21 Signs of Aries Woman becoming Distant – How to Overcome this

There are times when your Aries woman might seem quite distant to you. And you are left wondering where did you go wrong. There could be many reasons for this behavior of hers. There are high chances that her attention has been diverted to someone else.

Going through this article will make you understand whether an Aries woman has become distant or is just having a mood swing.

Signs of Aries woman is becoming distant

Here are some signs of an Aries woman getting distant, identified by our expert counselors:

  • Not being present
Aries Woman becoming Distant

In every relationship an Aries woman ever has, she needs to be present for her family, friends, or her partner. She needs to be physically present for you to understand you better. 

If she has decided to not be an active member in your life, check out what is bothering her. This does not mean that she is done with you. It means that she has been hurt by something that you do not realize. Find out and quickly rectify your mistake.

  • She takes a long to respond

While having a conversation with an Aries woman, if she does not respond a lot, there is a high chance that she does not know what to say. You should not feel that she does not want to talk to you though. Maybe she is focused on a task more important to her than the conversation she’s having with you.

But if this behavior continues, you need to find out the reason. It could be because she is not interested in the topic you people are talking about or she just does not want to talk to you.

  • She ignores your messages

There are chances when an Aries woman gets distant, she will not reply to your calls or messages. When she does pick up your call, she will vaguely respond with “Oh the phone was on silent.” Moreover, she will just ignore it.

These signs mean that she simply does not want to communicate with you. She is finding a way out of her relationship with you maybe? Well, you need to talk it out. Try another way though, because she is not going to pick up the phone.

  • She ghosts you

When you have been talking to her for a long time, and she suddenly starts avoiding you, it is maybe something (or someone) better than you have caught her attention. She is now paying attention to that new addition in her life.

Or maybe she is just not interested in you and your conversations together. She does not bother that you feel sad. An Aries woman will do what she likes to do. No one can tell her anything otherwise.

  • She responds with short replies

An Aries woman will not be shy to hide her lack of interest in you. When she does reply, she will reply with a ‘hmm’ or an ‘ok’ or a mere ‘k’. this behavior of hers is normal when she either does not like the topic of conversation or she does not like that person.

Another reason could be that you are new to her and she is shy. Or she is just plain annoyed and talking to you is just a formality for her to follow. Under all these circumstances, she will give short replies only.

What should you do?

If an Aries woman has decided to be distant to you, there is something that is bugging her. You could feel that her removing you from her life is a very unjust move. But, there certainly are things that made her feel that you were not doing any good to her.

Let her take her time to decide whether she does want to sort things out with you or if it is the end.

When is an Aries Woman done with you?

An Aries woman distancing herself from you is very different from when she is done with you. She will show changes in her behavior towards you before eventually breaking up with you. Reading ahead will tell you all the signs an Aries woman will showcase.

  • Neglectful
Aries Woman becoming Distant

The most apparent thing you will notice when an Aries woman’s behavior changes are that her focus will not be on you anymore. There are chances that she will cancel plans with you at the last minute. She will also ignore your calls and texts.

An Aries woman will focus her energy somewhere she finds interesting rather than on you. She will be happy when she is not with you. She will start socializing more and spending time with other people instead of you. You will understand that she will soon break up with you.

  • Dismissive

An Aries woman will dismiss any kind of requests you keep. She would not want to meet you in any case. Once she has decided that you are not the one who gives her pleasure, she will not care about your feelings at all.

If you still do not get her hints of not wanting to be with you, she will make you feel small with her words. She will show you how unimportant you are for her. She will give snide comments on everything you do, every decision you make hoping that now you will understand.

  • Cruel

When an Aries woman does not like you anymore, she will show you her wild side (not the one she shows while in bed though!) she knows all about you, your past, your darkest secrets, your insecurities, and whatnot. 

If you do any harm to her feelings, get ready for the backlash because she will leave no stone unturned. Everything information will be used against you. Her words will hurt you even after the end of your relationship.

  • Critical

She starts criticising every small action you do. Every fight or argument will be blown out of proportion. She might even come across as a hypocrite criticising you on topics in which she also lacks experience.

An Aries woman does this because she wants you to leave her alone. She would want you to end this relationship before she does. But if you do handle all her criticism, it will show her that you want to stay. This may keep your relationship alive? Who knows!

  • Wicked

An Aries woman is someone who can be quite wicked. When she realizes that she cannot stay with you anymore, she will hang by just to make you feel small. She will not leave any chance to abuse you if it is your fault that she has fallen out of love with you,

An Aries woman will blame you for her reduced social circle. For having no one in her life she can rely on. She will stay with you only to damage your self-worth. She will wait till the time it gets too much for you and leaves when you are destroyed.

Signs of an Aries Woman is rejecting you?

Sometimes, people leave. The same thing stands for an Aries woman too. Why will she reject someone is her personal choice. Looking at these signs will make you realize that an Aries woman is not into you and wants to reject you.

  • She will put you on a pedestal
Aries Woman becoming Distant

An Aries Woman will sideline you and live her life filled with fun and adventure. She will start spending time with her friends instead of you. That right there is downright rejection.

  • She is not jealous anymore

An Aries woman gets jealous when a stranger comes and talks to her man. more so when someone tries to flirt with you. But when she realises that she does not care about you anymore, not an ounce of jealousy will be found.

  • She is too blunt to handle

She was already blunt, since the start. But she did consider your feelings and started mending her way of talking to you. But when she is done with you, she would not care. She will speak her heart out and it will be worse the before.

  • She flirts with others…

…except you. You are not good enough for her anymore. She will now focus her time and energy on someone she feels is worthy of it. And she will not be bothered about how you feel about this change of behavior of yours.

  • She is always busy

There was a time where she spent every possible minute of her time with you. Giving you attention, taking care of you. But now she is too busy somewhere else. She just does not have time to spend with you. Maybe because she is spending it with someone better? Who knows!

Why does an Aries Woman ignore you?

There could be a lot of reasons why an Aries woman would ignore you.

  • You make her upset
Aries woman ignore you

Did you do something that upset her or make her angry the last time you both had a conversation?

She does not like anyone playing with her peace of mind. So, if you did make her angry, she is going to ignore you for a while. 

Give her space and time. All you can do is wait for her to come around and start behaving normally.

  • You did not do things according to her.

She asked you for something and you did not do it her way? Well, she is bound to get angry. An Aries woman is a little selfish when it comes to getting her work done. She wants everything to be prim and proper, the way she likes it.

If you deny it and do things your way, she is going to ignore you because she wanted it to be her way and not yours.

  • You are blocking her way

You are blocking her way to do things she loves and live life on her conditions. She is not someone who can be restricted. She would rather ignore you and go for it without really thinking about the consequence.

An Arise woman would not realize that you were standing in the way just for the sake of her safety until it gets too late.

How does an Aries Woman lose interest?

Aries women are generally strong personalities if they are losing interest in you it’s time for you to introspect. You might be doing something which is bothering her. So what can be the reason for an Arise woman is losing interest in you?

  • You are lazy
losing interest

This woman loves an adventurous day out with her lover. If you are too lazy to get up and have a day or night out with her, she will eventually start losing interest in you.

She is a woman who does not like stopping because of anyone. You are no different.

  • You put her down

An Aries woman has an ego that is so easy to hurt. It needs tender loving care. Do not embarrass her in public, especially in front of her friends. This will for sure offend her to an extent that she will lose her interest in you. It will make her want to take revenge, which is not the best experience.

  • You don’t appreciate her

From acing a board meeting to preparing a chicken sandwich, this woman is always excited while doing her work. She is very passionate and loves doing her work. This means she would love it when she gets appreciated for it.

You not appreciating her is a big turn off for her. Let her know that you are paying attention to her work. Tell her that you are proud of what she has accomplished and you want to reach great heights. This will make her love you so much more.

How to get an Aries Woman to forgive you?

There will be times when you and your Aries woman will fight. It is unavoidable when you are with someone for a long time. But, in that process, do not dare harm her self-respect or her ego. No one likes it. And an Aries woman surely does not! She is fire and she will burn you right down!

Apologizing to an Aries woman can be a tedious task. Read forward to find out how to get an Aries woman to forgive you.

  • Understand why she is upset.
ask for forgiveness

Aries is the most spontaneous sign, the quickest to have mood swings. Because she is a fire sign, she gets angry quickly but her anger does not slow down. What you need to understand is that her way of thinking is not at all emotional. 

An Aries woman has some fundamental beliefs which are right for her even if you think that is completely wrong. Her attitude and her behavior will depend on this mindset of hers only. 

She will be upfront about why she is angry or upset with you. What kind of words or behavior has affected her this much to make her angry? If you accept her point and apologise, well good for you. But if you decide to blame her for everything, she is likely to end everything.

Some behaviors are completely unacceptable to her. But they are not ethically wrong. For example, she will be fine with the way you behave with her when you both are alone. But your behaviour will matter a lot while she is in public.

It is the best thing to be direct and clear about your feelings to her because she will do the same. You should not play any kind of game with an Aries woman. She will see right through it and give you the worst time of your life.

To make this relationship successful, you need to mend your ways and understand her way of thinking and working.

  • Accept and acknowledge her feelings

You now know what has been bothering her making her so angry. The next thing you need to do is agree with her reason. Understand that her feelings are correct depending on her fundamental requirements and not yours.

Listen to her at all times. Do not cut her off in between. Let her vent. Acknowledge whatever she is trying to tell you. Acknowledge the fact that she is not overreacting about the issue. Do not try to argue anymore. It will only have a bad effect on your relationship.

Keep in mind that she will address your behaviour looking into every possible detail. She will be very direct with it. Do not try to change the topic at that time. Going on to a different tangent altogether is completely unacceptable by her. She will not tolerate it.

Always respect an Aries woman because that is what matters to her the most. If you try to ignore her, it will only lead to more anger and frustration instead of a solution. The only suggestion is to pay attention to the matter at hand.

If you know you were wrong throughout, approach the matter calmly and rationally. Do not involve emotions because it will only annoy an Aries woman more. She will try her best to make you realise why what you did was truly unacceptable and you will have to agree to it.

  • Compromise

Now that you know why she is angry, talk about your thoughts about your relationship’s future. You have to accept the fact that you need to make behavioural changes. But tell her too. No fight is one-sided. Make her realise where she went wrong too. She will hear you out.

You need to tell her what behavior of hers triggered you to act the way you did. This way you as well as her will take the correct measure to mend your relationship and have a better understanding of each other.

But, more often than not, these discussions turn into heated arguments. This happens only because you both are unable to find a middle ground. You both are not ready to accept your mistakes! This leads to more fights.

Dealing with the fight incorrectly will lead to its end. You need to take a diplomatic approach while handling an Aries woman. If you behave like a warrior, she will too, and the fight will end in a disaster!

You have to dedicate time and energy while resolving an issue with an Aries woman because it takes detailed discussions to get to the end.

With an Aries woman, getting physical also works well for trivial issues. Play with her senses, not to solve the issue at hand, but to calm her down. She will be in a better state of mind once you touch her, hug her, kiss her, which will also make her understand your point of view a little better.

Do not try to solve major issues by being physical. It will make her feel that you do not respect her emotions and feelings. Do not let her feel that you are with her only for sex and not for her personality. She will end things right there.

  • Resolving and amending the situation

After all the emotional turmoil has ended, you both need to determine whether to be together or to end things for the best of both of you. An Aries woman is much more considerate than an Aries man and she will forgive you.

You will need to be mindful of the way you behave. There will be issues ahead in your relationship as well if you both do wish to stay together. And it will be something new which you both must not have experienced before.

Plan for the future. Determine a way in which you both will handle things that do not lead both of you to take any extreme measures. This needs foresight. With a little discussion, this issue will get solved.

Till the time you have completed this conversation, she has already forgiven you. But always remember, an Aries woman never forgets. She must have forgotten you, but she will keep a tab on your behavior. She will bluntly call you out if you repeat any mistake.

An Aries woman is very soft-hearted for a person she loves. But she will not suffer the same embarrassment and insult again and again. She would rather get rid of you than go through the same experience once more.

End Note

When an Aries woman is with you, you can conquer the entire world. Do not let her go at any cost! She will stand with you till the end.

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  1. Duly noted, copied down, photocopied in triplicate, certified & notarized. I would not want to be on the receiving end of an Aries woman’s rebuff or dismissal; it would be hard to take & harder to live with despite being an old survivor of the relationship game. With Aries being so passionate and forthright signs of ennui and displeasure would probably be pretty obvious and impossible to ignore. OK. I can handle this, more or less, probably, maybe, maybe not. Oh, who am I kidding here: if an Aries woman started to ignore me I would be flat out devastated… might even go home & cry to mommy…”why are Aries gurls so MEAN and cruel?” Right.

    • I thought I was so clever and insightful in my previous post about Aries women but it turns out I was just deluding myself with wishful thinking. I realized the blunt truth about Aries women very recently: they are self centered and selfish. They could care less about anyone else as long as they get what they want. They are tiresome, childish and conceited.
      Good bye, Sam. Have a nice life, with somebody else. I’m not putting up with your bullshit head games any longer. See you never.


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