Cancer Woman with a Gemini man

A Gemini is restless and seeks intellectual stimulation. Rational and logical, Taurus is very different from Cancer, which is all about sentiments. Moreover, the Cancer woman likes to stay at home in the comfort of security.

Although they will share a great friendship, where the Cancer woman will enjoy hearing about the Gemini’s conquests, they have a lot of similar interests. They have different temperaments and they need to work together to make this work.

Cancer Woman with a Cancer man

Cancer Woman with a Cancer man

With a Cancer woman and Cancer man pairing, you can rest assured that the potential is endless. They share the same desire for genuine emotional connections and match each other’s pace.

They know just how to make their partners feel better as they feel the same way and understand each other’s needs. The fact that they can connect, can make their sexual life better.

While they may struggle due to their similar timidness, with a little more understanding and communication they can last long.

Cancer Woman with a Leo man

Cancer Woman with a Leo man

A Leo will find the Cancer woman quite attractive. And the water sign Cancer can help ease the fiery Leo. But the strong personalities of both these signs can create some big clashes.

One is ruled by the moon while the other is ruled by the sun, these signs are a stark contrast to each other. This can be intriguing and grows into a passionate relationship. Both these signs are driven by their emotions, so you can assume that this pair will see their fair share of drama.

The fiery Leo man may find it hard to find his balance with the shy Cancer woman and this might cause trouble in paradise.

Cancer Woman with a Virgo man

Cancer Woman with a Virgo man

Virgo is a natural caregiver like the Cancer woman is nurturing. This helps them find a peaceful connection, where they can share their love and care instead of simply giving.

These signs have the potential to form a connection that can last for a lifetime. These signs also share a desire for a safe and comfortable lifestyle. Family and friends are the priority to both these people, so they are likely to find domestic bliss together.

Cancer Woman with a Libra man

Cancer Woman with a Libra man

Libra is a charmer, and can easily attract any sign. The Cancer woman is not immune. They have similar interests that can help build the relationship but need a good amount of understanding and adapting to work peacefully.

Libra is strong and can find the sentiments of Cancer burdensome. While a Libra can adjust to the Cancer’s needs, the Cancer woman also needs to match the Libra man for a pleasurable union.

Cancer Woman with a Scorpio man

Cancer Woman with a Scorpio man

Both Scorpio and Cancer are water signs. The Scorpio man only makes decisions after deliberation just like the Cancer woman. These signs share their need for security and their emotional connections. Together they like to form their relationship on genuine love and connections rather than superficiality.

Their emotional connection can translate well into a sexual relationship. With the right efforts, the Cancer-Scorpio pair can overcome their inhibitions and form a happy pair.

Cancer Woman with a Sagittarius man

Cancer Woman with a Sagittarius man

A Sagittarius man is a true wanderer. Adventure and experiences are some of his biggest motivations in life. The Cancer woman, on the other hand, is the homebody. She likes the comfort and security of staying in familiar surroundings.

While the Cancer woman can provide a sweet home for the Sagittarius man to come back to, he might feel burdened by all the love and attention. This pair is complete opposites and for them to work, they need to change their fundamental characteristics which can be very difficult.

Cancer Woman with a Capricorn man

Cancer Woman with a Capricorn man

If the Cancer woman is known for her nurturing character then the Capricorn man is popular as the authoritative patriarch. Their contracting characters can help make up for each other’s shortcomings.

The Capricorn man can provide security that is essential for a Cancer woman, while she can take care of him.

Capricorn is patient with his Cancer lover, their opposing energies create sizzling chemistry in the bedroom.  If these signs can bridge their differences with a little understanding, they can form a great couple and especially in the domestic sphere.

Cancer Woman with an Aquarius man

Cancer Woman with an Aquarius man

The Aquarius man is another nomadic sign. He loves to fly freely unlike the Cancer woman who is a needy lover. The Cancer woman wants a partner she can show all her affection to.

The Aquarius man is not an emotional lover in that sense. He might find the Cancer woman’s lover suffocating and will want to escape.

Their sexual life may seem out of sync at first but with enough adjustment, they can find their own pace. For this couple, they must change according to the needs of their partner.

Cancer Woman with a Pisces man

Cancer Woman with a Pisces man

A Pisces has a similar sensitivity to the Cancer woman. They can connect owing to their soft sides. Traditionally romantic, this pair can find their balance with sweet conversations and subtle flirting.

As water signs, these two have a great emotional depth. Making their romance more sustainable. They both rely on this emotional connection more than their physical relationship.

Too many similarities can be just as bad, so if they learn to accept and grow with their mistakes, they can have a successful love life.

Cancer Woman’s Soulmate

Let’s see which signs make for a Cancer woman’s soulmate.


Virgo is an earth sign and Cancer is a water sign. They crave love just as much as the other and can give each other just enough love. Their needs and ability to provide support for each other make their bond stronger.

They enjoy their own company and don’t need to always be out there to feel validated. This combination finds solitude with each other and their bond grows stronger with more time spent together.


Both Scorpio and Cancer are water signs, so perfect combinations. They have a common desire for deep and emotional connection and give each other abundant emotional stimulation.

This makes their bond grow more intimate. Scorpio can provide the security and stability to a Cancer woman, she seeks. This pair has immense sexual chemistry and enjoys lovemaking and doesn’t hold back.


While a Capricorn may seem like an oddball, due to its differences from a Cancer woman, they have the potential to become a great pair. Capricorn is more focused on their career to create a stable future for themselves.

Thus, they could provide the security and stability to a Cancer woman she looks for. Like the Cancer woman, a Capricorn man tends to hold traditional views on marriage and love. This can be a great connection for the Cancer woman.


A Cancer woman is smart, imaginative, and caring yet contradictory in nature. She provides a strong support system for her partner. When in a relationship, a Cancer woman is the ideal lover, wife, and mother one can desire for.

She will make sure to protect the ones she loves from any harm and will love them unconditionally for the rest of her life.

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