17 Pro Tips on How to handle an Aries Man?

An Aries is a fire! He burns like one too. Fire is something very crucial to handle. Handle it with care and it will brighten your life. Handle it without care and it will burn you down. It’s the same with an Aries man. His emotions are like fire. Calming yet so dangerous. So how to handle an Aries man?

This article will tell you how to handle an Aries man with utmost care. Do’s and Don’ts of handling an Aries man.

How to start a Conversation with an Aries man?

handle aries man

At the start, it gets tough for an Aries man to talk to you. He tends to get a little shy which makes him hold back on saying a lot of things! But don’t worry, it will eventually get easier for him as your relationship progresses.

If you are not able to tell him about yourself, it clearly shows that he lacks confidence in front of you. This is not him. An Aries man is so powerful and so straight with his feelings that this kind of behavior from him is not normal.

An Aries man is an intellectual man. He will always approach life through a rational view. If he is meant for you, take interest in talking to him about his life, his aims, his ambitions. He will be glad to talk about these things and will be interested in your life too.

You also need to find some mutual interests to take your conversation ahead. He will come out of his shell and your bond is bound to grow. Listed below are some points you should consider while trying to talk to an Aries man.

  • Meet, don’t text

When you are interested in an Aries man try your best to talk to him in person. Talking over text never translates the true feelings you feel. He might mistake it for something else or just not understand your feelings.

Try to meet him, at least during the start of your relationship. But if you have to talk over text, try sending voice notes. Or simply as him to meet you somewhere, he will be up for it.

  • Get involved in his life

If you are sure that you want to take your relationship ahead with your Aries man, try getting involved with him in his lifestyle. Be around him. Talk to him when he is around instead of on the phone. Ask him about his hobbies and interest.

Talk to him about his family, all the pets he had, how funny was his childhood. Do all this and watch him open up like a flower. He will slowly and steadily start opening up to you quite a lot.

  • Be clear and direct

An Aries man is quite blunt once he gets comfortable with you. He wants you to show the same level of bluntness when you are with him. He likes it when his partner is being transparent with him. Conveying your feelings and thoughts to him will earn you brownie points.

He will know that you trust him enough to tell him things directly instead of him knowing it from somewhere else. 

How to Keep the Conversation going with an Aries man?

handle aries man

When you have started acknowledging the fact that he will stay with you, a new relationship has started. You both will have loads to talk about. Your life, the universe? Everything! But once you are well versed and comfortable with each other, it is a possibility that you will run out of topics to talk about.

You will be at a loss for words. Even he will be uncertain about what to talk about now! The doubts and the insecurities you initially had towards him will come back rushing in.

You must be thinking about why he is not paying you the same kind of attention as before? It is because he has directed some of his time and attention towards his life goals. This does not mean that he has forgotten about you. It just means that he is focused on achieving his goal with you beside him.

Well, it is also possible that he is confused and does not know how to keep the conversation going with you. This is the time where you must take lead and start a topic. The following points will help you with just that.

  • Compliment Him

Start with a compliment, most guys would like a compliment. Be unique and Genuine about the compliment. It will give him a sense of attention towards him. An Aries man likes attention so give him the attention. Don’t seduce him, don’t try to overwhelm him with your compliment.

  • Empathize

When an Aries man suddenly withdraws himself from you, it could be because he is afraid to get any closer to you than he is now. He was pretty confident earlier, but this shift of change is only because he is scared if things go wrong ahead.

At this point, you need to pay very close attention to his feelings. he is not going to say much, which is why you need to understand his behavior and actions. Give him his time. Let him know that he has got all the time in the world to make his decision and he need not rush it.

  • Make him think

Do not force any conversation on him. Rather, try and give him a point he could think about. Tell him about an idea you have, your deepest desires. He will give a lot of thought to it. He may not show it, but subconsciously it’s going on.

All these topics, and more, will be great topics of discussion. He will tell you about his thoughts and views on the subject. These kinds of discussions will make sure that your relationship is strengthened and well-nourished.

  • Talk about His Hobbies & Interests

All men love to talk about their hobbies and interests. He can keep talking about his interests for hours and hours. It can be about cars, bikes, sports, and more. You may not like to hear about certain topics, still, this will give a hint that you are interested in listening to him.

“More talking means More sharing”

  • Consider his senses

An Aries man needs to feel comfortable and safe with his potential partner. He needs to trust you enough before completely opening up to you. He needs to know that you want him as much as he wants you, emotionally and physically.

For building a romantic relationship with this man, you need to be emotionally available. But you also need to act accordingly. Make him fantasize about things, tease him. He needs physical touch. Over time, he will start making efforts too. 

  • Share stories with Him

If you are a good storyteller then you will find it very easy talking to him. Stories prolong conversations and help in communicating well.

  • Be Friendly

Make him feel that you are a friendly and trustworthy person. You can do it by sharing some insights about yourself. Don’t reveal any deep secrets or personal information.

  • Ask questions

Always ask relevant open-ended questions, this will make him think and talk for a longer time. This will give a better insight into him. Pay attention to his answers.

  • Find things in common

If you are interested in him, look for common things. These can be gardening, camping, or some other activities. This will give you more topics to talk about. You can share more relevant stories and information with each other. Since you also like the same thing it will be a big contributor to your conversation.

How to Keep the Conversation Going – Watch the video

How to Flirt with an Aries Man through Text?

handle aries man

Honestly, texting is an art. And this art comes in handy while specifically texting an Aries man. he is not the best texter and mostly prefers meeting you in person. But there are times when texting is the only option. 

Learning these tricks will help you flirt with and seduce him which will excite him so much more when the time comes to meet you. You do need to know these points while texting an Aries man.

  • Make him wait…

… but not too much! An Aries man tends to get bored very easily. He needs to entertainment at all times so that his focus does not shift away from you. Giving away facts about you slowly and not all at once will help.

An Aries man is also a born leader. He is not known for his patience. So, when he texts you, play a little hard to get. Do not reply immediately. But do not take a lot of time too. Somewhere in between will make him nervous yet excited.

But, do not take very long to text him back. He will think that if you don’t care, why should he bother. He will stop making efforts altogether. If you are stuck with work and cannot answer, let him know. He will understand that he can rely on you.

To keep him intrigued at all times, maintain a distance that seems approachable through efforts. Avoid texting first. He likes a good chase. Texting first will only mean that you are all in, which is not challenging enough for him.

Once you have got into the flow of texting, entertain him with a few jokes here and there. Make him talk about his life, his ambitions. Have a friendly banter. He will love texting you if you do these things!

Just take care that you do not seem too excited and do not send a lot of messages. He will not care for a while. Instead, he will stop replying which could be heartbreaking.

  • Make your texts witty

While texting Aries, you need to be as innovative as you can. Express yourself in various possible ways. Tell him something new each time. It could be a normal news headline or a cute fact about dogs. He will pay attention, think, and move forward will a full-fledged discussion.

An Aries man does not like wasting his precious time. So, if a conversation does not have a good flow to it, he would rather stop replying instead of dragging with a casual ‘hmm’ or ‘ok.’

Educate yourself on topics currently going on in the world. Find out about things that could be interesting conversation starters. Now, you do not have to be an expert in everything. Only know the basics so that when he starts talking, you can also take part.

An Aries man likes it when a woman takes a very practical approach to life and keeps herself updated with the current news and facts. It shows her intellectual side which an Aries man wants to keep up with.

  • Send him your pictures.

Poke your Aries man by sending him some of the best photos you have of yourself. Make him wonder what surprises you hold under that sweet exterior of yours. Send him pictures that will make him want you more!

Make sure though that you do not send him any vulgar or nude photos. It will only make you look very keen and he will lose interest eventually. Send him some sexy poses which will make him imagine how he would spend his time with you the moment you meet.

He likes a pretty woman. Instead of a face caked with makeup, he prefers a natural beauty with minimal makeup on her face. So do not go overboard with your makeup and fragrance as these are not necessary to woo him. He will love your natural personality.

Send him selfies looking pretty. Once in a while, show some confidence by sending him your natural selfies. Send him any picture where you look sexy and watch him crave for you!

Whatever you send him, your main aim should be to look confident. A woman radiating confidence is what attracts an Aries man in an instant. He loves a woman who can challenge the entire world and stand up for herself. Be that woman!

How to talk to Aries man? Do’s and Don’ts

do's & don'ts of talking

Now that you know how to start a conversation with an Aries man, whether, through text or face to face, you need to understand what to do after that.

For an Aries man, the most important factor of any relationship is spending time with that person. He has the strongest relationship with people who are present with him during all the happy and sad times.

You must know now if an Aries man has not spent a lot of time with you, he will find it difficult to connect with you. He will, with time, lose focus, and direct it somewhere else. To make this relationship a success, put your entire time and energy into it.

He loves a company that emanates positive vibes. People with dynamic personalities attract him very easily. To nourish your new relationship, spend as much of your time with him as possible.

Spending time with an Aries man is like an investment for the future. The end reward is this beautiful man! take a look at the following points to know how to talk to an Aries man.

  • Find mutual ambitions.

Till this time, you must be aware that an Aries man is very ambitious. He has set his life goals and is working towards them every day. He would love to find a partner or even a friend who is equally ambitious towards achieving their goals in life.

During the start of your relationship, find a common ground for your goals. Make some future goals and start working towards them together, hand in hand! This will not only make your Aries man trust you more, but it will also depict that you indeed are serious about him!

Moving towards your goals will make you and him spend a lot of time with each other. Well, this is the exact thing an Aries man loves! Getting a lot of attention. He will be the happiest person to spend a lot of time with you!

  • Talk about your problems

Every relation has its ups and downs. Nothing is different in a relationship with an Aries man too. Especially when it is a romantic one. When things go wrong, it is best to talk it out!

This talking should not be over texts or through a phone call. The best way is to solve things face to face. When any problem is being solved face to face, it Is easier for him to understand your feelings and body language.

He needs to feel that you are genuinely trying to sort things out, and not for the sake of it. He is an insecure person when it comes to his people. Making him feel safe and secure is what you need to understand.

  • Try to avoid boredom

The fastest way to end a relationship with an Aries man is being stagnant. This is something that could be very normal for you. But, for an Aries man, it means that you are not interested in him anymore.

If you do start seeing a change in his behavior, you need to start acting fast now. Or it would not talk him long to leave you behind and move on. discuss with him how he is feeling about you both. 

Understand what he is saying and take action according to that. The way you behave after knowing his thoughts is what will either save your relationship or end it.

How to make an Aries Man miss you?

make him miss you

There could be times when your Aries man is acting a bit weird and not giving you enough attention. He could be busy or a little distracted. But he is not even trying to establish a conversation when this is the exact thing you have been trying to do all day.

You have no idea what has gotten into him. You know that it’s enough and now it is time for him to miss you. Read ahead to know how you can make your Aries man miss you a lot.

  • Act and stay strong

An Aries man is someone who will do his best to protect you from everything. It is his nature to be protective of his loved ones. But you need to be strong too. You need to do things yourself, without asking him to be there for you all the time.

A strong, independent woman is what allures him. Do not come across as too needy. It will give him the impression that you are a clingy person who does not know how to get her work done.

He will for sure miss how independent yet attention-seeking you are.

  • Crack jokes, be funny

An Aries man, if not others, wants his girl to be someone who can make her laugh. Usually, a woman gets offended with ease when light-hearted jokes are cracked on her. This is a very big turn-off for an Aries man.

He wants his partner to be someone with an epic sense of humor. Someone who can keep up a nice banter with him. He loves a healthy argument. He would love to have one with his partner without the issue of getting angry or sad.

So, make him laugh, engage him in a funny conversation, or even an intense one is fine. When you are not with him, send entertaining texts to keep up the flow of the conversation. He will miss you so much when you would not be around.

  • Be a mystery

The best way to make an Aries man miss you is by keeping yourself a mystery. Not the entirety of you, but bits and pieces of yourself. Try not to tell him everything about you in one go.

Pique his interest a little by little each time you talk to him. Let him figure out things about you instead of you telling him. This will excite him even more. Flirt with him even if he is yours.

Give him sensuous smiles and hold serious eye contact with him only to look away when he is all into you. You have no idea how much he will crave for you after that. Do not rush things, take a slow pace, and tempt him.

  • Stay genuine

While you are trying to appear mysterious to your Aries man, make sure it does not come across as too over the top or fake. He will look right through you and it will be an instant turn-off for him.

Also, being genuine never does any harm. An Aries man will respect you for being genuine and natural. You, too, will be in your comfort zone. Instead of faking an entire personality, you will enjoy your real self, that too in an open manner!

  • Appreciate your man

An Aries man loves spoiling his woman with surprises and celebrations. All he wants in return is some appreciation for his work. Show him that you are grateful for having him in his life and for everything he has done for you.

Keep appreciating him here and there, for no reason, he loves it. This deed of appreciation will take your relationship a long way. Even when he is away from you, he will realize how much he misses his time with you and how comfortable you made him feel,

End Note

An Aries man is just like a small baby who wants attention, appreciation, and small gifts here and there. He may not be the one for every type of girl. But if he is with you, he will make it a point to give you his everything!

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