How does a Cancer Man behave when he is hurt?

cancer man is hurt

Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac system. It is a water sign ruled by the moon. Like the waxing and waning of the moon, a Cancer man has different sides to himself. Some days he is bright and warm but other days he can be cold and distant. When a cancer man stops calling or texting you, doesn’t make any plans with you, it’s time for you to check whether he is hurt for reason. It can be hard to read a Cancer man.

If you are in a relationship with a Cancer man or want to get together but are feeling a cold vibe from them, it could be because they are hurt. When you notice your Cancer man acting strangely and can’t figure out why this could help.

cancer man is upset

Signs of a Cancer Man is Upset with You

He limits his Conversation

A Cancer man is someone who enjoys a good conversation. When he has an interest in you, he likes to develop a strong bond with you through meaningful conversations.

Although a Cancer man is timid at first, once he feels comfortable, he will be more forthcoming of his intimate thoughts. Thus, if you notice your Cancer man has stopped talking to you or is hesitant during conversations, you can tell he is upset about something.

He Retreats from You

When a Cancer man is upset with you, you will see him pull back and retreat into his own shell again. While courting a Cancer man, you must have realized that a Cancer man is hard to reach.

He is someone who is emotional and does not let anyone close to him easily. If he feels threatened after he has opened up to you, it is not surprising that he will become aloof again.

He might lash out

Remember that a Cancer man has two sides to his personality. While he is usually a gentle and caring lover, he can be curt and snippy if he wants to. A Cancer man is an emotional and traditional lover. If you have done something to hurt him, he might feel like you have broken his trust in you. This might lead him to lash out. He will want you to feel the same pain that he does.

A Cancer man may not be open about his feelings when he is hurt, but you will notice the change in his personality instantly

hurt cancer man is not texting you

Cancer Man is not Texting You

Are you wondering why your Cancer man is not texting you?

He might be having a hard time

When a guy is not replying to your texts or answering his calls, it could be because they are busy and occupied. But that is usually not the case with a Cancer man. Communication is important for a Cancer man. He is someone who values his relationships and is always there if anyone needs him.

Thus, it is unlikely that he won’t answer your calls. One reason for this could be that he is going through something. Perhaps he is sick or having a hard time emotionally. If you can find something that might have caused him distress, then you may have cause for concern.

He wants to be alone

When a Cancer man is having a hard time, he may not be upfront about his feelings. A Cancer man is not extroverted and outgoing. He takes time to feel comfortable with you, but after doing so, if he feels hurt or betrayed, he will easily slip back into his shell.

He is in a foul mood

A Cancer man can be very moody. He is emotional and sensitive. If your Cancer man has not replied to your text he may be just in a foul mood. Whether you are to blame or not, he may be trying to deal avoid contact due to his moodiness.

If you have given it a thought and none of these reasons explain why your Cancer man is not texting you back then it could mean something else.

he has gone silent

Why has your Cancer man gone silent?

Let’s see some reasons that could explain this.

He is taking his time

A Cancer man is popular for being a timid man. He is careful and considerate while choosing his words. This could be why he wants to take his time before replying or getting in touch with you. He might want to formulate his thoughts and words properly before he does talk to you. This is especially true in the initial stages of a relationship.

He is trying to get your attention

A Cancer man is shy but waiting for love. Although he isn’t one to usually play these tricks, a Cancer man who is genuinely interested may crave your attention and love. In the rare case, he might play hard to get, to get you to reach out first.

He is angry

If your Cancer man has gone silent without any clear reason it could be due to something you did. When a Cancer man feels hurt or angry he may not be as eager to talk to you. He will avoid your calls as a way of expressing his anger.

gets violent

What happens when a Cancer man gets violent?

A Cancer man is emotional and has a need to provide support and security to his loved ones. Thus he can get angry if he feels threatened. However, by nature, a Cancer man is not violent. If he is angry about something, a Cancer man might sulk or become passive-aggressive, but he won’t get violent.

A Cancer man usually gets the most upset and angry when he feels that his loved ones are under attack or threatened. He is a family man who will feel displeased if his family and loved ones are being attacked.

He will also feel angry if his trust is broken. A Cancer man values integrity and honor. Betrayal can cause a Cancer man to see red and completely severe ties with you.

Bottom Line

Remember that a cancer man is usually a calm person. As long as you can apologize for your mistake and communicate your thoughts well, you can find the right solution. You can please an angry or hurt Cancer man with your genuine love and concern.

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