24 Evident Signs an Aries Man Becoming Distant-How to get him Forgive You

When an Aries man distances himself from you, it is very evident for you as well as the people around you. He undergoes a change in behavior and the way of talking. He does not spend enough time with you now. There can be many reasons for this behavior. So what are the signs and reason of an Aries man becoming distant?

This article will help you join the pieces as to why he is behaving the way he is. You will also know what to avoid when you are with him.

Signs of Aries Man Becoming Distant

Here are some evident Signs of Aries man becoming distant.

1. Change in Expressions 

Aries Man Becoming Distant

When an Aries man does not get pleasure in a relationship and is not satisfied with you, his expressions will change.

He will seem colder and more distant than ever before. His expressions will be stern. His stoic face will give nothing away.

He hangs out with you a little less than he used to. All these things do not mean that he does not like you anymore. It just means that he is busy with other things important to him at that time.

2. He ignores you in person

If an Aries man ignores you in person, he has decided to get away from you. He does not want to talk to you anymore. It could be that something not so good happened between you in your recent conversation and he is just taking his time.

But if this ignorance goes on for a while, understand that he is genuinely hurt about something. He is giving you a hint to figure it out. You need to find out what happened and solve your issues as soon as possible because it does not take a lot of time for an Aries man to move on.

3. He ignores your texts

He is already ignoring you in person. But when an Aries man is distancing himself from you, he will avoid any kind of contact with you. He will ignore your calls and texts. If at all he replies, he will text you a ‘sorry, the phone was not with me’ and that’s it.

You need to know and understand that something is bothering him who he wants you to address and resolve. Take time out for your relationship and talk things out. It could be a silly reason but an important one for him.

4. He is rude

It is already clear to you after a while that your Aries man is upset over something. So, you go talk to them. Be careful. When an Aries man is upset, he can lash out quickly. If you press him too much, he can be rude and dismissive. It simply means that you have crossed the line.

Pay attention to his statements and his body language when he is upset. Respect his boundaries. Not doing so will make him all the more upset. You seriously do not want that to happen. He will push you away for his good.

5. He blocks you

If he has been ignoring you for a long time now. He has a feeling that you are not going to budge. He will not think about this once and block you as soon as possible. Peace of mind is an important factor for an Aries man and he will do anything to feel that way.

Even if that peace of mind is for a few hours, he won’t stop from achieving it. You trying to communicate with him will be next to impossible once he has blocked you.

What should you do?

It could be a very unreasonable and inappropriate reason because of which an Aries man distances himself from you. This behaviour will drive you to an attempt to speak to him. He will give you a chance but do not forget to stay calm and he will listen.

When is an Aries man done is with you?

An Aries man distancing himself from you is very different from when he is done with you. You will know when he wants to break up with you. He is known to be blunt with his words and will not be indirect in conveying his feelings. Moreover, he reads ahead for all the signs you will notice.

1. Evasive

Aries Man Becoming Distant

When you see an Aries man not being present in your life as much as he used to, he could be doing this on purpose. He has understood that his relationship with you is not in his favor. And it is almost impossible to change his mind once he is set on this decision.

You will notice that he does not hang out with you like he used to. There is a high chance that he has already started making new social circles and relationships. So, once you notice this behaviour, a break up should not come to you as a surprise.

2. Explicit

An Aries man is known for his bluntness. He is not shy to convey his feelings to you. He will tell you how your behaviours have affected him which is why he wants to break up. If you counter his statements in any way and somehow start blaming him for everything, he will be out of there the next moment.

But if you do want to save this relationship, you need to show him that you understand what he is saying. Changing his mind will be next to impossible if he has decided already, but you should give it a try!

3. Savage

An Aries man will treat you in a very cruel manner once he is sure he does not want to stay with you. He will stay in a relationship with you only to denigrate you and nothing else. His only intention will be to cause you mental harm.

There is a high chance he is pushing you to break up with him instead of it being the other way round. Once you do reach a point where you will not be able to handle his behaviour and want to break up, he will play the victim card and blame you for the entire situation.

4. Negligent

When an Aries man starts paying attention to everyone but you, it is the start of the end. He will stop meeting you. He will ignore your calls and texts. After all this, it should not come as a surprise if he cancels plans at the last minute.

He will do this to push you away. He will want you to break up with him instead of him doing it. But even after all this, if you do not get the hint, he will have to end it. He is not someone who likes to stretch things without any aim. He will inform you that he is not interested anymore!

5. Bitter

If in any shape or form, you have insulted or offended an Aries man in your relationship, he will try to make you suffer the same way he did. He does not get bitter about things so easily. But once he decides to not stay with you, he will remember all the wrong things you did to him.

He will humiliate you to no extent. He will damage the image you have of yourself in your mind. All these will reflect in the future when you do try to get with someone else. You will still remember the humiliation and find it very difficult to find love again.

How to know if an Aries Man is Rejecting You?

Sometimes, people leave. The same thing stands for an Aries man too. Why will he reject someone is his personal choice. Looking at these signs will make you realize that an Aries man is not into you and wants to reject you.

1. He is not paying attention

Aries Man Becoming Distant

As much as an Aries man loves getting attention, he also loves giving attention to the ones he loves. If he is not paying any attention to you and your daily activities, it is a clear sign of rejection. He does not want you.

2. Deep, meaningful conversations are gone.

Remember how deep and meaningful conversations your Aries man used to have with you when you guys started talking to each other. All that does not even exist anymore! Well, conversations are also limited to HI’s and hellos.

3. He is avoiding sex

An Aries man loves having sex. It is more of a need for him. But when he does not like you anymore, the sex ends then and there itself. He cannot get physical with someone just for the sake of it. An Aries man will have sex with you only if he genuinely feels for you.

4. He is not spontaneous anymore

If you know him, you will also know that he is an enthusiast who is always up for spontaneous adventures. But when he loses interest in you, he loses his spontaneity too. He will make plans with everyone except you.

5. He wants space

An Aries man loves being around their lovers. But if he asks for space instead of being with you, there is something wrong. He would rather find someone else to be with.

Why does an Aries man ignore you?

There could be a lot of reasons why an Aries man would ignore you.

1. You bore them

Aries Man Becoming Distant

What an Aries man cannot tolerate in his life is boring people. They are people with high energy who thrive on adventure and excitement. All a boring person does is slow them down which they will not tolerate at any cost. They do not entertain boring people and wave goodbye.

2. You restrict their freedom

An Aries man is a free bird who does not like being caged by anyone. Anyone who restricts them should stay away from them because they are uncontrollable. Instead of pinning them down, joining them on their adventurous journey will be much more enjoyable for both of you.

3. You ignore them

Aries man loves every kind of attention being given to them. He loves it when you shower him with hugs and kisses. So, it is natural that he does not like being ignored. If you do ignore him, he will ignore you back. It will affect you badly and you would not even know why.

4. You are not genuine

An Aries man himself is a very genuine man which is why he loves others who are genuine too. He can catch a person who is lying from a mile away. So, if you want an Aries man to like you and not reject you, be true to him as well as yourself.

5. There is no future with you

An Aries man is always clear with his decisions and does not stray away from them. He will ignore you a lot if he thinks that you both do not have a future. He thinks that spending time with someone like this is a waste of time so why even bother.

How does an Aries Man lose interest in You?

What are some significant reasons for an Aries man losing interest in you? Here are some reasons according to our experts:

1. You follow the same routine

losing interest in you

In any relationship, Aries feels weighed down if you fall into the same routine every day. He is a spontaneous person. He makes instant plans like going for a hike early in the morning. Or waking you up for having sex!

He does not like a monotonous life. He just cannot survive with a life like this! Not to sound overdramatic, but death for him is better than living life this slow. He wants a thrill ride every day he wakes up in the morning! He will not like a partner who follows a routine.

2. You don’t keep up with his pace

As mentioned above, this man does not like sticking to one place and living his entire life the same way. He would rather go chase the sun than chasing a bus to work! Do something very adventurous once in a while to keep his interest maintained in you.

Take him out on spontaneous date nights. Play with toys in the bedroom. Have a night out on top of a mountain – just the two of you. He is going to love it and never lose interest in you.

3. You do not let him do his own thing

Till now, you are well aware of how much an Aries values his independence. Not letting him does his own thing will only make him lose interest in you? More and more with each passing day. A clingy woman is a major turn off for an Aries man!

Instead of restricting him, let him have his night out with friends. This allows you to spend time with your friends as well. Let him have fun and you have fun too.

4. Your physical intimacy is zero

An Aries is a man who needs to be physically intimate with you to connect with you mentally. This is just the way he functions. He knows no other way of knowing you emotionally if he does not know you physically.

Try to give him what he needs. Completely immerse yourself in the process of sex. Know him and let him know you through each other’s touch. This way you and he will both feel secure. And it will not give him a reason to lose interest in you.

How to get an Aries man to Forgive you?

Every couple fights. When you realize that you have said something which has could have offended him, you need to apologize as quickly as possible. He is not easily offended, but do not cross the line! It will not be an easy task for him to forgive you.

1. Understand why he is upset.

make him forgive you

Aries is the most spontaneous sign, the quickest to have mood swings. For an Aries man, these feelings are much more intensified because of the energies residing within him. All of this merges to form a storm which is quite ugly.

His anger is not just an erratic outburst. It is very calculated and heartfelt. If he is upset, he has a very good reason to react this way. He is a fire that can burn at any time. His anger is so easy to flare up and very difficult to extinguish.

This is why you need to know ways to apologize to him because well, it is a big task.

To know why your Aries man is upset, rewind to the moment when you were arguing. Try to remember each moment that took place between you. It may be something very minor for you, but it is a rational reason for him to be angry.

Disagreeing with him on a point like this will make him all the more upset. Instead of making things right, it will go the wrong way.

The best way is, to be frank, and directly ask him why he is angry. He will not play games with you. He will be very clear with his feelings and tell you where you went wrong. Once you know your mistake, go to the next step.

2. Accept and acknowledge his feelings

Now that you know why he is upset, accept what he has said and how he feels about it. You need to understand his logic and reasoning. He would not continue the process of apology if you do not agree that his reasons are fair.

He needs to know that he is placed at the highest position in your life. Even if you are a friend, he wants you to always put him at the top of the priority list. He hates being forgotten which is why he keeps reminding people of his presence.

But if you do think you should argue that your reason is better, support it with logic, or else he would not pay attention to you and the argument will continue.

3. Compromise

Now, that you know why he is angry, talk about your thoughts about your relationship’s future. An Aries man has two things that must be targeted while solving an issue. One his reasoning abilities, second his passion.

If you do have the logical reasoning to the argument and your Aries man is in a calm state of mind, go for the mental route and solve things. If you know you are wrong and he is in an overwhelmed state, not ready to listen, take the physical route.

You need to choose your path very wisely. If you are as headstrong as an Aries man and you know you can give him a fight with your logical reasonings, do go for it. Explain why you think you were correct with the correct reasons.

But do let him know that you acknowledge the fact that he is hurt and promises him to not repeat this in the future. Let him know that you have realized that this behavior is not acceptable.

If you have been wrong since the start, you need to know that no amount of convincing will work. You need to play with his physical senses. This is needed only to calm him down. This is necessary to do so that later he will accept your apology easily without any further argument.

4. Resolving and amending the situation

Till now, you have apologized for your mistakes and have thought about your future. You have put forth your explanation for the way you behaved. He has put forth his logical reasoning. Both of you have accepted what the other person has said. This is the time when you decide whether to continue with things or part your ways.

The argument will fade till the end of the day. What will remain are you both. You both need to discuss and understand what exactly you are expecting from this relationship. Discussing things will lead to no further arguments or fights.

You need to understand that you aren’t always wrong. He could be too. It is not always going to be you asking for his forgiveness. There will be a point where he will ask for your forgiveness. All these are things you both need to discuss to lead your life together with peace and love. Not with arguments and misunderstandings.


Well, an Aries man is simply a child’s mind in an adult’s body. He will get upset on very trivial issues. Understanding or not understanding why he is upset is the only factor that will make or break your bond with him. Keep thriving because this man is worth it!

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