Taurus Man Sex & Love Life Compatibility with Other Signs

A Taurus man is known for his laid-back attitude as well as his very stubborn nature. He does not easily budge from the ideologies that he once sets. This condition is the same when it comes to making love with his partner. Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio zodiac signs are the best match in terms of love and sex compatibility for a Taurus Man.

This obstinate nature of his is not handled by every woman he will meet. Each woman is different according to their zodiac signs. It greatly affects that woman’s personality and their overall relationship too, especially in bed.

Read further to find out the sexual compatibilities between the Taurus man and all the other women.

Taurus Man Sex Life Compatibility with other Zodiac Signs

A Taurus Man will not be comfortable in making love to every other sign. As a Taurus man is an earth sign its sex compatibility matches with other earth-related signs. These signs are the best match for long-term love and marriage for Taurus man. So, let’s find out who are these signs that make a perfect match for Taurus man.


Taurus Man Compatibility with Aries Woman

Aries is ruled by Mars and Taurus by Venus. This information is enough to tell us how sexual both of these signs are. For an Aries woman, sex is mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual release whereas, for a Taurus man, it is just a task he needs to complete.

When the Aries woman realizes how lightly the Taurus man considers sex, it will cause a problem between them. He is a practice being who does not consider releasing energy on sex very fruitful. He would rather do something else.

At first, it is alright for the Aries woman if he neglects her sexual energy. But over time it will lead to a lot of frustration for her. The only thing that can balance this out is by providing her with fascinating romantic times.

But, just for the sake of saving his relationship, the Taurus man can make things special for her now and then. Plan an exquisite date night followed by a lot of closeness and intimate sex which is slow at first but gets harder and faster until the end.

She will love the sensations you make her feel and feel very satisfied with you. This will make her come for you again and again.

Sexual compatibility – 65%

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility with Taurus Woman

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility with Taurus Woman

Taurus is the most sexual sign out of all zodiacs which makes sex very important for both of them! Even though they love having sex, they both are too lazy to take an initiative for it.

Both of them have really low energy when it comes to exploring new things and pushing the boundaries to another level. They are also not very expressive when it comes to emotions.

They make use of all their senses and emotions can later catch up on all the sex. Both of them are passionate about their work and in bed and know exactly how to please each other.

Their physical connection is what strengthens their emotional relationship too. They are not the ones to experiment with different positions and they are completely fine with it.

Enjoying each other’s company is what they look out for. Whether it is in bed or out of it, they will be there for each other, driving each other to the fullest.

Sexual compatibility – 95%

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility with Gemini Woman

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility with Gemini Woman

Being an Earth sign, touch is an important factor for the Taurus man. He loves to enjoy the closeness of a person and loves being touched and felt by his partner.

But on the contrary, the Gemini woman is not the one who craves a lot of touch and closeness. She likes connecting on an intellectual level with her partner. She does not care about spending a lot of time in someone else’s arms.

His need for physical touch and her need for intellectual stimulation make this pair rather odd for others and for each other too. To keep a Taurus going, he needs kisses and hugs but a Gemini woman wants debates and talks.

If he wants to stay with her Gemini woman, he needs to keep her mind racing just as fast as her libido. This is what will make her come back for more. Engage her in a conversation between the lovemaking and she may gravitate towards him a bit.

The same method of lovemaking from the Taurus man’s side does not do it for her. She wants something new every time she is with him or it is just not it for her.

She likes it when her man keeps flirting with her from time to time and running his fingers throughout his body. The only thing that will keep her stay with him is his stamina. The bull is named aptly and this stamina is loved by her while making love.

But you also need to bring newer things to experience which makes this pair not very compatible with each other.

Sexual compatibility – 5%

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility with Cancer Woman

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility with Cancer Woman

People think that Taurus and Cancer are the two most asexual signs in the entire zodiac. This assumption is just based on the fact that they do not think about Mars which means a lack of instantaneous sex.

This does not mean that they do not like having sex! It’s just that they are not very excited about it all day all night like some of the other few signs.

In reality, a Taurus man and a Cancer woman enjoy having sex and it is quite satisfying for both of them. Lovemaking between them comes very naturally and is not at all forced to keep their passion equal to their emotions.

The Taurus man has a very strong personality. It forces the Cancer woman to come out of her shell and show off her true self, at least in front of him if not the entire world.

He makes him feel very safe in his big arms that love comforting her. But, she makes him feel deeply loved to the core and extremely cared for, maybe the most he must have experienced throughout his life.

And their sex takes her sense of being loved and his need of being needed on a whole new level. The Cancer woman is very emotional and that is a known fact.

This is why there could be times when he could not understand her complex emotions completely. But he being present for her is enough for her to calm down and express herself in a way that is simpler for him to understand. This leaves no doubt in her mind about their togetherness.

While making love, she loves looking at him throughout. His expressions, his behavior, his reactions to her touch are what she looks out for. When she knows that he loves something, she will continue doing it for his sake.

Sexual compatibility – 95%

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility with Leo Woman

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility with Leo Woman

It is in nature if a Taurus man and a Leo woman to be extremely lazy. And this affects their sexual relationship too. This could be the only common thing you find in both of them.

The Taurus man has a rich taste of sensuality that runs deep in him whereas a Leo woman is very passionate about her thinking towards sexuality.

A Leo woman makes him reveal his passionate and romantic side towards her. This makes him pretty vulnerable to her slightest smell or sound, stirring the deep desire he has stored inside him. This vulnerability makes sex between them very satisfying and pleasurable.

Both of them keep high expectations in a sexual relationship with each other. But this man never falls short of giving his woman what she wants.

His intensity is what sweeps her off her feet leaving her satisfied to the core. In return, the Leo woman does him a lot of favors which she would not do in any other case!

Once they both have proved their loyalty and dedication towards each other, their sex is harmonious and always different. There is always a sense of excitement when they are together.

They love giving love bites to one another, thus putting their stamps to show the world that they are going for it without any limitations. This also makes their relationship healthier and stronger with each passing day.

A Taurus man loves it when he is showered with love and attention and a lot of sex, but he does not convey it properly. This is why a Leo woman gets along with her because she can read him quite well.

Like the lioness she is, she loves finding out new positions of sex. She likes to explore the physical aspects of each other’s bodies without a hint of hesitation. This makes the entire experience worth it all.

They both are pretty much the two different sides of a coin who are not together but still together.

Sexual compatibility – 50%

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility with Virgo Woman

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility with Virgo Woman

For a Virgo woman, a Taurus man is just like a hero from the movie who is in her life to give her confidence and lift her spirits. She is not comfortable showing off her body. But in front of a Taurus man, it all goes to hell.

Both of them are very sensual and appreciate the simple pleasure of intimacy and sex. He comes across as powerful in front of the shy and naïve Virgo woman and this is something that makes her feel very comfortable and safe in his arms.

For her, sex is sacred which must not be taken lightly. Being a perfectionist, the act of making love is also not spared by her and it has to be perfect every time. This ensures complete satisfaction for her man.

She practices her ways a lot of times and is committed to the fulfillment for her and her partner. For this, a Taurus man fits perfectly in her category.

He is a man of patience and does not make flowery and emotional confessions. He speaks through his physical self and lets her know how he feels in the act.

This reveals that both of them really respect each other’s desires and always try to fulfill them without hesitation. They both believe in showing their love rather than saying it which makes both of them ideal for each other.

The best way to enjoy your time together is by appreciating what you have instead of pointing out what you don’t.

Sexual compatibility – 85%

Taurus Man Sex compatibility with Libra Woman

Taurus Man Sex compatibility with Libra Woman

Both these signs, Taurus and Libra, are ruled by the planet of love, Venus. Even then they both have very different characteristics. But the only common point between them is their sexual drive and their idea of lovemaking.

The Taurus man, being very reliable, makes his woman feel safe and secure. Whereas the Libra woman, being delicate and soft, brings out his most erotic side.

She loves to hear sweet things but he is not a person who expresses himself through words. So, making love remains the only way for him to convey his feelings and emotions to her.

Their union is something very different. Her affection and passion are what lead to a hundred percent satisfaction for both of them. Both of them are the sentimental type and like a good aesthetic.

Their intimate relation usually starts with a kiss. A kiss that is slow and long, like they are finding and getting to know each other through it. This kissing turns into a good old tongue action and then things escalate quickly.

The lack of the emotional side of this man sometimes makes the sex between them die down.

Sexual compatibility – 35%

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility with Scorpio Woman

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility with Scorpio Woman

Taurus and Scorpio are quite different from each other, but they have one common thing that attracts them – both of their sexual natures.

Both of them make a very emotional yet passionate pair who also maintains a strong bond apart from the sexual side of things. They believe that a sexual relationship strengthens the emotional relationship between two people.

The first time they are having sex, it is nothing less than those explosive fireworks, but in bed. Their affair is the perfect blend of passion, emotions, and eroticism.

A Scorpio woman has an air of mystery around her, everyone can feel her presence. This vibe carries on during the lovemaking too which makes the Taurus man find out new things about her every time they are together.

A Taurus man with his extreme sensuality and romance balances out their union, making it a fiery affair between the two. He wants to take complete control over her body, and she wants her soul to be hers only.

Melting into each other, both of them create a lot of passion together which makes their bond – physical and mental, very strong.

There will be times when she feels he is not passionate enough but it’s just because she loves him so much more than he loves her. Even then, he is a pretty accurate match for her.

Sexual compatibility – 95%

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility Sagittarius Woman

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility Sagittarius Woman

A Taurus man and a Sagittarius woman is a fun pair when it comes to sex. Both of them, when together, enjoy their sex but they have quite a different approach to it.

For the Taurus man, sex is the way to connect to his partner on a much deeper level to make a stronger connection. Whereas, for the Sagittarius woman, it is a must when she is in a relationship because it brings the heat and fun between the two.

She is fun and enthusiastic whereas he does not take sex for granted and has to have a meaning behind doing it. She finds it extremely casual but he takes lovemaking seriously.

A Taurus man likes using her fingers to caress him gently and also to tickle him. This can sometimes be too much for the serious Taurus man, but usually, he does not mind it.

Sexual compatibility – 25%

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility with Capricorn Woman

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility with Capricorn Woman

Both Taurus and Capricorn are Earth signs, making their sexual relationship quite prominent. They are instantly comfortable getting intimate with each other.

Lovemaking is very important for both of them. Both of them talk only through their bodies instead of talking which saves them a lot of time and energy. They are fine with a partner who isn’t very expressive.

A Taurus man does less talk and more acting which can instantly seduce a Capricorn woman, revealing her deepest passion that is very intense.

She is not the one to let her guard down in front of anyone and she creates a clear division between love and sex. But she somehow trusts this man and communicates with him without the fear of deceit, even if it is through sex.

A Taurean is a laid-back person and a Capricorn is a headstrong person. They complement each other quite well, generally as well as sexually.

If he is the lazy one when it comes to having sex, she will be the one to initiate things for her satisfaction and no one else’s.

Sexual compatibility – 85%

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility with Aquarius Woman

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility with Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman, an air sign, and Taurus man, an earth sign when meeting on a physical level, the experience at first is quite inconsistent.

This is because the Aquarius woman is not keen on getting into the physicality right at the beginning. She takes some time to reach that level.

This is contradicting from what the Taurus man believes. For him, having sex before a commitment is a major deciding factor while getting into a relationship.

She is adventurous, even in bed, once she gets comfortable but he is not the one to try new things. This could make her drift away from him in search of things she prefers more.

But if he makes some efforts to give him his time and attention, she might just stay. For her, sex is something that makes her nervous and excited at the same time. If the man could make her feel this way, she will stay with him till the end.

Sexual compatibility – 15%

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility With Pisces Woman

Taurus Man Sex Compatibility With Pisces Woman

For a Taurus and a Pisces, sex is all about pleasure. The beauty and fulfilment both, the Taurus man and the Pisces woman feel when involved with each other is utterly indescribable.

A Pisces woman loves to fantasize about things instead of doing so. This is where the Taurus man balances her out by turning these fantasies into a reality for her and her only. This lovemaking is so much better than what she imagines all the time.

So, the Taurus man stays away from the world in his cold, dark corner. But one look in her dreamy eyes warms up his heart that makes him live his life through her eyes.

He does not express much verbally but is never expressing himself through his actions and deeds. These opposites attract each other that form a perfect balance through their unison.

Sexual compatibility – 99%

Best Match

It is natural that not every human gets along with everyone else. The same goes for the Taurus man. He is not very compatible with every girl and has a lot of good reasons why he is not.

But that does not mean he is bad. It is because he and the girl are not meant to be. But he does have a few zodiacs that are compatible with him. He might not be desirable by every sign but is quite desirable by women of these signs.

The best matches for a Taurus man are:

  1. Cancer Woman
  2. Pisces Woman
  3. Scorpio Woman

All the Water signs are the best matches for this Earth sign as they should be. Water and Earth go very well with each other which are generally seen in this case with clarity.

End Note

Every person has the freedom to choose a partner for themselves irrespective of their zodiac signs. Ultimately, it is their heartfelt connection that matters.

A zodiac sign that is compatible with yours only helps in maintains that relationship for a longer period. So, if you are very serious about someone, checking out their zodiac signs do not harm much.

So, if you are a Taurus man looking for the love of your life, consider checking out your compatibility with her!

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